Saturday, 15 March 2008

Wisacre said I had "Goatsbeard"

Wiseacre "mentioned" in his blog, that I had Goatsbeard (actually it was the start of a contest between us with Astilbe pictures, for 2008 ..) .. but as long as he mentioned it ..
I thought .. what the heck .. I will show my goatsbeard from 2007 !
The top picture is further down the same sun bed then other Goatsbeard is in, with the Purple Sandcherry .. The Oriental Poppies were just beginning to loose their petals later on in the season. This Goatsbeard was just becoming nice and fluffy by then.
One time I helped describe it to a customer of a nursery when the salesperson was at a loss for words with it .. I just said picture a giant white astilbe to the person .. and bang .. the connection of goatsbeard to astilbe happened ! Wiseacre .. how about them apples ! LOL
I really enjoy placing dark and light coloured plants together .. best of both worlds


Gail said...

Good Morning,

Just to let you know it is raining really hard and there is no gardening going on in Nashville and this isn't a kind gentle rain, it's a thunderboomer.

How do you get the goat's beard to grow? I just don't have the moisture I think?

It looks great next to the sand cherry.


Gail said...


I thought I posted but it disappeared so here I go the combo of goat's beard and purple sand cherry.

I can't grow goat's beard must need more care than I remember to give....

Have a delicious day with occasional pieces of the best chocolate.


Melanie said...

Joy, I need more goatsbeard in my garden. What's the purple leaf? Is it a shrub? At first I thought it was lysamachia purpurea but it's too tall and too purple for that.

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie .. one of my first dark plants was Fire Cracker Lysamachia .. it crawled under the fence and my neighbor shared it too ! haha
This isn't that though .. it is Purple Sandcherry a shrub .. I have two of them and I love them .. have them for about 5 or 6 years now .. good dark shrub !
I keep this one about the same size as the Goatsbeard and they mix so nicely .. good combo for me.

Gail ... I knew you were into chocolate .. why didn't i get some on my shopping trips .. sigh !
I neglected both Goatsbeard so badly it isn't funny .. really ! One of them is in an especially dry spot .. I didn't give them any extra care but they still grow beautifully every year .. don't "love" yours to death .. too much care and they curl up their toes ? LOL

WiseAcre said...

I'm so glad you didn't shave before taking the photo :)

Believe it or not I have none at home. I did plant some almost 10 years ago for someone and they're still doing great. They spread like mad but it was a good thing for the spot.

I checked my catalog - the mini aethisifolius is listed. (May - June bloom - 8 inch tall) Guess what I'll be brinning home?

The key to growing them is light shade and soil that doesn't dry out. Humus rich soil is prefered but the moisture is more important. I'm not sure how well they'll do that far south in the heat though.

you might spell my name right someday if you ever stop laughing.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Mr. Wiseacre .. do you think astilbe have Goatsbeard envy ? .. or does Goatsbeard have astilbe envy ? .. I can't make up my mind yet ! : )

Wurzerl said...

Ups, were is my comment! Ok, once more!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful combination from a Cotinus "Royal Purple" with an Astilbe (do you know the species?). I think my Cotinus will be delight to receive such a wonderful partner!
Have a great week Wurzerl

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Wurzel !
I left a message on your site explaining that this was Aruncus with the Royal Purple Smokebush .. and I left the site address so you can see what my "Golden Spirit" Cotinus looks like too .. you have such beautiful eggs for easter !
Wonderful collection and decorations !

Anonymous said...

We obviously have similar horticultural tastes. In two different front gardens, I have this same Aruncus, as well as the Purpleleaf Sandcherry. Love the contrast. Do you leave the Aruncus standing, after the blooms fade? It's not a rampant reseeder, although I have a couple of "volunteers" and it's pretty in the fall garden.. Deb

P.S. I think I may have left the same comment twice, on Weigela - please excuse my cranium cramp!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb ! "Crainium Cramp" .. I have to remember that one ! LOL
Yes .. I live the Aruncus standing as is after bloom .. as with my astilbe .. I love the plumes .. they look wonderful to me from start to finish ..
I haven't had volunteers though .. my borders are rather tight.
These are in the back side borders.
My front is lined up with a certain hieght and width .. I'm a little AR on that .. but relaxing eventually ? LOL