Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Monet Weigela

When I first ran across this weigela on the net .. I didn't take to it at all .. I thought it was way too BUSY with the variegation and hot pink flowers .. plus the pink tinged foliage as new growth appeared. Funny how attitude changes when you have a bit of time and exposure to a plant you thought you didn't like .. it turns into "why did I think THAT" ...
It also starts out with "ONE" plant .. then you become a fan of it and get another .. then one heck of a sale thing happens at the garden center you haunt and BANG ! A third one ..
Now I haven't seen them in flower .. since all three plants were only in foliage stage when I brought them home and tucked them into the garden beds ..
They are made for small gardens like mine .. that was a major drawing factor for me .. plus the variegation was something I thought was too busy but now realize it is a drawing card to LOOKING at the plant because it waved its little leaves at me saying "hey .. don't I look cool ?" .. I'm hoping for some flowers this Spring to give me that total affect ..
I would love to hear from any other gardeners that have this and have an opinion about it !


Melanie said...

Joy, it really looks perfect in your garden. You are so right, it's for a small garden. I have a garden friend who has been bugging me to get this for my garden but I just thing it would disappear. She wants me to plant it in my foundation planting on the front of my house but I also think that the foliage might not look as attractive against my mottled stone facade. It looks so pretty with your surrounding foliage and nice neat mulch. Bet your garden is always nice and neat.

Gina said...

i dont have one but i sure want one! i've flip-flopped between "they're too busy" and "wow thats beautiful" too. I hope you get those blooms - that might just convince me to run out and buy one this year.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi gina .. that is exactly the way I felt .. and yet I ended up with 3 of them last year (the sales were just too good mind you) .. I'll be posting what they turn out like .. so watch and you can make up your mind ?

melanie .. you are right ! .. it really is for a small garden so it can be appreciated. I have black mulch (yes, it turns to gray eventuall) but it really helps highlight the plants better. My front planting is more of a mixed specimen garden .. a few hostas, heuchera, small day lilies, ferns .. just an unusual mix that I like .. and change around too much probably. So if I were you .. stick to your guns .. don't do it girl ! haha
PS .. you should see the state it will be in when the snow leaves .. utter chaos ! .. a few days of hard work ahead of me !

Anonymous said...

Love the newer, dwarfer Weigelas. I've got 'Rhumba' and 'Samba' and am tempted by 'Wine and Roses'. Yours is handsome - really brightens up the bed... Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Deb .. Funny how we can change our opinions on plants .. sometimes so quickly .. I did the turn about, BANG, within weeks ! .. first I thought "No ..." then I thought .. Hum ? .." then I thought "YES!" .. and ended up with two in the front and one in the back .. I must have been very hormonal that time ? LOL