Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Rain Day and the Kids

Well .. it is finally raining instead of snowing here .. good thing I did get most of the leaves up and off the garden beds .. now all that great wet stuff will penetrate the soil and soak the children in the garden. Speaking of "kids" .. yes .. again with the cute pictures .. soon it will be garden/plant ones strictly so my last indulgence (or almost last ?) .. Emma is completely at home with us and it isn't even two weeks yet .. Sophie is a changed kitty .. from spoiled "only kid" to older sister who puts up with Emma's shenanigans .. I would never have believed it would go so well .. it is like Emma has finally brought out the Main Coon in Sophie .. no more the twitchy Siamese dominatrix .. now its "Ok, sit on my head if you must .. but stop biting my ears PLEASE?" ... will wonders never cease ?


Vanillalotus said...

How cute! I'm glad Emma is feeling at home and Sophie is being a good sister.

Brenda Kula said...

There's nothing on earth more fun to watch than kitties playing. The young kittens are especially adorable. And mischevious. Keep adding them; I love the gardens and the kitties.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Brenda .. I know people must have had their fill of cat/kitten pictures .. except for us hard core cat people ? LOL .. I a "madwoman" (UK friend has called me that) cat loving, gardener ! haha

Vanillalotus .. so far .. so good ! Sophie is remarkable with Emma .. I think they will be long term companions who actually love each other .. after the kitten hijinks stop ?

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

That Emma is too cute. Makes me want a kitten. No, did I say that? Ack!!~~Dee

Crafty Gardener said...

I'm glad you posted some more photos of Emma and Sophie. I was wondering how they were getting along. It certainly looks like they are becoming friends. Cat lovers can never have too many photos. No rain here today except for a sprinkling. The snow has gone except for on the north corner.

Anonymous said...

Awww, the cutest ever! Please don't stop posting kitty photos as well as garden shots!!!!

Melanie said...

Joy, don't stop taking these photos even when the garden starts popping. They are just too cute!

VP said...

Ahhhhh! Glad Sophie's settled down into bug sister mode. She must be very tolerant.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi VP .. it is amazing(can't stop saying that ..haha) .. Sophie knows Emma loves her already .. and it is confirmation that they recognize each other as sister cats ?

melanie .. once in a while .. I promise a few more "cutesy" ? cat/kitten shots along the way : )

Hi "ben" .. yup .. I'll try to get my nose out of the garden a few times this year ? LOL

Hi Crafty .. we didn't get mush rain either (weather guys are loosing it again ?) .. my north corner is a problem too .. but almost gone ! .. they are doing so well .. let it be permanent ! LOL

Now Dee .. you know you NEED a kitten girl .. this will keep happening till you get one ! haha

Gail said...

Those saucy kittens where are their....I love these girls, they are too cute and Sophie is so patient.

I left a special post for you at my blog, hey, it's not spam!

I got spammed horribly yesterday, so I am extra sensitive to the issue!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. I just left a note on your blog .. I won't be on my lap top for the day .. but will work out what I am supposed to do then .. thank you ! .. I would never think you would spam me girl .. LOL

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I'll never get tired of your kitty pictures. So glad they are getting along. My old Cali Dixie never did warm up to the Manx.

Rose said...

I'm not going to let my daughter see this post--she wants another kitten so badly. Emma is adorable!
Re yesterday's post: I'm glad to meet a fellow wormaphobic; I thought I was the only one:)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! Cute AND peaceful? Surely, you're reaping the rewards for all that caring and patience. What sweet photos! ...Deb

Ewa said...

Kittens are very sweet and I am truly amazed, that Sophie is so tolerant to the little sista :)
It doesn't happen too often, right?

Shady Gardener said...

I understand your desire to hear Spring Peepers! Head over to visit! My garden site has a right side bar link to my peeper "video." ;-) lol

Viooltje said...

Your delightful furballs always spice up my day. By the way, there's an award waiting for you to pick up at my blog. And also an E for Entrancing for wee Emma!

Cinj said...

How adorable is that? Sophie's such a good big sister. Reggie hissed at the kittens and chased them off if they "bothered" her. A bit of a crab! I guess Peanut was right when she called her their mom instead. LOL.

Amy said...

Oh so cute. You've gotta love how the older, more mature one just patiently puts up with the kittens shenanigans. My oldest son was just like that when our youngest started getting about. We used to joke that he was like a patient old dog, and he was only three!

Garden Monkey Inc. said...

You have been nominated for a What's new Pussycat?
Award by the Garden Monkey.
Details here:
Visit and vote.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello gardenmonkey ... Thanks ... I'll try to catch up with that when I have a moment or two ? LOL

Hi Amy .. we are all astounded by Sophie .. her Siamese was so dominate (you have to know Siamese .. it is "all about them") but now her Main Coon is here ! phew and Emma is her little sister to be tolerated as much as possible : )
.. your son sounded very mature for such a young lad !

Cinj hi .. your brrod sounds full of running around and hijinks trying to annoy Reggie ? LOL

Hi Violet ... Thanks ! .. I'll try and catch up with things today .. it has taken me three days just to do a general clean up in the garden .. dead tired, but it is a rain day today .. sigh of relief : )

Hi Shady .. another goodie to check out ! Thanks ! .. I did hear a few in the most aswful construction area .. some swamp lands there .. poor little guys .. but they sounded happy !

Ewa .. you are so right .. cats have a nature that you just can't explain most times .. this is a small miracle to us .. we have gone though introducing kittens to 7 year old family cats twice before and it was a long process .. this was a wonderful relief !

Hi Deb .. I really hope this is for good now .. and Sophie won't change her mind .. fingers crossed this is a life long friendship which gets easier on Sophie as Emma matures ? LOL

Rose ! .. You are not alone girl ! another wormaphobic yeah ! thanks for admitting to it girl .. haha .. aaahhh ! how can you not show your daughter these pictures ? LOL

Debbi .. hi there .. I think age when introducing a new kitten is the answer .. Sophie only turns 2 in June .. she is a big cat and looks older .. but she is still just a teenager yet ? LOL