Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Second Day of Cleaning up the Garden

I know .. where are the pictures ? .. by the time I have to call it quits , no way could I drag myself in the house, then out again with a camera .. let alone stop shaking enough (believe me .. hard work does that to me ) to take a decent clean up picture.
I am amazed with all the plants that have been sneaking their little fingers into everything under the wet leaves .. and worms .. thank god for rubberized garden gloves that are sensitive yet PROTECTING ( hum .. sounds like a commercial for something now doesn't it ?).. I would totally freak if I touched a worm yet I covet and love these creatures for all the good they do in my garden.
Wormaphobia keeps me from hugging them though .. I'm sure they are just as relieved. Although .. the dark side is present .. "use the FORCE Luke" .. in other words my hot robin has been eating gourmet style .. lucky devil.
So .. back to the garden .. yes , so far so good things are what they should be or even better ... where have I heard that before ?
I still have another full day of work .. but there is actually snow on parts yet .. cruel nature .. you tease me into believing all is gung ho and then I step in .. SNOW !


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, thanks for visiting my blog. Your account of garden cleaning in the snow was funny. I am "between gardens" so I read other people's gardening tales voraciously and jealously. :)

PS, your cats are adorable!

Cinj said...

WORMS? Reminds me of the good ole' days when I used to chase my sister around the yard with worms. I know, it was cruel. She really had to tick me off pretty good for me to go to those extremes though. I'm usually a pretty nice person who's generally easy to get along with.

I had an area that didn't have snow... for a day or so possibly. Of course it's been snowing for a couple of hours so I'm sure it's covered back up by now.

Melanie said...

Joy, I just had to stop by and see if you had any photos yet. I'm so happy for you that you can finally get out in the garden!!! Tomorrow I want to get my knees totally covered in dirt and I want to ruin all my fingernails too :-)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Happy spring. Glad you are outside with us. Sorry about the worm phobia. Really, they don't like us to touch them and they don't really like bright light. Your aversion serves the worms.

No Rain said...

I've been doing the same thing, albeit no snow--just hot sun! I'm trying to clean out debris from under shrubs and ground covers, as well as still pulling weeds. Cleaning the debris is kind of fruitless because within a week or so, the Palo Verde trees will be in full bloom and will drop blossoms that will completely cover the ground around them. By then, it will be too hot to work in the garden! Snow sounds kind of good about now!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Aiyana .. you do have your hands full. I know that in a few more weeks we will have to deal with heat and humidity .. unless this summer is any different from the past 8 ? LOL .. but right now, it is hard to think on those terms. I can understand the frustration though !

Debbie ... yes, the worms and I have an understanding .. some what like the squirrel mafia ? LOL

melanie .. hope you are in the dirt today .. it is very satisfying to get the clean up started .. then only a gazillion other chores to accomplish ! haha

Oh Cinj .. I saw the snow as I quickly raced by .. that is rotten .. you must feel totally crappy .. but .. it has to go some time girl .. hang in there !

Hey .. thanks EFG ! .. between gardens eh ? .. yup, reading about other people's gardens can help fill the stop gap ? .. thanks about my furballs .. they keep us amused : )

J said...

I did a number on a bed of Siberian iris last fall (had to use a crowbar to lift them out of the ground), and I was worried I had just killed the whole bunch. But, what do you know, on Sunday I got on my hands and knees, half praying and half examining for signs of life, and violia (as a friend says), there are shoots! A miracle!

I think we're all feeling a little crazy-drunk on spring these days . . .

Zoë said...

that made me giggle, but so with you on the Wormphobia thing - I squeal everytime I come across one, turning the compost is my idea of a nightmare, but it has to be done!

Love your cats too, I have 5 and am step mum to two more at my parents, one of whom is a dead ringer for your Sophie, right down to the Blue eyes; she's a Snow Bengal.

easygardener said...

Strange that your robins behave like our UK ones though I think they are a different species.
I dig a hole for a plant, turn round, look back and there's a robin sitting in it pecking away. Very impudent birds.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Easy .. your robins are so delicate looking. I would have thought they were a bit more shy about diving into that hole ? haha
Ours are big sqawkers? .. noisy, but a little more cautious of getting too close .. but my hot shot is pretty well in there for the bugs and worms. Impudent too !

Hi Zoe .. I just left a message for you .. your blog is looking awesome ! I would love to see a picture of your cat that looks like Sophie ! .. you are a cat person for sure girl : )

Jared .. you made me laugh ! .. I think every gardener does that sort of thing at least once a year .. we try to organize a bed and think we went too far .. but they always manage to surprise us the following year .. thank goodness ! phew ! LOL

Gail said...


Here for a morning smile and you do not disappoint! I love wormaphobia!

It's raining here so too wet to dig, but I could put on my rain gear and weed!

Back to work for me and a warm hello to you!


Zoë said...

Hi Joy,

I have uploaded a couple pictures of Mademoiselle Posh Paws for you here

I think you will agree, Sophie and she are very alike!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Zoe .. I can't get my search engine to find your website .. talk about frustration .. is it under another name at all ? .. I am an idiot tonight .. I'll keep trying because I am so curious to see this gal !

Gail .. hope you had a great time with the Fling ! .. rain brings out more of those little creatures .. funny enough I love working in a light rain .. always have my trusty gloves on .. as a preventive measure (for looking like a maniac is chasing me as I skitter on sight of the unmentionables but appreciated ) now how bizzar is that ? LOL

Anonymous said...

What are these things called gloves, of which you speak? I have about six pairs of various types, all worn once or twice and then abandoned. Can't stand them, and have the grubby, scarred hands to prove it - just don't feel "in control" unless I'm bare-handed... signed, Deb the Quirky Gardener.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. you quirky gardener YOU ! .. haha .. I have sensitive gloves .. but YES .. I know what you mean .. and I was in your frame of mind years ago .. but .. I have a few medical conditions that demand I have to protect myself better from any possible way of getting an infection .. garden gloves are a must ... other wise girl, I would commune with the earth .. nothing like the smell of wonderful soil !