Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Time for Tulips !

These Tulips have me wondering .. I knew I had a couple , OK .. maybe a "few' but they seemed to have multiplied way faster than I have accounted for. Could it be that the "squirrel mafia" have decided to use reverse psychology on me ? Did they steal these types from other gardens (being the horticulturalists that they have become observing my endeavors) and thought this might throw me off completely. In return I leave their stash of nuts alone (even though they are buried in the middle of my golden oregano). They are trying to buy me off ! .. I knew it ! .. what on earth are they going to pull next is what I am wondering ... crafty squirrels, I know you are out their with your tiny binoculars watching me and laughing all the while .. I'm not falling for this ploy .. nope ! not one bit !


Gail said...


Did you give the name and my over 50 memory already forget it? Are they greggii? Love the striped pants they wear.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail ... I'm sitting here laughing .. I had to read your comment a few times before I got what you meant girl .. my brain is fried ! .. I can't find the tag that came with these bulbs .. I thought they were a "tarda" .. but then I don't think so now because of the striped bloomers they have .. hope some one can clue us in ? LOL