Thursday, 17 April 2008

Yes .. we have lift off !

Well ... here I am full of "blank and vinegar" ready to do a post from all the hard work I have been slaving away at in the garden this week. Blogger refuses to let me post a picture right now .. it is giving me the finger in one heck of an annoying way .. almost like telling a woman there is no "rest room" after drinking a lot of coffee and walking a couple of miles .. now do you get the hint of my frustration ? JEEZ !!!!
Ok .. so what do I do .. hum ........................
Do a post on good things and bad things in the garden this week ... pictures to follow ?
Spring bulbs are up and some blooming .. the crocus are white on white .. blindingly so, but gorgeous ! .. the squill ? or scilla have poked themselves up from the mulch so that wonderful BLUE will pop soon. Needless to say my tulipa and Firespray tulips plus my mini daffs are due to smile at me too.
Bad thing .. GOOD GRIEF .................................... I found a dead mouse ......... let me tell you after I did the EEEUUUUUWWWWW ! Dance (I'm sure our neighbors knew too) .. I felt sorry for the poor little thing .. then I began to think .. is this a present from Sophie's boyfriend who meets her on the window of the front garden every morning .. I noticed she takes extra care in washing her face after breakfast and zooms right up there leaving Emma and I looking at the sparks from her feet flying ... he is a big gorgeous boy but I have no idea what family he owns.
Any Whooooo ..... hubby was up on the deck putting the new BBQ together .. he was really sweating it .. not the easiest thing to do when wife starts dancing and complaining .. but .. he decided in his own little way .. wife had to learn to deal with poor dead mouse .. lots of gloves and newspaper and arm extensions ... LONG arm extensions .........
I said I was sorry ... to the mouse .. I hope he was happier where ever he ascended to ?
Hoping that Sophie's boyfriend was not the culprit or at least not going to repeat that gift giving thing again ?
Well .. blogger still won't let me post pictures .. I just check .. so this is it until I can slip under the wire with some illustrations. BIG sigh !


Crafty Gardener said...

Darn and blast to Blogger .. I was so looking forward to seeing a picture of the mouse!!!!!

garden girl said...

Joy, you crack me up! I always know when I visit your blog I'll be entertained!

Many years ago, my cat Murphy (who is now in that big litterbox in the sky,) left me a gift of a headless mouse in the kitchen doorway one morning. I was on my way to the coffee pot without my glasses on that morning, so I couldn't tell what it was without bending down close to look. I'm not normally freaked out by mice, but bloody and headless and in my face was a bit much to take. I think I may have awakened the neighbors with that scream!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Joy, I'm really really sorry, but I almost fell off my ball laughing imagining you doing the dead mouse dance. Happy to hear about your bulbs coming up and blooming. It all sounds very pretty.


Amy said...

Isn't it just *so frustrating* when blogger won't let you put photos up?! You're post was great fun though, even without the pics :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Amy .. I think it must have been very high volume traffic and I was almost the last in line type thing ? .. yes, frustrating !!!

Debbie does this mean you are "on the ball" most of the time girl ? LOL .. hope the fall didn't bump too badly .. but EEUUUWW ! dead mouse .. bad .. scary sorry stuff !.. I'm happy to see my bulbs bloom finally !

garden girl ... oh my god ! .. a headless (horseman) mouse episode .. I'm surprised he didn't have a pumpkin as his head for the full affect of scarying the crackers out of you !!! .. that would have freaked me out permanently .. glasses are very key to avoiding close contact girl ! Yikes !

Crafty ... good grief ! I couldn't take a picture of that ! too shivery for my spine to hold still ! LOL

Viooltje said...

I also couldn't upload the photos yesterday so I just showed 'em the finger and did it this morning. Hahaha...I wonder if your Dead mouse dance was anything like my Creepy crawlies dance yesterday... While storming around with my shovel a massive spider web got stuck on my face. AGAIN. Awww....disgusting! I still thought it was too early for such spider invasion.
I also feel sorry for every lil victim of Kristy&Krusty's playtime outdoors. I keep finding tiny mice or moles on the doorstep every now and then. When it comes to fledgelings that's even more heart-breaking.
Squirmishly waiting for those illustrations of yours...

Frances, said...

Joy, bless you heart, between blogger and the mouse, and after you had such a good day working outside too. Sometimes blogger doesn't remember that I have signed in, and that prevents me from leaving comments. I always have to check that. It does sound the gorgeous boyfriend might be doing the gifting, you may get more of the same. Wish he would come here and take care of the rabbits who want to have a salad in the veggie patch.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Joy, you don't know how (comparatively) lucky you are. I will never forget when my beloved cat Jessie was making her "look at me, the mighty hunter" noise one night and I was too far gone in sleep to get up, turn on the light, tell her what a good brave girl she was, catch the mouse with my fireplace gloves when she dropped it, and toss it out the front door. (Our typical routine--she never hurt them.) So she leapt up on the high bed to show me. Unfortunately, the effort of leaping and trying to hold on to the mouse simultaneously proved too much, so she let go of the mouse and the next thing I knew, I was awakened from a sound sleep by a live mouse running over my bare arm. Talk about a test of my cardiac fitness! Ah, the joys of country living.

Melanie said...

Joy, do you think your dead-mouse-dance is similar to my I-just-touched-a-slug-dance? If so, I feel sorry for your poor neighbors ;-)

Since we used to have hunting kitties I was pretty used to getting rid of those gifts. Long (very long) shovel and a quick scoop/flip thing to fling it over the fence into the woods. I still have a problem with finding baby birds though.

Last year Calie the wonder-doodle found a nest of baby rabbits. I don't know what killed them, excessive dog drool or heart attacks as she ran around the garden trying to show us her new toys (she never bit them but held them so gently in her mouth). I can still see my younger daughter carrying those baby rabbits cradled in her hands and crying. I made her wear my neon yellow dish washing gloves before she picked them up so it was a sad but strangely funny sight in retrospect.

I'd better get to posting, it's going to be a stunning day today. Yesterday was also spectacular and I didn't get to spend more than 15 minutes in the garden :-(

Nancy J. Bond said...

I don't blame you for doing the EEEEEK! Dance. :) Someone is a good mouser, at least. Sounds like things are thriving at Casa Joy. :) (My middle name is Joy...)

Anonymous said...

oh this was funny (why not move the whole kit n' kaboodle to wordpress -- no more worries). Our dogs do the mouse thing here on the farm too so I 'hear ya'. But a new BBQ! Yum, what was for dinner?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Good grief .. it is almost my bedtime and I'm just signing on now to find such funny stories and comments on here ! ... yes .. it is only 5:30 here .. and I am POOPED !

Hi Diane .. we just had our first BBQ .. steak .. and it was GOOD ! I keep thinking about moving to another site .. but hell ! I'm so busy now with the garden I might make a real mess of things .. so I'm making a mental (jeez ! as if ?) note to think about it for winter !

nancy !!!! another "Joy" ? that is great .. I don't find a lot of Joys 9so many jokes so little energy ? LOL ) .. and how do you like having a name that is an emotion ? or dishwashing liquid was on the top ten .. man .. I could do without that teasing as a kid ! haha
Yes .. some boyfriend has the mousing skills sharpened for the season for sure !

Oh melanie .. your poor daughter .. she must have felt awful .. but there isn't a lot to be done in that situation .. albeit the neon rubber gloves is a thoughtful (and too funny !!) touch ? .. yes .. screaming in a high pitched fashion while dancing .. something for the neighbors to gossip about at least ? LOL

Oh ... my ... GOD ! "ben" ... I think I would have been totally frozen then spastic ? ... then a heck of a screaming lifting up in the air gymnastic flip (now that would have been heart attack time for sure) .. country living ? .. can't we do it without the mouse running on body parts thing ... please ??? please ?? ... good grief !

Frances .. I haven't tried yet today ? evening ? .. it has been so touchy I wanted to write Blogger and say "is it that time of the month for you people ?" now wouldn't that have curled their toes .. they would have thrown me out for sure ! haha
I'll send Sophie's boyfriend over as soon as I can figure out who the mystery "guy" is !

Violet ... oh my ... you are tied with my dance for sure .. I have done that spider web thing and it still haunts me to this day .. the fear of that again .. well .. I don't know what is worse really .. you have me girl !
Kristy and Krusty .. love YOU ! even if you don't want all the presents they play with for you ? LOL .. heaven forbid I stumble across a thing like that again .. I need some days off to recuperate ? LOL .. so do the neighbors !