Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Plants and I ?

I am so tired from today's adventures in my garden .. pajamas and fuzzy Pink robe.
But .. I thought I would post on some of the little plant wonders I have cuddled all the way home from an unplanned adoption spree ?
First .. Myosotis Alpestris "Blue Ball' One year I had what was labeled "Italian Bugloss" .. I fell in love with it but have never found that exact one again. I think this one will look almost as good though !
Next is an Alpine Balsam called Erinus Alpinus "Doctor Hahnie" .. I can't bring up that exact cultivar for some reason but this one from Annie's looks quite good !
Compinkie Rock Cress .. arabis x arendrii"compinkie' .. the front garden bed could use to little wonders .. and I think this might work out quite well !
Along with Royal Red Aubrieta ... I think I really should get another one of those !
Funny enough a little container, with what was supposed to be just one little Primerose .. "Primula Denticulata 'Blue" .. it has a companion 'white" primerose with it .. now that is a bargain .. I haven't had these before but wondered about them .. admired them for sure !
Now for something brilliant ? by the name of it in any case .. Dianthus Deltoides "Flashing Light" .. I have Cheddar Pinks that smell amazing .. I hope these bright red ones have a little fragrance too !
Penstemon "Hirsutus" Pygmeus ... I started to have a "THING" for penstemon .. it started last year .. with Huskers Red .. and then I had to branch out as it were .. I really become infatuated with some plants and can't help myself ... again with the support group idea ???
Snow-over-the-alps (Cerastium Alpinum Subsp. lanatum) .. I can't find a decent illustrated link for this one .. makes me wonder if I have a wooly weed here ? haha
Party Girl Sidalcea .. I already have a large one but I thought it could use some company .. I ruled out normal size Hollyhocks .. went through all that powdery mildew angst .. had enough of it one year and eliminated plants that just would not stop causing the problems with it .. but this little one and a few other mallows .. I can handle !
I also bought another Korean Rock fern ... again .. I just couldn't help myself .. I fall for ferns !
So .. after working like "heck' today in the garden I am ready to fall over .. but wanted to list my plants so it hits home and I start thinking "STOP BUYING PLANTS NOW !!!!!" ... that's probably ... not ... going .... to .... happen ? BIG sigh .. maybe some pictures tomorrow ? Crocus blooming yipeeeeee !


garden girl said...

Joy, I can't imagine EVER stopping buying plants! It's a disease!

Melanie said...

Joy, I definitely have to get to a garden center. I know for sure there was nothing like this available last Friday. Tomorrow I'm up at school all day but this Friday I'm going HUNTING!

Anna said...

That is a big list of goodies. I always find room to grow just one more. We'll never stop. It would be like not breathing.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi Joy, Congratulations on the crocus.
If you figure out how to stop the compulsion to buy plants, I need to know before manly man catches me sneeking them out of the truck after dark. Isn't admitting we have a problem the first step :)

Viooltje said...

The spring madness has definitely taken over many of us. Some are storming through the local nurseries while others are taken hostage by their garden beds. And some do both. lol I was on my way to a lecture yesterday but somehow ended up in the nursery instead. And then spent the rest of the day digging in the dirt. I'm losing it big time.Well I'm off to the nursery again (there's all that stuff I should have taken yesterday but I was completely bedazzled by garden treats galore). STOP BUYING PLANTS NOW, right? lol

Frances, said...

Hi Joy, I love fuzzy pink robes. Your plants sound interesting, glad to see you are not stuck in a rut with color or form. Good deal with the primroses, one of our very favorite flowers. And good deal for the crocus too, such cheering little guys. But stop buying plants,...never!

Frances at Faire Garden

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. we should have known this would happen (this time of year ...) again .. but I like to compare it to Christmas and we are all KIDS ? .. how can you expect kids to behave then/now ? LOL
Some planting today while hubby starts putting the arbor together .. this is going to be a LONG day !

Debbie ... girl, if I had any idea how to contrOl this compulsion .. I'd charge a fee for lectures on it ? haha .. hey .. last year I drove around with garden art in my trunk for ages .. slowly sneaking them out to the garden .. then .. the plant thing happened too ..
BUT YES !!! admitting is sort of a step ? .. what happens next ? LOL

Anna .. you must be so tired with all this going on at work too ? you said it perfectly .. there is always room for one more .. and ... it is like breathing to us ! we are totally fixated on its survival ! LOL

melanie .. I just know you are going to find things that I WANT too .. sort of a virtual plant aquisition for me please ? LOL

Hey garden girl .. I am still very jealous of the River Birch .. I have always wanted one but there is no way now to do it .. no ROOM ! yikes ! .. so I will have to admire yours ! BIG sigh ! .. you are so right .. it is a disease with no cure : )

GardenJoy4Me said...

Frances ! how did you get in there and I missed saying hi ? .. afternoon now and boy .. I'm pooped .. got the babies in the garden though .. so none of them are looking at me with pleading faces ?
I follow no rules other than sun requirements .. shade, which is falling more and more with our trees aging .. I like that though !
Yes ! .. these primeroses are the cutest : ) .. now the search for Pinky Winky hydrangea ! LOL

Brenda Kula said...

You're right. Not going to happen. I tell myself that every year, but fall for a plant every time and it comes home with me. It's just what we do.

No Rain said...

So, you have a thing for Penstemon! I have been pulling up thousands of them this spring--all because I let the flowers stalks dry too long last year, and then we had strong winds before I got them cut. I still have a whole side to go before I'm done. I sure learned my lesson--I've alreay cut off the spent stalks from this spring's stand. I had Parry's, Firecracker, Rocky Mountain, Desert Surprise, Superb and Scarlet Bugler Penstemon. And, many of them had hybridized, so many mixes. It was gogeous while it lasted.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Wow ! Aiyana ... I had no idea you had such a problem with them .. you must have laughed when you read my "thing" for them .. I don't think we have the same problem here because of the cold winters .. and I really have limited space .. so they would have to be pretty smart for me not to catch them ? LOL
I hear weeding is great therapy girl ! wink wink !

Brenda .. how is it we actually THINK we can control this "bug" we have ? .. LOL .. I'm sticking to just one more ... truly ... really ... hahaha

Cinj said...

What fun! I can't imagine ever not buying loads of plants either. There's always room for more plants! I was SO tempted to buy more today, but I didn't want to be overwhelmed hauling plants in and out for the next couple of weeks. It was hard restraining myself. I'll have to make sure to avoid the garden centers until I'm ready for the extra work!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Cinj ... I know what you mean about restraining yourself .. I'm supposed to do that TOO ! Yikes !
You have a lot on your mind .. a few treats here and there would give you some satisfaction girl !
Just a few .. go on .. you know you want to ! LOL