Saturday, 17 May 2008

Hail for the long weekend ???

I want to post some pictures tomorrow .. even though they are a few days late and the garden has yet again leaped into another growth spurt. I can literally see changes every day, so my pictures (unless posted the same day are behind) .. a little frustrating.
This is our long weekend. "Victoria Day" .. and the weather is terrible .. first time in years . I guess we have been spoiled ?

I wish I could have taken a video of the mini storm we just had .. thunder clashing .. rain that turned to hail .. not as bad as last June when my garden was ripped to shreds within minutes. Now that was bad .. scary bad. I am grateful this wasn't.
So instead of complaining about bad weather I am going to say I am grateful it hasn't been worse. Especially grateful after watching the news in the past few days with such horrendous disasters happening all over the world 'earth and weather" wise.

Has anyone else felt as uncomfortable about what is happening ? .. is this just a bad cycle or is it happening more and more because the poor planet has had enough ?
I hate to sound pessimistic .. I think gardeners on the whole are very optimistic in fact .. how else could we love what we do and care so much about it all.
I guess I'm just having one of those moments in life when we really "get it" that this is such a delicate balance .. it can be gone so quickly, so drastically.
I just want to say I appreciate what I have in the here and now, and hope for the best .. doing what I can during my stay here.


Crafty Gardener said...

We had that thunder/rain storm this afternoon also. I was working outside and all of a sudden had to close garage door, put away as much as I could and rush inside to turn off the computers. Yes, it most certainly could of been worse. It is always good to count our blessings and not dwell on the bad side of things. The good thing is I got some plants moved before the rain so they got a good soaking from Mother Nature.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Ugh! Hail...say it isn't so! It's a miserable weekend here in NS too, but mostly just rain and cool temperatures. Don't send the hail east! ;)

Anna said...

I taught Biology and Earth Science for years and to me it just seems like cycles. It can take a long time to get through a cycle and sometimes a lifetime. Good times and birthdays still happen along with beautiful gardens and exploding blooms.

We have horrible storms here in NC and I too have had my gardens shredded by hail. I've even run out there in them and rescued my babies. I lived in the state of Colorado once when my husband was in the AF--they have the worst storms---and I saw hail the size of softballs. Now girl--that hurts! I had to cover my gardens with chicken wire there or the deer lived high on the hog too.

Here's a big gardening hug!!! It's so hard to watch it when those storms come through and undo a whole season worth of hard work. We all know and share your same thankfullness and appreciation when the stoms pass us by.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Scary stuff happening around our planet, yes? I just try to be as responsible as possible and keep care of my little piece of Earth.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Debbie .. yes, that is my plan .. otherwise it is just too overwhelming to think of it on a world wide scale. I may have hit a blue patch yesterday thinking about it all ?

Anna .. we were lucky this time .. hail not big enough and didn't last long enough to rip anything .. we did get a great watering and the rain barrel is FULL ! .. so that is a positive thing to be grateful for : )

Nancy .. I will do my best to keep the nasty weather from you guys ? LOL

Crafty .. there were some huge CRACKS of thunder eh ? .. I was at the deck door looking out .. with Sophie and Emma of course. They always want to SEE what is going on. John had almost finished cleaning my car for me when the rain happened .. just a bad weather long weekend this time : (

Cat said...

Weather, yes we are in our second heat wave (temps consistently over 90 for multiple days) of the year and it's not even June yet. At least changes in the weather allow us to be creative with our gardens.

Always look on the bright side of life...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cat .. I don't envy you that heat wave .. we will be having ours shortly I am sure .. heat and humidity (not a great thing for the garden) .. you are right about being creative with working around the weather though .. and yes .. I really try to move on from the bad, and think of the good.

Anonymous said...

Hail?!! Gack!!! I'm so sorry, Joy! Let's hope it's gone for good now and you can enjoy the rest of your long weekend! (And of course I have to ask, what's that little furball Emma been up to?!!)

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben' .. it has been cold and rainy but so far no more hail from yesterday .. phew !
Emma is driving Sophie bonkers .. I think Sophie is putting on the weight Emma is supposed to, from eating out of spite .. can't wait for the "kitty crazies" to settle down .. haha

Viooltje said...

What a lovely post! I too wonder, very often actually, if all the bad things happening around the globe is just Nature's way of telling us 'she''s had enough... It really makes you stop and take a breath of fresh air thinking just what a privilege that is, never mind the rest.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet ... sometimes it just overwhelms you when you know such terrible things are happening .. You understand better than most. So when I 'hide" in my garden and concentrate on garden things .. I don't think of anything else but that .. it truly is a refuge !