Sunday, 18 May 2008

Bugbane Anyone ?

I know this looks like an "understated" dark foliage plant .. ho .. yawn ... hum ... zzzzz !
Yet this youngling ? is deceptive in what a gorgeous , some what large architectural, back of the border type wonder, it will grow to be.
Cimicifuga Simplex 'Hillside Black Beauty" is my 4th acquisition ( doesn't that smack of Ferrengi ? ) in the "Bugbane .. Snakeroot" family.
I started out with two cimicifuga ramosa atropurpurea on either side of the grape arbor .. Being a Libra I crave BALANCE .. but by then I was a bit bitten or smitten ? .. and found "White Pearl' and thought wow ! .. a few weeks later I stumbled on "Brunette" I guess you could say I went "buggy' for Bugbane. So even though this looks like a very unassuming, albeit nicely dark foliage plant .. it is going to pack a wow factor in a couple of years .. and then I will be groaning about the "no room" factor yet again.


Gail said...


They are good looking they need full sun?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. not at all ! These are actually shade plants but will take morning sun. That doesn't explain why I have my first two in a lot of sun, yet they seem to be able to take it .. just lucky it turned out that way ?