Friday, 2 May 2008

Korean Rock Ferns Hanging In

Well so far so good with my little ferns .. polystichum tsus-simense is the botanical name for such a small sweet fern. I love this corner of the back garden .. it is becoming more and more of a shade retreat and I love filling it in with ferns. It literally does cool down this area of the garden by several degrees .. something we and our bird visitors appreciate during the intense summer heat and humidity. I am attached to my rusty lantern as you can see ?


Gail said...


Good evening...I am really tired, this introvert spent the morning at a nursery open house...I had a list
and kept it....mostly.

I love the cool look of your fern retreat. Are your summers hot and humid?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail ! wow .. I now what you mean .. that must have been crowded and hard on the nerves. You have me curious as to what plants you have on your list ?
You would be surprised how hot and humid our summers are .. I hide in the house with the AC on for most of it .. which means early morning gardening or late afternoon.
I hate the heat but the humidity is worse !

Anonymous said...

Lovely little fern retreat, Joy! And the ferns look so happy, too! (Alas, mine are mostly outdoor cat toys.)

Giddy said...

I love ferns. We have lots of them on the property, growing wild, but I still buy them whenever I find something interesting. I have Cinnamon, Japanese Painted, Christmas, Male, Lady, Ostrich and Hay Scented ferns.

We are very fortunate in that we don't need AC here on the coast. We have maybe one or two days a summer that get up into the 90's, but with the breeze, they are bearable. One major reason we left Kentucky was because we couldn't stand the humidity.

Your posts are always so informative and interesting and I love the kitties!

Gail said...

I have to be honest I am geographically challenged, not with location but details of weather, etc. I always assumed your weather would be cooler than ours?

Grey Owl Juniper virginiana
Christmas Ferns

Actually bought:

Grey Owl
Iris Christata 'Tennessee White' (google for photo)
Yellow Star Grass

The heuchera was disappointing...

While there I did see the Ninebarks you have been raving about! They are gorgeous and now I am looking around for a good spot!

Do have a wonderful weekend, we are having torrential rains and I fear the perfectly pink phlox is spoiled!


WiseAcre said...

Rusty junk posing as garden art is so 'North Country'. But yours is on a much smaller scale than mine. Would you care for a larger piece? You have the choice of a dryer, tractor wheel rims, a rusted out wheelbarrow, cast iron bathtub and 2 dead riding lawn mowers. Free delivery. And with every purchase you get a free rock.

Looking through your posts I can see you have a lot going on in a small space. Too bad you don't have room for some mass plantings.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i see your rusty lantern and i have one similar in my garden,
rust and all.

I like your little "serenity garden" with the ferns.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi becky .. I think everyone should have at least one shady spot for a serenity "cool down" hide-out ? LOL
Yes .. rust is a little atmosphere here ? : )

Wiseacre .. I'm still laughing over that last post : )
Free rock ? .. do I get to choose ? .. hum .. that bath tub has me interested.
If I only had more room .. I would love to plant a "drift" of something .. but yes .. I think you would be amazed at my cappability of planting and caring for a plant ZOO here ! LOL

Gail ! .. I was out all afternoon squeezing plants in .. it had some light rain going and I love planting that way .. the plants seem to "relax" with so much moisture going on. I am challenged the same way too .. location can be tricky to a point .. but weather is changing so much what ever I did think I knew is blown out of the water ! .. Gray Owl ?
What Heuchera was it ? great fern, I have that too .. and I had yellow eyed grass but it is an annual here .. YES ! you have to have a Ninebark !!!

Giddy .. Thanks ! .. Glad to meet another fern-fan ! LOL .. I have Lady in Red which wowed me .. lots of Japanese painted ferns .. a Japanese Beech that is gorgeous in form, ostritch for difficult places .. Maiden Hair is kind of iffy after being transplanted .. Autumn brilliance ferns .. gorgeous colour !
Yes .. Kingston is one hot humid place in the summer .. our gardens suffer for it .. at least I can hide indoors with the AC phew !

"ben" ? out door kitty toys ? LOL .. well ... at least they will smell good? when they come in from playing ? : )

Anonymous said...

Joy, I can see why you enjoy this part of your garden. It's aesthetically pleasing simply from the photo but knowing about the contrast with the rest of the garden, this must be really lovely when viewed with the entire garden. I too really love that lantern; the placement of the fern beside it is a great juxtaposition of contrasts.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Diane ! Thank you so much !
My garden is so small and non ? private .. hum .. how would I put it ? .. I love seeing other people's private garden areas (wow .. that could be tricky explaining that one ? LOL) .. I crave privacy, is what I should say, and try to create the illusion of a quiet, serene area ? .. simple things just placed simply ? .. I think you know what I mean .. brain is overly FRIED today .. haha
A rusty lantern just seemed right there .. as you said : )