Sunday, 4 May 2008

Veronica peduncularis ’Georgia Blue’ NICE !

I planted this little treasure a few years ago. I didn't have any idea of how nice it was going to be. The small but brilliant blue flowers cover the whole mound and looks quite amazing. I shear it off after that first full flush .. and it repeats flowering through out the whole season. It is in one nasty spot for drought, sun and heat yet has no problems at all. A little mounding gem in the garden for me ! Speedwell Georgian Blue


Frances, said...

This is a favorite here. I didn't know it would rebloom, we let the seed heads form so it will seed about, but would like to see more of that sea of blue if produces. Our is also in the most dry and sunny soil in the whole yard, and it never wilts or looks burnt. Great plant.

Frances at Faire Garden

Nancy J. Bond said...

That is a stunning shade of blue!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy .. this is one of the almost perfect blue in my garden. I really love it too !

Frances ... it is a great plant isn't it ? .. and yes, I shear it after most of the bloom is done .. then I get more flowers .. not as intense as the first flush .. but still quite good !

Cat said...

Wow, and so many more to come!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi cat .. long season ahead of us all ? LOL