Sunday, 4 May 2008

Layered planting for a long season

I know this looks like a 'jumble jungle"? right now, but it is one of my smarter seasonal set-ups. The plant in the very back against the fence is my goatsbeard (Wiseacre) .. very tall white astilbe looking plant .. in the middle are the oriental poppies .. and in front is the season long is a Pink Weigela .. So what happens is a layered affect. The poppies are stunning when they reach full height and have those wonderful deep red, black centered flowers .. as they die down and get really messy the weigela hides it from the front .. the goatsbeard covers it from the back .. it sounds simple and straight forward ... because it is ! I try very hard to plant in succession to keep the garden looking as nice as possible without killing myself with work ! : )
P.S. towards the marble rocks is a beautiful Purple Flame Grass for contrast in plant material and colour .. a great Autumn pick me up !


Gail said...

I looked up the purple flame grass and it looks fab! I do wish that most of my planting would work out as well as this one does. Hope you had a good weekend and had lots of time in the garden.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

How smart you are to plant for a long season. I need to pay attention and do so myself.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I can't wait for photos when it's in bloom!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy .. I am taking so many more pictures than I have in previous years .. thank goodness for digital cameras !

Hi Debbie .. I think I fell into this good habit because I have so little room .. I had to really THINK (even though my brain hurt afterwards ? LOL) .. I want as long a show possible in each area : )

Hi Gail .. I did have a lot of quality garden time on Saturday .. even planted in drizzle rain .. I love that .. it was quiet and I knew the conditions were perfect for my garden kids ? LOL
I have a few nice grasses that do look great in the Autumn !
If you have room .. it is well worth your while : )

Anonymous said...

bravo to you ... when I had a much larger garden these are the kinds of things I also worked at implementing. Only another gardener can appreciate the planning and beauty you've created. I'm looking forward to seeing this bed in bloom.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Diane .. half of what I do is subliminal ? garden information I have digested in the last few years. Funny how some ideas just stick in our brains and we follow through with them half in amazment ourselves ? LOL
This patch is pretty dramatic once it starts running with the ball ? LOL .. Globe flower .. scabiosa, heliopsis .. golden rod .. a lot of punch is packed in almost all of my borders but the sun border is especially full : )
Pictures always to follow ! haha