Saturday, 12 July 2008

Just A Few Flowers ...

I know this may be picture 'overload" for a post .. but I actually took way too many pictures this week and feel overwhelmed by them all. most are on a dull wet day so the colours aren't as vibrant as they look in real life. In any case .. just a load of pictures post today ?


Sheila said...

Beautiful photos! A great way to overload!

cindee said...

Beautiful flowers(-: I just love to drop by your blog and see so many beautiful flowers(-: How is Miss Emma doing?

Amy said...

No need to apologise :) These are all lovely photos and I enjoyed each of them. I really like the plant with the orange flowers - never seen that one before.

Darlene said...

Wonderful pictures of beautiful flowers.......thanks for sharing.

chey said...

I love this post Joy~ your flowers are beautiful! I prefer pictures taken on cloudy days. Yours look great!

Aiyana said...

Worth scrolling through!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Aiyana .. thanks ! .. some days I'm just not sure what is going to end up here ? : )

Thanks Chey .. we are having more rain days this year than we have for 4 or even more years .. a good summer for the rain barrel ! LOL

Hey Darlene .. how's it going over there ? .. thanks for stopping by for my lazy post ? haha

Amy .. are you talking about the butterfly weed ? Asclepias tuberosa ? is a zone 4 "native" type plant are a lower zone ? so that is maybe why you haven't had it ?

Hi Cindee .. Miss Emma was full of naughtiness last night and this morning .. the water spray bottle came out .. squirting a naughty cat with water usually stops her in her tracks to think about what she is doing ? LOL

Sheila hi there .. I'm afraid today's overload will be house cleaning .. yuck ! but a good thing to do on a rain day ? get it out of the way ? LOL

Viooltje said...

Photo overload is totally my cup of tea. I love it and I wouldn't mind browsing through many, many more. It has brought colour even to my hot, dull, humid day. And I can't help but notice the magic of drops on the Smokebush. Both the Golden and the Purple one. There's something special about their foliage and raindrops seem to reflect that hidden magic best. It was actually thanks to your lovely photos of the Golden variety that I saw on your blog recently that made me venture and finally get a tiny specimen of me own. And surprisingly, it was quite hard to find one. Enjoy your colorful magic Joy!

Eve said...

I am so bowled over by all that beauty, I may never recover. Those are all absolutely beautiful. You are as good with a camera as you are with flowers. Take a bow!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Eve.. thank you so much ! You have me in awe of fresh figs now with you wonderful post on your site .. I have to taste one VERY soon ! LOL
Your little cat girl looks like a sweetie pie : )
Thanks for stopping by my blog !

Hi Violet .. I really was overwhelmed by all the pictures I took .. I took more this morning but haven't downloaded them yet. It has been one of those days ..
Yes ! smoke bush trees are wonderful for water droplets .. I'm so glad you were able to find 'Golden Spirit" ! If you plant it near Royal Purple you are truly going to enjoy how they compliment each other : )

Brenda Kula said...

Was that a pink sunflower? Or some such thing? Beautiful!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Beautiful pictures. Want to add more, but i hear a monkey messing around in the garage. Gotta. go.

Joanne said...

What beautiful photographs! New to your blog, and really, a picture's worth a thousand words! The pics bring us right into your garden, I'm curious as to what type of camera you use. Great post.

Gail said...

Lovely Joy! You have some flowering plants that are past their bloom here and then some that are blooming here now! You must have this perfect growing all looks wonderful.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Joanne just saw your blog and found it wonderful : )
You saw and heard Ringo at a concert .. it is so wonderful to hear he is such a nice man !
Don't know what the field of potted plants were .. but love the organization !
I'll do a post about my camera soon just in case anyone is interested in it .. I'm always interested in other people's cameras too !
Thanks for stopping by : )

Debbie .. there is always one of the monkeys getting up to something isn't there ? LOL
Hey girl .. don't worry .. ya' know where I live ! haha

Hi brenda .. I think you mean one of my echinaceas ..I have some different ones that don't look like the typical form and colour .. in fact I have one I can't remember what the heck name it is ! LOL
If you really want to know .. tell which one it is in the picture sequence and I'll try and track down the name : )