Monday, 14 July 2008

My weekend and some of the Raccoon Saga

Saturday was a morning to work in the garden .. and we both worked hard .. hubby slowly emptied the rain barrel with watering dry patches in the front garden .. a slow some what back annoying job .. but finally the rain barrel is twisted to the right position to make life easier using it ! Thank you hubby !
I was in prune back and tidy up mode .. and binding the Karly Rose grass in its more attractive vase shape around the obelisk .. phew ! now it can rain all it likes (does that put a whammy on rain fall now ?? )
I only lasted a few hours .. it got HOT and STILL, .. no breeze and the sun beating down on us .. we were both sweaty kids in the garden. So .. most things in order .. I came in .. had a shower and collapsed for the day.
Sunday .. well this is the day I rip the house apart and clean .. didn't get too far ... beds changed laundry on the go .. kitchen cleaned .. family room dusted .. then bang .. then the repercussions from a stressful week and working too hard .. I had to stop and flop on my bed .. I hate having the health problems I do, but especially when they just drag you down to the floor in the middle of trying to do things .. so this day was done for me.
This morning I was up at 6:15 .. Sophie and Emma too glad to see me .. so they are happy cats to be back in their routine with me. So far so good ?

Now for the raccoon part .. our Raccoon Man, Curtis, was by yesterday .. put the spring loaded SHUT door on .. so we thought finally the door is literally SHUT once FB Raccoon leaves tonight .....
Well .. when I got up and some what conscious ? .. Emma took off for the living room ran so hard when she hit the top of the leather sofa she fell off near the bay window .. so I had to go over and see if she was alright .. and what did I hear ? raccoon CHATTER .. I mean chatter BIG TIME .. the wooden box with spring loaded door is right above the window .. FB Raccoon was there yelling his head of in raccoon 'speak" .. I went and had my coffee so I could wake up to normal people level .. thinking all the time that he was outside on the roof mad as hell that he couldn't get back in .. I was plucking up my courage to go out and catch a picture of him (thinking .. I hope he doesn't make a leap for me being so mad as he sounded ??) .. so I adjusted my camera to 'burst' mode defied the reality that I looked like 'Night of the Living DEAD" put my jean jacket on and went out front ...............................
Oh SHIT ............................ no raccoon on the 'outside of the box" .. meaning FB Raccoon in trapped inside ...................................... I'll let you know what happens and with a picture of the box minus the raccoon that should be on the OUTSIDE of IT !!


Rose said...

No wonder you flopped on the bed after all of that! After spending a couple hours gardening, I wouldn't have had the energy to clean at all!
I think this might be the end of Mr. Raccoon...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Enjoyed all your lovely blooms from Saturday. The one photo of the foxglove with the astilbe(?) looks like a wedding photo, though I can't explain why, bells and white, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Yaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Good luck, Joy! Ever since you've been posting about Mr. Raccoon, I've been having nightmares just imagining those sounds coming from my attic. I can't imagine the horror of actually hearing them! Poor Emma, at least she's trying to defend you from his onslaughts!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

You have had quite a time with that raccoon. I agree with you about health problems. It's so difficult to make ourselves work, and then we work too hard in the garden and poof, we're day for a day or two or three.

Hang in there and enjoy your garden~~Dee

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Girl this racoon thing is getting out of hand. Sorry the trap door backfired.

cindee said...

Yikes can't wait to see those pictures!!!!
You sound so much like me....get going good on a project and then crash...nap time. Oh well at least we try right? (-: My problem is my asthma I'm sure. I don't seem to have the energy to keep going like I did when I was younger.

easygardener said...

You've got enough material to write a book about that racoon!
Please try to get a picture before he or she finally moves on :-)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Good heavens! You have a much stronger constitution than I do! I think I'd be running after the critter with a shotgun by now. :) Truly, I wish it no harm...but I can't imagine your frustration! Surely there must be SOME way to grab the thing and be done with it? I know how surly they are from first hand experience, though. Well, good luck and I'll be looking for your update!

Darlene said...

Oh sounds like you had a busy weekend. Glad you did take some time and rest too.

And I am lol on the raccoon saga( I'm sure not so funny to you). I can't wait to see any pictures you end up with raccoon captured.....Victory will be yours (someday)!!!! ha ha

GardenJoy4Me said...

Darlene .. I'm glad you can get some entertainment out of my saga girl ! LOL .. the raccoon(s) only move at night in the dark and I'm flopped on my bed by then .. chances of pictures .. not so good ! haha

Nancy .. you made a mental picture for me of you running around with a shotgun like a cartoon figure .. that was good ! thanks ! LOL

easygardener .. after this is wrapped up I might be too ! .. boy, the stress of something like this is enough to put you in the nuthouse .. I'm not far from that as it is : )

Cindee .. sorry about the asthma, sometimes I get the seasonal one and have to use a ventalin .. you look way too young to have the age thing crash on you girl ! LOL

Debbie .. now that I think of it .. don't most trap doors backfire ? LOL

Dee .. it really helps to hear other people have this problem too .. we can drive ourselves into the ground literally, once we can get going ? LOL .. it can be discouraging .. but then we have these long cold Canadian winters to rest up with .. phew !

'ben' it was so funny to see Emma dash headlong onto the sofa to 'point out" the noisy problem area .. she was just like a kid all excited to show mom something was going on .. Sophie on the other hand .. slightly annoyed ? LOL

Rose .. that is so sweet of you ! flopping sometimes make me feel guilty for not trying harder .. but when the body says STOP .. I have to. The funny thing about that astilbe and foxglove shot was that the vent for the fireplace was smack in the picture .. glad it didn't stick out too much ? LOL