Thursday, 10 July 2008

New Raccoon Catcher-Man Fantastic !!!

I just wanted to do a quick post on my raccoon adventures .. we have a lot of errands to do today so a quickie on this for now ?
New guy worked so hard yesterday hubby and I were amazed and so impressed .. especially after the "Lazy Loser Wise-Guy" ..
First and one of the best bits was the attic inspection .. hubby went up there with RM .. they didn't see FB Raccoon .. but the fact there was no sign of raccoon droppings .. no odor .. a little bit of the insulation was shifted .. but it was CLEAN !!!

Then RM went to work building a wooden box to fit in the soffit where the raccoon got in .. it was really difficult because of the angels etc .. but he got that done with the one way door not in a fixed position yet .. tape on it to indicate if the raccoon is going in and out still .. then the spring action is added once the trust of the raccoon is taken in.
Then the door slams shut on that "final" exit ..

Repairs and back to a normal looking house and almost normal feeling people who live in a FB Raccoon FREE atmosphere ?? ahhhhhh ! I can't wait !


Gail said...

wow! That's a lot of work...hoping this one does the trick!


Darlene said...

A quickie is great....oh and back to the raccoon how exciting!!! Sounds like you got the right guy for the job this time!!!! I'm wishing you luck with that pesky raccoon (though the adventures have been quite amusing). ;)

Amanda said...

Hooray! Bet you're thrilled. I love the fact that you have angels in your attic - no wonder the raccoon was attracted to it!!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That's a relief.

Nancy J. Bond said...

...a wooden box to fit in the soffit where the raccoon got in .. it was really difficult because of the angels etc

Oohhh. You have angels in your attic? Wow. :-)

Just kidding! I'm so glad it seems you've got a good solution to your raccoon nightmare. :)

Amy said...

Oh my, a raccoon in the attic! I bet you'll be SO happy when he/she it caught for good.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Amy .. never in a million years did I think we would have a problem like this .. I wouldn't wish it on anybody .. except our first catcher who deserves a problem like this ? LOL

Nancy .. can you hear me say it ? I just can't spell it ? LOL ... and hey .. I wish there were ANGELS in my attic ? LOL

Debbie .. we are still trying to make sure FB Raccoon leaves the attic stage .. one way closed door tomorroew hopefully ... BIG sigh

Amanda .. I'm laughing here .. yes, no wonder FB wants to stay ? he has good company ? LOL

Darlene .. I'm almost full crazy from half crazy with this FB Raccoon business .. now all I need are a pack of smoking squirrels joining in ? LOL

Gail .. this guy is totally different from the first loser guy .. he really works HARD .. he was just back now trying to see if FB was there in the attic .. banging up there to drive him out .. phew ! talk about HOT working space .. next is hinged door trick , tomorrow hopefully !