Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Wiff of Blossomtime .... ahhhhh !

Well .. anyone who has been glancing at my blog knows I'm nearly crazy (whats with the NEARLY ?) with our raccoon problem .. first guy was FIRED for being totally lazy and inadequate .. now we have a second one lined up and I'm begging the 'fates" to please let this guy know what the heck he is doing ? that isn't too much to ask is it ?
In any case .. I try not to linger on this subject .. it works me up .. heaven knows I don't need anything else to light a fire under me with this.
So .. here is Blossomtime .. one of the new climbers I planted this year and it is flowering like a little beauty : )
The scent is wonderful too .. taking pictures is a bit tricky. Either the rose colour can be too intense .. or the light too bright, a whole list of things that I can blame bad pictures on ? But here she is for better or worse .. if only I could send its scent through this post ? It also looks like a David Austin rose as it ages .. that being the top picture .. I just noticed that now. Funny how much more detail we see when we look at our own pictures after we take them ?


Darlene said...

I still feel for you on the raccoon problem...sorry. But, your rose is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...sorry I was shouting that out. I have planted several things this year and hope to have a greener thumb than normal (ha). Today I bought a Knock Out Rose. They are supposed to be easy to grow so I am starting with that one. Not a beauty like yours but nonetheless a rose. :) By the way, how is Emma doing?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Darlene .. I just did 3 posts on your site .. you are going to think I am a headcase .. the last two were supposed to explain the one that was shot into cyber space but I think it just makes me sound crazy ? LOL
Blossomtime surprised me too ! I didn't expect such wonderful roses yet .. the other two are hiding till next year I think.
Emma .. is out of her heat for now .. Sophie is relieved .. for now ? LOL
Don't worry about shouting .. I have tinnitus ? never know how to spell that one .. so I will hear you better if you shout ? LOL

Katarina i Kullavik said...

The rose is a beauty! And by your description it has a gorgeous scent as well! -And Emma is a beauty too! Although with quite a different scent, I suppose!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again Katarina .. I have to say I am impressed so far with this rose. I didn't expect such wonderful blossoms so quickly in its first year .. yes, Emma knows she is a beauty and smelling a little different for sure ! LOL