Monday, 25 August 2008

Home Sense Made Me SENSELESS !!

Ok ... "that feeling" is overcoming me even earlier than last year .. Maybe it is because I HAUNT "Home Sense" .. I don't know if you Americans have this store, or my UK, or European friends, but if you are any kind of a "nester" this is the store for you !
Especially in Autumn .. talk about full blown immersion in the thick of Halloween .. well .. I just can't help myself. There are others out there like me .. I take a little comfort in that fact that I am not the only Halloween NUT. We circle the isles because there is so much to look at it takes several passes to make sure we haven't missed anything .. and even after going through the check out with your treasures .. you still think "I bet there was just one more thing !"
To top it off they get new stuff EVERY day ... it is a battle not to go there EVERY day too !

I have a weakness for nostalgic looking pieces .. these guys were my "today" must haves .. their heads are a heavy plastic type construction .. almost a bobble head thing going on as it were .. and they SO called out to me "TAKE US HOME !!" .. how could I be so cruel as to leave them after that ?
As for the fragrance sticks .. yes .. I have to have the SMELL of Autumn too ! The one to the right is cinnamon/clove combo .. almost an Xmassy duo thing, so very economical (do you buy my story?) The other in the classic orange and black wrap up is PUMPKIN the orange of course .. and Anise licorice scent ... this could also swap for Xmas because it would remind us of the fantastic Christmas markets in Holland, Germany and Belgium .. they all seemed to have the same smells because they were all so close where we lived.
I meant to kick off my Halloween adventures with this post .. but I still haven't put the garden to bed by any means .. so I'll try to behave with the next few posts until I feel that weakness overcome me again ? I really should take my camera to the store with me .. you would love it too !


Anna said...

Keep them coming!!!! Love your stuff. I know I've got a craftsman home---and do have lots of craftsman stuff--but you've seen that I also have primitive..well, cottage too. So lots of things you buy---just send on to me!!! It works in my house too. I like the pumpkin head dolls. What story is that from--I'm breaking my brain trying to think. It's the headless horseman from ????

Just let the garden put itself to bed this year;) Yea, right! We would hate ourselves come Spring!

patientgardener said...

But Halloween is so far away! Oh no does that mean I need to start thinking about Christmas!

GardenJoy4Me said...

patientgardener .. girl don't get your knickers in a twist now ! LOL
Although ... hum ? .. nah ! I'm just a Halloween NUTTER .. so I can't help myself .. ignore me and don't worry about that NEXT holiday coming SOON ? LOL

Anna .. I have storage containers full of Halloween .. I haven't even begun to haul them out yet .. Your home is so darn perfect anything would look great there !
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow !! Yes .. headless horseman man character .. in fact the one with Johnny Depp is on this afternoon .. how creative was the TV channel that did that for me today ?? LOL

WiseAcre said...

I was going to say about the same thing as patientgardener but don't want you to mention my knickers.

67 days to go. Have you checked to make sure your broom starts? It's been almost a year since you last rode it.

The only comment I will make about your shopping trips - who you going to hire to build the storage barn?

Nancy J. Bond said...

I adore Halloween too but I wouldn't dare check out those places...I'd end up leaving the rent there! Hee!

ourfriendben said...

Ah, yes, Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane channeling Sherlock Holmes. What a fascinating, quirky performance! Now, if he would just PLAY Sherlock Holmes...

Water Roots said...

Oh...I share your weakness Joy. I was just at the local shopping center this morning...looking for school stuff for my kids (do you buy MY story?)...LOL...

I went up and down the aisles (two or three times) of Hallowe'en displays at every store I stepped into (all of them had set up their decorations...already?...but I don't's such eye candy, all those fall colours).

I am definitely a 'nester', which makes me a sucker for this kind of stuff. And what's worse is that Hallowe'en and Christmas are so close together...!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey WR .. I know these holidays are so close once they start rolling in .. but my focal point is Halloween .. I'm naughty that way ? LOL
Yup .. I buy that story about the shopping for the kids bit ! LOL
You must have a Home Sense where you are ? .. we don't have IKEA .. and that drives me nuts .. I just love looking in that store .. we had one where we lived in Holland for heaven sake !
Kingston is still in a building frame of mind .. lots going up around the end of the city (country) where we live .. to attract people from the 401 mainly .. but the ease of having stores close by (more so than usual) is kind of a nice thing !

'ben" Johnny is an off the wall actor .. he brings a quirky quality to all of his performances don't you think ? LOL
My fav Halloween show .. "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown !" LOL

Nancy .. I swear I need a help group for this thing I have with Halloween .. I set a limit .. like a gambler ? LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I had my broom in for the oil change so it is ready, .. the cats .. well .. I'm not sure they want to ride with me again after that episode with the ... well, better left unsaid.
The storage barn .. hum .. well, maybe if you have finished moving rocks ????? hahaha

Brenda Kula said...

When everyone started talking about this store, I got online. And we don't have them here in Texas yet! Next time you go, if you think of it, take the camera! I want to see what this store is about. I know there are some in the US but not here. Do you think they'd think you were odd taking snapshots of their stuff? I do it in the antique mall, but they know me by now!

Water Roots said...

Yup, there's a Home Sense about five minutes away (by car). I haven't gone since the summer season began. I will be visiting as soon as my kids are back in school (then I can sneak stuff into the house without witnesses around and tell the family at dinner time that I got all those goodies with Zellers points...LOL)...

Ah, Ikea... The most tempting (dangerous) place in the world for 'nesters' like me. Maybe it's best that you DON'T have one near you. I visit about 4 times a year (whenever the seasons change) and I always come home with something... It's not the furniture that gets me; it's all the little stuff to decorate the house with...there are so many coooool things...

I've noticed that Kingston keeps growing, especially with commercial areas. My husband and I have driven down quite a few times since last year in our pursuit to find an area (and house) to move to, and on our last visit (about a month ago), we were astonished at all the new stuff coming up (there are so many newly-developed area (homes) too! Just amazing).

But should see where I live. It is do dense, you can hardly breathe. And even as I write, there are new buildings (condominiums) going up just a few minutes away from my home. It's insane. And the traffic is horrendous! I've never been a big city person, so I'm looking forward to moving to one that's much less populated! Kingston, here we come! LOL... Amen...

garden girl said...

Adorable Joy! I've never really gotten into holiday decorating much (too lazy to lug it all out and put it all away,) but love to see it.

My sister's like you - she's a Halloween nut too. and Christmas. She decorates every flat surface, not to mention the hanging and vertical stuff.

cindee said...

Those are so cute(-: I have a lot of primitives in my home. So my kids always think its Halloween here year around. I guess some of my creations could pass as Halloween too but I do have real Halloween stuff that I bring out also. I have been known to display Halloween stuff in August just because I found something I had to have!!!

Joanne said...

Hey there, Joy, I never even heard of the store Home Sense, but I wish we had one. I love picking up these kinds of things, esp this time of year when we'll soon be spending more time indoors. It's the nice part of fall/winter, the coziness.

The Hunky Gardener said...

Do you dress up Dave for halloween? I think he would look great in a Darth Vader costume!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Hunky ! How did you know ? that is his favorite costume ; )
He was so sick of the "7 dwarfs of Snow White" of which he was Grumpy, naturally .. this year something completley different : )

Joanne .. once you have been in this store .. you are instantly addicted ! I get a lot of cool garden art in here too .. it covers almost anything you are partial too, believe me ! LOL

Cindee .. I can't help myself .. I even buy Halloween greeting cards and send (a lot) over seas to my friends in the UK .. they dread this time of year because of ME !

garden girl .. I have to say a lot of it depends on how I am feeling ..if I have the energy to do things that is .. I can't do window decor .. Emma would have it down in no time and Sophie would think it was desert .. KIDS !
I like your sister's attitude : )

WR ! .. you are so like me then .. small eye catching details with bits and pieces .. we didn't buy furniture from there just great odds and sods ..
I worry Kingston will become that way eventually .. trapped between Toronto and Ottawa .. for now it isn't too bad .. have you decided on a specific area here yet ?
That is too funny about saying those finds from HS are from Zellers .. for the 'points" ! haha

Brenda .. I wonder if they don't think I am ODD already .. that Spring incident when I crashed a display they had .. well .. they sort of watch me wondering if I'll be clumsy again ? LOL
I'll give it a try though .. I think you would love it !!

Gail said...


You've certainly found some wonderful Halloween goodies! If we had a basement it would be full of seasonal decorations! Good thing we haven't one; no storage space, no collections! So I will be enjoying your wonderful buildup to Halloween ...even though, I understand it is a year long event!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail ! .. we don't have any real storage space either .. but some how I manage to collect a few ? things .. haha
Yes .. Halloween is a full blown addiction for me and it starts blooming about this time of year ?
I'll try to keep a steady pace : )

VP said...

I'm resisting all thoughts of Autumn, Joy (tee hee had to put the comma in there else I'd have been talking to a plant!) as we're yet to have our summer!

GardenJoy4Me said...

VP .. a friend I have near Shropshire/Shrewsbury has said the EXACT same thing ! .. so I can understand how you feel .. roll on next Spring ? LOL .. hey .. I'm named after a few plants ! : )