Sunday, 24 August 2008

My Creative Space

Brenda from The Brenda Blog came up with a cute idea of revealing a bit about where we get creative with our blogs.
I wanted to have great, CRISP pictures of my little nest in the kitchen where I sit and contemplate my belly button ... ah .. nope .. that was supposed to be my blog .. I just finished cleaning house so brain is out to lunch or on a launching mission, as one of my UK friends says when things are not quite right ? .. Some how the "girls" who are usually in their beds , in the kitchen, keeping me company .. decided to go down in the family room and share the back of the sofa there ... so this is a "remote" shot of my usual company in the kitchen ?
I baked banana bread .. meant to put out cute tea cups .. note to self .. MAKE notes to SELF !! .. so this is truly an off the cuff quickie tour of my creative vacuum ?

I was on the ball enough to cut some absolutely intoxicating buddleia flowers .. honestly this side of the kitchen smells like HONEY and I am loving it ! .. the yellow bit is one of my goldenrod flowers .. thought it would contrast nicely, but my pictures are not living up to my imagination ?

I collect a few plates .. I try not to go over board .. the kitchen is painted a creamy yellow which apparently is too creamy to show up in these pictures .. take my word for it ?

And so there is the table and chair (pulled out one) that I wiggle in when back or legs complain and I have "just one more thing to do !" I like to look out to the deck .. sorry that picture just didn't want to happen either .. I'm beginning to think it is me and my magnetic field screwing things up ? In any case here is my creative space (excluding my bedroom which is also an idea room .. the problem is waking up and forgetting what the heck was such a great thought I had ... BIG sigh !

I think I posted this all backwards or upside down some how ?


Darlene said...

We always see your beautiful gardens and now we get a peek at your blogging spot. Love your kitchen and of course, I'm glad Sophie and Emma got in the action too. That banana bread looks WONDERFUL!!

Sheila said...

Looks like a charming place to work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joy! I don't know what looks most inviting---the girls, the banana bread, the plates, the creamy yellow kitchen (it *does* show up and looks lovely)! I love Brenda's idea! Thanks for sharing your creative space with us!

Nancy J. Bond said...

What a cozy, warm space in which to create! Very nice!

Nola said...

I'm partial to cats, so I loved your furry friends. Great decorating with the plates, that's an idea I may borrow! Thanks for the tour; I'll be back for a longer visit later.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy .. just my little window on the world .. of Joy ? haha

Hey 'ben" thanks ! .. yup Brenda had a great idea and it rubbed off on a lot of us ? haha .. I just know you would have enjoyed the banana bread ! wink wink

Sheila .. I never quite think of my kitchen as charming .. especially not when the boys have been creating food in it .. but my corner can be for now on ! Thanks

Hi ya' Darlene .. wouldn't you know the one time they aren't on my neck in here they are down in the family room ? girls ! you can't do a thing with them ? LOL

Anonymous said...

The Kitchen is the heart of the home & yours is very homey & personable. I would make it my creative workspace too. I love your kitties laying butt to butt in the first photo. lol My dogs do that too. :)

Tamara Jansen said...

Banana Bread....yummm! My sister bakes that too. My kids didn't even know you got banana bread out of the oven before they slept over at her place one time....."What, banana bread comes out of the oven? I thought you had to buy it at the store".

My poor baking pans are so totally ignored by me. Sad, isn't it?

Keep on creating!

Brenda Kula said...

I sure wish my butterfly bush would do that! So beautiful, Joy! And now I will visualize you there when you're telling about the raccoon in the attic or some other funny tale. Thank you so much for participating! Wish I could have some dessert!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Tamara .. now that was too cute ! I think there are lots of kids that think that too ! .. hey my baking only happens at a certain time of the month when hormones are flying .. weird but true : )
Thanks for stopping by !

Hi PGL .. aren't I too lazy too believe with your name ? LOL
Yup .. little furry souls have a thing for laying butt to butt every once in a while .. haha
It is cozy here .. and I think if you didn't like your kitchen, the whole home would suffer a bit .. so it must be the heart for sure !

Hi there Nola .. Thank you ! .. I just like a few unusual plates on the wall .. sort of country kitchen on a small scale thing ?
Yes .. cat people are CAT people .. LOL

Andrea said...

Looks like a very comfortable spot to become creative. As for me when I hit the couch, I tend to sleep. :-) Love your pretty kitchen corner that smells like honey. Greetings, Andrea

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda if I could send you some banana bread, I would girl ! The first loaf is almost gone now as it is ... haha
I hope never to have to recite a raccoon tale ever again from the personal point of view .. phew !
Thank you so much ! this has been really fun to join in on : )
One day your butterfly bush will behave ! wink wink
PS .. since I hacked up mine and moved it, I have butterflies in my stomach ? LOL

Hey Andrea .. thanks ! .. if I was horizontal I would be zzzzzzzzzz! so the cats do it for me ? LOL
It is amazing how a flower can smell so much like honey !

cindee said...

Thanks for the tour of your blogging areas(-: Kitties look so happy. I shampooed the carpets yesterday and have not recovered yet. I worked outside some today too. Back to work tomorrow. I haven't got anything on my mind to blog today maybe tomorrow.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Your space is lovely! My fav are the plates ohhh I so love them

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Diane .. I loved that CUTE site .. clappity clappity on that one girl ! Thanks ! I should throw some plates your way then ? LOL

Cindee .. my god girl .. that is what we have to get done too .. the dreaded carpet cleaning thing .. my outdoor day yesterday and house cleaning today has done me in too .. I'm with you on that one !

WiseAcre said...

If I had to sit in that chair all my posts would be extremely short.

I'll be expecting numerous offers of chairs like yours now.

I should post my work space but no one would believe that pile of garbage actually has a keyboard under it.

The Hunky Gardener said...

Can I come over for some banana bread!?

Melanie said...

Hi Joy,

It was nice to sit for awhile and visit here. Wish I could eat some of that yummy looking banana bread. Does it have chocolate chunks hiding inside?

I'll be back again once school starts,

Carla said...

What a cheery spot to blog in! I love your plates, wall color, kitty cats, fresh bread, and most of all your butterfly bush-those colors are UNREAL!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Joy, Glad to see you too have lots of company when blogging ...animal-wise!....What a lovely area to sit & blog!... and that wall of beautiful plates!!!...So very pretty!...Heidi XO

GardenJoy4Me said...

Heidi .. wow ! you have a fantastic place to create : ) .. loved your tour .. can I come live there too ? haha
All those different materials and spaces .. wonderful !
Thanks for dropping by my place !

Carla .. I love how much you multi-task girl ! they say we have to exercise our brains as we get older .. yours is in Olympic standards I'm sure : )
Love the bargain on the neat little desk .. and the comfy chair. You go girl ! LOL
Thank you for stopping by mine : )

Hi Melanie .. I know what you mean .. so much going on in the summer we can't seem to settle down to routine until Autumn and winter .. I will be back too girl !
PS .. I was very good and didn't put chocolate in the bread .. do raisins count ? LOL

Hey Hunky ... good strong coffee or tea to go with that ? Come on over ! LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** ... I'm holding out for the best bid ! so you may be safe for a while. I would expect nothing less than sheer chaos with your work space .. so yes .. I would believe there would be a keyboard under a pile of what appears to be garbage but I wouldn't bet on it .. the garbage part ? LOL

Andrea said...

what a GREAT living space. I love it!!!! It's very much a comfortable feeling to it and I can't wait to do the same to my house. I may wait until I take pictures when everything settles down. :D but love the plates. LOTS of flowers, and I can't believe your arranging talent. Nice Nice!

Gail said...

I have been meaning to comment on your new photo! Love it...the one of you! Your space is wonderful and it looks comfortable and inviting; one question? When is tea served and what time shall I arrive?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Gail .. that was a quirky web cam photo and I thought it was funny .. I usually have that look on my face all of the time ..
The "what the heck is going on ?" look !
Tea is any time I say so .. banana bread is disappearing fast so you better start running ? haha

Andrea .. you have been busy posting on the new blog ! .. I have to get on the ball and read them .. I mentioned I thought Terra Cycle was a great company and I would use their product in a heartbeat too ! That was a great post : )

garden girl said...

Joy, your kitchen is so bright and homey! What a lovely spot to create your blog! Love your beautiful plate collection and the gorgeous blooms!

I'm a sucker for blue and white china and stoneware, and I love yellow walls. Mmmm. . . banana bread! I can almost smell it!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Garden Girl !
Thank you so much : ).. I have a thing for blue and white china too .. because of the Delft I have collected from Holland .. but then I just seemed to add a few more different ones (talk about a mish mash ? LOL).. come over any time for some banana bread .. seems to be quite a few people that like that ? haha