Saturday, 23 August 2008

Autumn is coming and so is Halloween !!!

I worked so hard in the garden this morning, I think my brain has totally LEFT HOME .. over three hours digging up stubborn plants (root systems stretching to China and they were watching the Olympics too I'm sure). Most of the changes will not be noticeable till late Spring next year .. instant satisfaction is not an option to real gardeners .. we have to envision the future picture constantly.
The shade factor is engulfing the back garden and I have to keep up with it to save my favorite plants. I don't mind having a shade garden at all .. but the change over has come more quickly than I had accounted for.
So .. I have to amuse myself for now with the promise of fun coming, with my favorite month, October .. Canadian Thanksgiving ... Halloween and those awesome black and white horror classics .. I'm a BIG kid waiting in the shadows ? ^..^
PS .. Did I mention I love nostalgic Halloween art .. post cards .. decorations ? anything ?
I forgot to mention .. I'm a little sad ... Curly Joe my Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar left home .. hubby clued me in when he said .. "that little guy is gone !.." I am so disappointed .. I can't think of why he left .. my feelings are crushed ... I guess i shouldn't take it personally ? He just had to move on ...


kd said...

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the change in the garden -- we used to have a sunny half where sun-loving plants and vegetables would thrive. And then the surrounding trees also took "leaf" to thrive and before we knew it, there was a solid canopy over the growing area. So now I have a garden which I have decided to let run wild except for the times I choose to intervene. Works for me :)

Our favourite holiday around here is Hallowe'en as well -- I used to put on a display for the kids (even sitting dressed as a scarecrow with a pumpkin over my head one year) when my two were little. My youngest (who's now 16) has taken over the job with his friends. They usually have a screamingly good time. Can't wait!

So sorry that Curly Joe felt the need to test his independence without bidding you a proper farewell...


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Oh he will come back. Can't wait to see you wind up for halloween. Did I tell you I grew a pumpkin?

Andrea said...

OH!!! You're a LIBRA! TEll me all about them! My son is a libra and I have no idea about anything about them. I always look at the astrology but nothing ever stick to my brain.

We've switched over to fall but not fully because getting Mum's in is scary business when it's so hot out.

Barbee' said...

Isn't he hanging around the garden (the butterfly not the husband), if not... that's gratitude for you!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite "holiday"! Can't wait!

Shibaguyz said...

I have to admit that with some of the cooler days and nights we've been having that our thoughts have also been turning to fall and the autumn holidays.

Time for warm soups and... HEY!! Time to order our turkey!! YIKES!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Shibaguyz ! You said it : ) .. and slow cooker recipes .. I love throwing everything into one pot and letting cook itself , haha
Can you believe we bought our two turkeies last year in July ? .. the sale was fantastic .. I know fresh tastes better but hey .. I was in the mood !
Can't wait for the fun time ! : )

Nancy .. do you know where Debert is there ? .. we were stationed there when it was a Com station and it was glorious in October .. we had a blast !

barbee .. that was cute ! haha .. hubby mows the lawn so he hangs around .. but alas no .. I miss Curly Joe and I'm hurt he left home : (

Andrea .. Libras have a terrible time making up their minds .. we keep "balancing" opposing ideas .. we can't spell well either ? LOL
I have seen pots of mums out since two weeks ago .. that is just NOT RIGHT !! .. way too early and I'm not 'falling" for it yet .. so I don't blame you girl for being nervous about it happening too soon !

Hi kd .. that is a mantra we have to keep in the back of our garden heads .. changes keep changing ! for our gardens .. and I like your thoughts on letting it come naturally and leaving it to do its own thing.
My hubby did that when our son was young it was so fun .. I wish I had had a digital camera THEN !
You have to love the smell of crisp air with a bit of wood smoke and the geese honking "good-bye" we are headed south ... I love it all : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! I know how much you love Hallowe'en, so it's great that you're already in the buildup stage! Fall's my favorite season, too, and especially October, since I'm a fellow Libra (October 11)---can't wait! as for Curly Joe, a few years ago I had a monarch chrysalis that hatched out Elvis, who hung around the garden here all season, then migrated. Now, every time I see a monarch here, I just assume that Elvis has come back. I say you should do the same with Curly Joe!

Water Roots said...

Oh...I'm sorry to hear about Curly Joe. It's amazing how easy it is to get attached to little critters. Well, I hope he's somewhere in your garden and hasn't really gone away.

You've reminded me of some of my favourite things about the fall season - Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, pumpkin and apple pies & recipes, the leaves changing colours, etc. But my absolute favourite thing is the departing of the geese (not that I want them to leave LOL). The way they organize themselves in their v-shape style of flying, and the way they 'honk-honk-honk' good-bye, usually in the early hours of the's a beautiful sight... I listen for them every year, both when they leave and when they return home after the winter.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again WR .. yes ! I find it so amazing how organized the geese are and that awesome V shape they take when in flight ..
I love the turning of the trees, ever since I was a kid I was mezmerized by all of the scents, sounds and visions for that time of year .. never mind just plain out right love of Halloween ? LOL
I'm hoping for some terrific leaf colours this year .. now if only the camera and I agree on pictures ?
Thanks about Curly Joe .. I miss him awfully and so wanted to see the whole process .. maybe next year ?

'ben" I can't believe how many Libras are on here ! we must have garden blood ? .. you aren't too long after my birthday .. cool !
I'm trying to get over the 'leaving home" from Curly Joe .. I just don't understand why he left .. maybe I loved him too much .. didn't give him enough space ? LOL .. oh well .. I hope he is safe where ever he went .. thanks 'ben" !

Anna said...

Curly Joe is not gone, he told me so. Just keep looking--he's there somewhere in your garden getting all comfy.

I too love vintage Autumn and Halloween postcards. I don't have hardly any but I hope to get some good ones off the internet and print them out.

All this Autumn talk has put me in the best of moods and then we have rain!!!! Woo hoo---rain. What a great day.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. if only he had written a note letting me know it wasn't my fault he left home .. I might feel better ? .. BIG sigh
I have no real vintage Halloween .. just reproductions .. but I pretend they are the real thing .. I wish I had saved stuff from when I was a kid .. even the little treat bags are considered vintage !! LOL