Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Frost ...'ing on the Pumpkin ?

Amidst very loud complaints with the recent SNOW .. yes ... SNOW ... or a naughty word the "Bench Warmers" call it (resembles nothing like it , mind you ) .. I had to take an almost complete group shot .. it is incomplete because Dave and Toad were frozen on the deck table and have been unable to walk over to the bench .. but have been perfectly able to complain LOUDLY of being STUCK on the table ... as soon as it warms up (and those insane weather-people, non-sexist on the definition of weather PEOPLE) "because I said so" theory it will reach mid teens on HALLOWEEN !!!!!!! awesome prediction .. hope it is true ?
Snail is Wee Pumpkin's best friend .. he swears he won't leave Wee Pumpkin's side .. especially when Wee Pumpkin begins to disintegrate .. some arrangement they have come to that I'm not privy to .. but suspect a huge feat coming Snail's way ...
Wee Pumpkin in his white toque .. Canadian Eh ! .. all this talk of frosting .. makes me crazy .. no Halloween candy in the house until tomorrow .. as Deb at Garden Author knows and confirms through personal experience, we all eat the candy if we buy it too soon .. tarnation ! .. I could really use some right now .. big sigh !
How sweet is this picture though .... go on .. you know you want to say "Ahhhhh !"


kd said...

Yup -- it's that time of year again. It looks like you got a bit more snow than we did in Montreal.

Your candy buying rule is a good one -- I bought ours on the weekend in the hopes that the kids would put it in bags on Sunday. They didn't, and we've all been doing stringent "quality control" since :)


Anonymous said...

Perfect title for this post, Joy. It does look like icing on the pumpkin! I'll include this post in the First Snowfall Project (see today's post).

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Brrrr. What great shots though.
I love the frosting on the photos.

Is this not very early for you to get snow? We had such a beautiful and balmy day yesterday, that we will be punished the rest of the week with rain.
Oh well hopefully the vandalism on Halloween will be slightly less, due to the wet weather.

Gail said...

Snow! It is so beautiful the first few hours!
Joy, do you get a lot of trick or treaters? We never get any...not any ever! Our lots are too big and all the kids head to a neighborhood with houses set close together! Happy Snow Day! gail

Giddy said...

Ack! Snow already??? Say it ain't so. We are having our second mini hurricane in the past week - lost a few trees, sigh. Gusts of 60+ mph and the poor trees have no soil to hold the roots. They just grow around the ledge and hold on for dear life.

Defining Your Home said...

Yep...literally...frost on the ole pumpkin!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Cameron .. I can't be more literal now can I ? hahaha

Giddy .. oh my ! we had winds too but you are really getting whipped girl ! .. those poor trees .. now I have that image stuck in my head with roots clinging to bare ledges hanging on for dear life .. really .. it is STUCK in my head now !!

Gail .. happy "not"-snow day back to you ? haha ... we get about 70 to 80 kids .. so we have to buy double the treats .. knowing we will be sifting ? a few out.
Funny .. those kids just don't want to walk that far ? it would be so cool and scary between houses with the woods there .. kids don't know how to have FUN any more !!

Hi Jen .. it is EARLY for us .. an unusual occurance of a scary winter nature .. could be the preview of a hard season to come .. yikes !
Vandalism .. big sigh .. one year my car gor KEYED .. so I understand that .. rotten little buggers : (

Hi Nancy .. Thanks girl ! I'm coming over to check on you : )

kd .. you are my kind of Halloween candy control officer girl .. keep those standards up ! .. Ottawa was worse than our snowfall .. could it be because all those politicians need a wake up call ? haha ..
Come onnnnnnn ! you didn't really expect the kids to bag the candy did you ????? Naaahhhh !

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of icing on the pumpkin & his friends. I can't believe that you are getting snow already...we won't see any of that white stuff (if we get any this year) until December at the earliest but most likely January. I haven't bought my Halloween candy yet either, same thing here. ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey PG .. Thanks girl ! What kind of "treats" do you buy ? .. we buy chocolate for us and chips for the kids .. those chip bags look big when you hand them out ? LOL
We don't usually have snow now .. this was kind of a BOO for Halloween .. maybe my rain dance got stuck on the cold cycle ?haha
This will disappear but much more to come .. down the road .. hopefully away from us ; )

VP said...

Hi Joy - we had snow here on Tuesday! It's almost unheard of to have snow here in October.

Unfortunately I didn't capture it with my camera and it stayed only very briefly. I wonder if we've had a taste of things to come. Last winter we had no snow until April!

GardenJoy4Me said...

VP ... we didn't have snow until January for quite a few years .. so this was a bit of a shocker .. even though it isn't staying. The weather is VERY menopausal right now ! haha

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I am sure I left a comment here last night, did the ghost and goblins grab it? Anyway, I appreciate your love of Halloween very much and even snow on pumpkins doesn't lose the impact. Love the thyme remark, it did have to be said. ;->

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. I wonder what happened .. I know comments I didn't see before pop up in between comments I published .. can this still be a gremlin problem happening ? YIKES !
I just couldn't NOT say that thing about "thyme" I was driven to it ! Thanks for understanding about my Halloween thing .. even at this age I am a big KID about it all ! haha !