Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Frozen in Thyme ?

OK ... this is a no brainer I know ... but I just couldn't help myself ... it had to be said .. get over it and move on to the next pictures why don't ya' .... oops ... that time of month ?

WG .. looking a little chilly but at an attempt to be polite (and this is a huge undertaking for him) he held on to his mouth instead of his male gargoyle bits ... for the picture that is !
Can you see the "gargoyle goose BUMPS" ????

Meanwhile back at the farm ....... Dave and Toad ponder life separated from the "bench warmers" ... why oh why is life so cruel especially during the first snowfall .. aren't we all supposed to be holding hands and tasting the snowflakes on our tongues .. like Charlie Brown and his friends do ???????????


Gail said... make me smile! Thank you! gail

JillO said...

The little gargoyle looks like he's trying to hold himself tight in an effort to keep warm. Brrr. The snow missed us in lower Michigan but I've had to scrape the car windows and dig out my gloves.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

A snowfall already? Wow, we probably won't see any at all. I love the photos, and the goosebumps. And I haven't been able to use that "time of the month" thing since I was 28 and had a partial hysterectomy. Hell, partial my ass. Maybe they left my ovaries. But still would never get pregnant without a uterus! I'm sure a man came up with that.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

What pretty shots; I thought the "frozen in thyme" was too cute not to say! Makes me want to run for a blanket, but it's nearly 70 here today!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nola .. Thank you ! But I just can't get my head wrapped around that kind of temperature this time of year .. too Canadian eh ! haha

Brenda .. are you sure you can't have PMS SYMPATHETICALLY ??? 'cause you are sound like that timeof the month to me girl ! .. or is that the steroid residue talking ? LOL

Hi jillo .. I keep hearing jello in my head for some reason .. must be close to starting the supper game ? .. This is actually early for us .. and it isn't staying so we can grin and bear it ... for now ? haha

Gail .. you are welcome ! I thought I saw a flash of pearly whites, out of the dark stormy sky here ? haha

Anonymous said...

You are one funny woman Joy! You crack me up with your commentary.

Viooltje said...

I love all the cozy air of your shots, makes me wanna run for a blanket and curl in a ball in front of the window, with fire crackling in the background. We should be having this kinda weather now, but hey, I've been digging in the dirt all day in short sleeves and it was still too hot. Summer-like weather and the wild primroses are blooming. So I have completely lost my trust in weather.

Bij de weg,
that W.G. photo is priceless!
His face expression is so captivationg...(he even makes me speak Dutch LOL)

Frances said...

HA Joy, thanks for that. I thought it quite clever. Your little people who live in the garden are quite bubbly with all of their antics. I vaguely remember a reference to time of the month, was it when it was time to reset that grandfather clock? LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the little gargoyle is either stifling a giggle (as if he ordered your snow!) or trying not to throw up. Hee!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Frances .. you have a grandfather clock too ???? hahaha .. well you know how it is, my big day is SOON and I am so not ready .. sweating bullets here in planning stage .. last minute type deal always causes a few heart attacks .. OUCH !

Violet .. Bedankt !! and do NOT trust weather people .. they are from another planet .. they are aliens !!!!
We have a gas fireplace so I have to play a sound track of crackling logs .. and pretend to roast marshmallows while burning them over the stove ? almost caught my hair on fire with that one !
Now for something completely different : Ik hoop dat u en de lieve kleine dieren zijn allemaal GOED !! .. how is that for rusty Dutch ?
WG is honored to have a FAN ! : )

PG ... you should hear the "other" voices in my head girl !! haha

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy .. how did you pop up like that girl ? ... Ok .. let me get this straight .. you are accusing WG of two possible naughty misdemeanors .. #1 is the side dish of snow for a day or two .. #2 ... possible HANGOVER ?? .. personally .. after knowing this guy .. I would choose door number 2!!!

Roses and stuff said...

Snow already...and the gargoyle looks even cuter than before!

tina said...

Frozen for sure.

Crafty Gardener said...

No snow for us, just winds and cold. I'm not prepared for snow yet, don't get the snow tires put on till Friday.

Northern Shade said...

Your Gargoyle looks like he would like to visit a Southern garden for the next few months. Perhaps he could come back when the first bulbs are ready to sniff.

Anna said...

Seems like I remember when you bought the shell planter. Am I right? You got it in the Spring?

Looking at your snow makes me hope we get some. We didn't get any last year.

Megan said...

This is officially my first glimpse of snow this year. I'm living vicariously. Yay!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Yayyyy ! Megan ... welcome to my world girl ! .. it is only a brief taste of the white stuff .. but there you go .. fresh snowflakes !

Hi Anna .. yup ! I was having a blast at Home Sense buying "garden art" ? haha .. hope you get a bit for Xmas ? .. that is the best time to have some : )

Hi NS .. I'm sure this is one little Canuck that would love to be a "Snowbird" too .. but he has guard duty all year in the garden eh ! haha

Crafty ??? you guys didn't get snow over there ??? wow .. talk about a "specific" dump ! .. not fair !! haha

Hi tina .. yup ... fresh out of the freezer girl !

Hello Katarina .. people just can't help thinking this guy is cute ! LOL

Rose said...

All your photos of snow on the pumpkins and the plants are beautiful! But, of course, they're beautiful to me since I'm a thousand miles away from that cold white stuff:)
I do hope Dave and Toad get "unstuck" from the table; I'm sure they'd like to join the rest of their friends for Halloween festivities.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose ... Thank you girl ! .. yes, you are at a safe distance from this white stuff .. but it is all gone now .. and we have some clear days to have Halloween with YAYYYY ! .. and I can finally get those Daff bulbs in the garden that Deb some how knew I had stashed in the hose still .. that was spooky ! haha
I'm sure Dave and Toad will make it over to the "bench warmers" during these few good days we are supposed to have .. so they will be greatly RELIEVED ! haha

Pat Leuchtman said...

In the spirit of misery loves company I'm glad to see you have snow too. I'm glad to visit here and see your great photos and have a laugh.

The Garden Faerie said...

I didn't realize gargoyles were so, um, enamored with themselves. Perhaps that's why they're so often sat in corners!
~ Monica

Patsi said...

Snow already?
Your little guy sure looks cold!! We get it so rarely it's exciting to see.
Always reminds me of those school days that were cancelled.

Hey, it's almost Halloween...
Do you get trick or treaters?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Patsi .. I loved those cancelled snow days too .. I didn't even mind them when number one son had them .. huge dumps of snow were fun : )
YES .. we get the little darlings here .. and being a Friday night .. well LOTS of them !! YIKES

Hi Monica .. that is exactly why they are sat in corners girl ! They have a party all by themselves ! : )

Hi Pat .. thanks for swinging by ..yes misery loves company is right .. our snow is all gone but I know it will be back with a vengence probably .. but not for a few days yet.. phew !

joey said...

Wow! You got more than a dusting. Did you take the little gargoyle inside and dry off his clothes? Hot chocolate, perhaps?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Joey .. it was a bit of a shocker ! haha .. if you notice .. WG (weather gargoyle) is a nudist .. they usually are .. and that is why they get so grumpy in winter ! LOL