Friday 31 October 2008

Halloween Carvings I Love !

The three "figures" leering ? out at you are "us" three here in Kingston .. really !! its true !! Every thing is potentially TRUE and SCARY on Halloween .. our imaginations are allowed to go wild tonight : )
I am running around here trying to get ready and that is frightening enough on its own .. leaving things till the last minute .. I have to post something now (first thing in the morning and my brain is still back in the lab under the label "Abby-Normal" those of you who KNOW "Young Frankenstein will get that ! haha .... meanwhile back at the farm ........


Gail said...

Joy, I can barely clean them out, I can't imagine how folks carve these details ! They are are very special..there are two I could manage! Have fun tonight!


F Cameron said...

Amazing! I'll bet your home will look spook-tacular tonight!

So, is that the Kingston Trio? :-)


tina said...

Love those pumpkins. They are so well carved. I must NOT let the hubby see them as he will surely want to attempt one and it looks like they would take all day.

Anonymous said...

wow did you carve all these? they're amazing!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I wish I was talented with the knife, I'd have to try some of these. I especially like the "Nightmare before Christmas" jack o'lantern.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just too talented! Here are a few more for you to look at:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, you little witch! ;)

garden girl said...

Wow Joy! Those pumpkins are amazing!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Some folks sure are talented carvers of pumpkins. Scary stuff. We never get trick-or-treaters around here for some reason. Guess they figure we're a bunch of grumpy old folks who won't shell out the good stuff. Have a good one, Joy. Still itching. I might bite one's head off if they did appear at the door, so it's for the best.

Darlene said...

Those are some FANTASTIC carved pumpkins!!!

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!!!

RURAL said...

Great pumkin shots, have a safe and happy Halloween.


CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Happy Hauntings!!!
Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!!
I am off to work then hopefully dinner out(-: Its looking like a rainy night here so whooooooo knows what may happen!!!

Linda said...

Have a spooktacular day Joy.

Katarina said...

I love, love, love those pumpkins!
Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I saw your post at Clay and Limestone (where you said you were the self professed Queen of Halloween) so I had to pop over and check it out!! Those carvings are AMAZING!!! something to aspire to next year. I hope your snow has melted and you have a fabulous Halloween!

Viooltje said...

Haha what a great post Joy. All you need is me in the role of Frau Blucher now, and the horses whinnying in da background.

Btw.... Eye-gor is my childhood hero LOL!!!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wow, these are gorgeous; absolutely cool! I just popped in to wish you a happy Halloween. You must be soooooooo excited about tonight! I hope you're having just as beautiful a day there as we are here. It's sunny and the temperature is warm enough to be able to enjoy the outdoors. We had some really cold days early in the week - and some snow as well! Ack...It’s TOOOOO EARLY FOR SNOW!

Anyhow, have a great time tonight! Don't scare the kiddies too much...LOL...

(P.S - I posted this message a little earlier but I got an error message, which also advised me to post it again. So, if you've received my blah, blah, blah twice, I apologize!

Anonymous said...

You've outdone yourself! Great post and amazing carvings... what patience and talent that must take. Loved the cat and the door being opened by ghosts.

Have fun handing out candy ~ Deb

WiseAcre said...


I didn't want you to think I forgot you on your special day.

Anonymous said...

Cool carvings Joy! The first one is my fave!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello out there all you Halloween people !
First .. I want to make clear .. NO, we did NOT carve these pumpkins .. these are pictures I have collect from the net .. I just loved them and wanted to share them today with you all !
But .. scary as it may be .. my family is pretty close to the trio from the first picture .. YIKES !

PG .. yes ! I love those three characters .. so that picture is my favorite too !

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I knew you wouldn't forget me 'bunny" : )

Deb .. read my disclaimer girl .. I am so NOT that talented .. I am in fact a danger to myself with a knife .. so I stay away ? .. daffs are planted by the way girl !!haha

Hi WR .. thanks for popping by .. weather is VERY windy here .. so things are a bit jittery .. decor flying by ?? LOL ... tryng to hang in here : )

Violet .. I think I hear the violen and smell the cigar FB is somewhere in the neighborhood !!
Eyegor is a favorite here too : )

Hello Kathleen .. thanks for stopping by .. I am possessed alright LOL ! .. not my carvings .. I am a lowly admirer rr ? .. love Halloween is all I can claim ? haha

Hello Katarina .. Happy Halloween girl ! it is still beautiful over there ! : )

Hi Crafty .. Thank you ! you be good now ! hehehehe

Cindee .. have a great dinner out !(we had pizza !) .. enjoy the evening in any case .. we have a "Munsters Marathon" on a channel here .. gotta' love that ! hehe

Hi Jen .. just some of my collectables via the net .. I'd love to meet the people who carve them and take a few 100 lessons from them ? LOL

Darlene .. I will find that pumpkin head guy .. just before Xmas with my luck girl .. hope you al have a great Halloween !

Brenda .. will the itching ever end for you girl ?? it is just as well you have a quiet evening ! stay CALM ? LOL

Hi Linda .. they are fantastic work from from fantastically talented people .. wish I had a drop of their talent !

Nancy .. aren't they something ? .. I have to look up your link to see MORE .. I love collecting the images (I secretly have a few more Halloweens during the cold winter .. just for me ? LOL) .. thanks girl !

MMD hello there ! .. these are amazing aren't they .. the patience it must have taken .. and a few trial runs at it before they had them perfect ? .. huge wow eh ?

Hi Buddy .. Nope .. not me .. I just collect the images .. I would name the artists but there was no information on who did them .. but I love them and save them .. cheers me up : )

Tina .. you should let hubby give it a try .. you never know .. he may be a great artist in hiding ? LOL .. I would love to be able to do this too .. something to aspire to ? : )

Hi Cameron .. the weather has turned .. the wind is bad .. all we need is a thunderstorm to finish the atmosphere .. but then the little goblins wouldn't make it out either ..BIG sigh !
How is Charm doing ? .. we bought a BIG bed for the girls to share in front of the fireplace .. no sharing gene in either of them ? DAMN !! haha

Gail .. Thanks ! I hate cleaning them out too .. rubber gloves help though. I would love to be able to carve like this .. all I can do is admire them keenly ?

Giddy said...

That's funny! We just watched Young Frankenstein this afternoon. What a better way to enjoy a Halloween afternoon!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Giddy .. you are my kind of Halloween gal .. YF ROCKS !!! haha
The Munsters marathon has been a blast too ! : )