Saturday, 8 November 2008

A little time off ...

I have to take a little time off here. I didn't want to just disappear since I post almost every day .. it might look a little strange .. plus the fact that I haven't been reading other blogs as much, but I didn't want to let people think I have been neglecting them.

I have had some heart wrenching news about one of my girlfriends .. I don't have many close friends .. when you are a military wife , moving so often .. and my being a bit of a loner .. that is what happens.
But when you do make special friends they stick.
I have had two French Canadian girlfriends in my life and they are rather extraordinary. Not that my other friends are not special in their own way.
But these two women have been so down to earth .. so straight talking and to the point .. so generous .. they stand out.

Francine lost her battle with cancer .. she had won it with the thyroid cancer .. we had thought she won it over the breast cancer .. we were so relieved.
Then even after getting the all clear from her oncologist, it struck with an unbelievable vengeance .. it invaded her liver and her bones .
Within a space of three weeks after finding out, it took over and killed her so quickly, it is shocking.
She died Thursday morning .. early AM .. she was rushed to the hospital .. her husband and grown children were with her to be able to say goodbye.
I had been able to speak to her a weekend before when she was home for that time .. I sent flowers to cheer her up and she so appreciated that.

I feel like crying all the time and I'm not that type of person .. this is the first time I have lost a friend and to have it happen like this .. it has shaken me to the core.
I'm not writing this for sympathy or comments.
I just wanted to let the people who I usually visit their blogs know .. that I need a little time out .. that I'm not ignoring blogs .. I just can't do this for a while ..
Thank you for understanding.

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