Thursday, 26 February 2009

Shy Birds and Sighing Skies

This is the time of year when we feel we are on the verge of Spring daring to dip her toe near our humble garden. The birds know it is coming .. our amazing faithful Morning Doves start grouping in our neighbor's big maple tree. They seem shy because they are taking refuge from cranky weather systems blowing in and out and all about ?
Number One Husband counted over ten doves in the tree this morning .. and a few very faithful ones try roosting on the grape arbor when it isn't too chancy.
You really have to click on each picture to see them more clearly and see the contrast of branches .. twigs .. (arms and fingers) of the tree holding these dear hearts.

YES ... even though this photo is poor in quality it proves that robins believe in us .. this one is the "maniac robin" who will be so loud and intolerant of other robins that dare show a feather near our garden .. you wouldn't believe how badly he behaves .. he loves us that much ? haha
How could I not have pictures of my sky ? .. it is dull gray and looking in a very bad mood (we bond a lot .. the sky and I) .. because I just know it feels menopausal between seasons .. almost like giving birth to a new life when it gives itself over to a new season.

A rather dull post I know .. but we are so busy making appointments .. having work to be done with new deck doors, new deck .. and a "shed" I absolutely adore .. yes, a woman .. a gardening woman is a better explanation .. can be very excited over a new shed !! and .. I might just get a new potting table to boot ! : )


Gail said...

I love what you is quite lovely and even tho you said the sky was looks alive! Tell us more about the shed, doors and deck repair! Wait, let me get my tea first! gail

tina said...

Your sky looks like ours today. Rain is on its way. I love the robins. They have such personalities! Today a bluebird sang to me, and I was so happy listening to him.

Teza said...

Doves and robins.... I am so jealous Joy! I haven't heard a bird in my garden in almost three weeks, but am confident that with the warming temperatures, they will soon find their way back. Thanks for the compliment on the My Town post..... I find that I take advantage of the quaint small town approach that I have readily embraced of late! Fingers doubly crossed for Spring to step into both our gardens!

Anonymous said...

The mourning doves are great companions, as are those robins who dare to brave our winters! Beautiful skies, Joy. Lucky you to be building a shed...and table to boot! :)

cindee said...

Pretty pictures(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. You have to have a couple of nice cookies with that tea girl ! LOL
The skies are so temperamental lately with rain today .. I was up at 6:30, thought it was going to be a great morning sky shoot ... but then full cloud cover happened and that was that : (
I might do a post about the Spring projects then you can see what I mean ? : )

Tina ! it would be amazing for us to see a bluebird let alone hear it sing for us .. you are so lucky girl ! .. We do have very crazy robins .. nothing like the little delicate ones in Europe .. ours are true Canucks ? LOL

Teza .. Triple crossed for Spring !! Your town post was wonderful .. those stone houses so interesting and pretty ! .. You would have a blast here in Kingston with all of the historical buildings here !
No birds lately ? .. you can borrow some of mine but put them back when yours finally get there ? haha

Hi Nancy .. Thank you ! I do love my skies : ) .. Yes .. long story to the demise of our metal shed and the fun of picking out a cottage like ? resin one that should last a life time ? LOL
Hope maybe to get a new potting table, although there is nothing wrong with my old one .. and it is OLD ! haha

Thanks Cindee .. we aim to please ? LOL

Frances said...

Hi Joy, getting excited about a new shed seems perfectly normal to me, and a new potting bench cause for celebration! Pop that cork! Your maniac Robin is quite assertive looking and the mourning doves are lovely. I adore the coloration of their feathers, subtle yet artistic. Gray skies here too, and pouring rain. Looks like an indoor day, fun with seeds.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

There is something so peaceful about the sound of dove's cooing. And yes, I know what it's like to get excited over a new shed. I get excited over compost! Anything for the yard makes me giddy with excitement.

WiseAcre said...

Maybe a bit gray but not dull.

If the sky spits rain today I'll be happy even if it keeps me indoors.

garden girl said...

I love those moody skies Joy! The sky here looks much the same, and it's cold and damp out there.

The birds look quite at home in their tree perches - looks like the doves are passing time with a party in the trees while they wait for spring.

I love mourning doves, and their mournful cooing fits well with those moody skies.

Andrea said...

Hi love! I'll be swinging in your side of town tomorrow but im afraid I'll be in tow with four other people. I would make the drive and stop to see you but we've got a funeral to attend to. Miss you lots. Im still around. I just post less in the winter because its a blah time. at least the snow is melting eh! I keep eyeballing my grasses and wondering if they lived through the winter (panicums)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. I still have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge and once the new deck doors, the new deck, and the new shed are all in place .. pop goes that cork !! LOL

Hi Nola .. I just know other gardeners KNOW what I'm talking about ! BIG smile ! .. yes, those dear doves are a favorite of mine .. they are such elegant peaceful souls.

Dear Mr. WiseA** you must be VERY happy today because it is pouring out there .. thank you for the compliments ! .. they were compliments weren't they ??? LOL

Hi Linda .. thank you girl ! I think they are quietly partying ?in that big tree .. I hear clinking glasses and a lot of giggling at times : )

Andrea !!! .. hello stranger : )
I just read about your friend's death .. I'm so sorry to hear of it. So young and so much ahead of her.
I understand completely .. it will be a somber day for you are your friends.
Yes .. I know it is very hard to post anything in the winter .. and your little guy is a handful I'm sure ! ..
I remember you and your panicums girl .. I'm sure they are holding on for you to finally set them free .. don't worry !
Hope to catch up more as Spring finally starts sneaking in the door ? LOL .. take care !

Claybritt and The MisFits said...

I am beginning to think we might be related! I used to work for NASA in the Deep Space Flight OPs, and was the Voyager Project Librarian, until I moved to Oregon after the first encounter with Jupiter, in 1979.
I also have a goyle file (as I call it) Our Gargoyle guards our garden and front yard. My Goyle file in an ongoing view of the 'goyle' in differing seasons.
I have a MySpace acct that has a slideshow of some neat space photos, and we have 2 feline lounge lizards; See? We must be related in some sideways sense!
Love your Blog!
I'd follow your blog, but can't find any buttons to click.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I thought of you this morning when Robert was sitting outside with me. Suddenly a huge amount of squawking birds flew over our heads. Robert said, "I think those kinds of birds was from the movie The Birds." It was kind of scary and eerie. Hence, I thought of you and your skies and love of Halloween!

Kerri said...

The birds keep our gardens alive until spring brings back the color. Aren't the doves beautiful? And you have a robin! How lucky! He's way ahead of all those other robins who migrated. Probably thinks of them as whimps :)
I'm glad you enjoyed our kitties. We have a Sophie too. I didn't post a good picture of her, but she's the kitty near the lilac in the snowy photo.
The new shed and potting bench will give you something fun to think about while you wait for those sunny spring skies!

Water Roots said...

Such pretty pictures! I love seeing the birds gather together in the winter on tree branches; and I especially enjoy listening to them sing. It brings a little joy to our otherwise dark, long winters.

And isn’t it remarkable how tough they are? I mean, can you imagine sitting on a branch in the middle of winter, freezing your little beak off and singing despite of all that? No way; I’m shamelessly weak; I'd rather be a bear and sleep until spring... LOL.... Martha

GardenJoy4Me said...

Carol .. I was just over to your blog again and wow ! I love the Goyle file ! .. the pictures are amazing and you have inspired me to arrange for the same Goyle eye view too ! Love your lounge lizards as well : ) Thanks so much for the mention on your blog as well ! Good to have the company here .. was thinking SETI all but disappeared !

Brenda .. I know I can count on you to keep my Halloween spirit alive .. and it has been ages since I have seen "The Birds" .. now I will be scanning the channels to see if it will pop up again : ) .. did they leave any evidence of being there ? .. hope not .. can that be counted as fertilizer ???

Kerri .. you would not believe this robin girl ! .. he is the RAMBO of robins and yes he would consider all the rest as wimps ! LOL .. the doves are a favorite of mine .. I do love them .. even that mournful sound ..I will have to check out your Sophie again .. I bet mine is a big baby compared to your little girl ? LOL
Yes ! I can't wait to have all the projects done and dusted and we can sit back and enjoy it all .. looking forward to puttering in the garden for sure !

Martha .. I laughed at the thought of us trying to sit on branches with freezing beaks .. trying to sing ? LOL
I'm a bear too .. just give me a big pot of honey , a good pillow and I'm good for the winter ! : )