Monday, 9 March 2009

Mini Lights and Ice Capades

Yes ... it is a stretch here ... cut me some slack guys !!! The weather sucks big time .. freezing rain and snow .. depressing or what ? while other gardeners are showing off their Spring bulbs and emerging plants we have to bite the bullet and deal with the likes of this ?
So .. I am pretending some wonderful imp dropped by and strung mini lights (aka frozen rain drops) on my trees .. now wasn't that thoughtful ? Thank you who ever you may be .. may the wind be at your back and luck on your side : )

Now for the NAUGHTY imp who managed to make a rink (which normally Canadians LOVE) but in my back garden it is a scary thing to see .. albeit another reminder of much work to come to get this back garden in working order and be a 'work" of art afterwards. How many "works" did you spy ? .. it gave me a headache thinking of it all !!

My poor Meditation Buddah weathered our winter silently and much more calmly than I am right now .. but alas perhaps he feels the "green" near him and knows that soon life will return to its full track and he will be one with my garden unfrozen in time and temperature ? ... Aren't I too poetic to take ??? ah gosh ! I think Cabin Fever has struck yet again !!!

SSSSPPPPTTTT ? can you spot the ferns ? especially the Christmas fern ? now isn't that a HOOT !!!


Jamie and Randy said...

Okay, so you have ice. I'm not seeing any snow, so doesn't that mean you are that much closer to spring? Hang in there Joy it's on the way, meanwhile go get you some Hershey Bliss chocolates with the soft centers. Mmmmmmmmm :-)Have you ever heard of Ice Cube candy bars? It an old soft chocolate that you can still find online. OMG it's the smoothest stuff you've ever had.

Patsi said...

Very cool pics!
The rink looks like it's part of your walkway...I hope.
Would'nt want everything else drowning. :0

Teza said...

That is quite a bit of rain for your garden, but to think that the earth is slowly being released from the icy grip of Mother Nature and will appreciate the cool drink. We do not know what the weather will be like in July, so let it seep in now! I wasn't impressed with the snow, but most has melted here and there looks to be some blue in the sky. One day soon my friend we will be able to post Boastings of Spring in Ontario. Keep the chin up until then!!!

Lynn said...

When I'm feeling a little crazy with all the winter weather, I just plant a few seeds. So get a few pots out and plant away!!! At least yu can get your hands in some soil!! LOL I saw what ever works!!! Hope Tomorrow is better...

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Funny how going somewhat crazy leads to such creativity! I think this post says it worries, Joy, spring will come. I think we are all a little done with Old Man Winter!

Cinj said...

Grr. I don't like rinks either. It seems my driveway has turned into one too. Mostly from constant melting and refreezing of snow. We were supposed to get some actual rain this weekend, I was actually hoping for it to melt my snow faster. SIGH.

I like the way you look at the glass 1/2 full, the rain drops on the tree limbs really do look devine.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey guys (Randy ?) .. this picture was from Saturday .. we had more snow today, Monday .. and more to come.. jeez ! You have to stop telling me about that chocolate .. you are driving me NUTS ! BUT .. I think I told you how much I love the trees in the fog pictures .. they are stunning !!!

Patsi .. when is True Blood coming back .. there is nothing decent on TV ! .. the rink is in my plans of making a pea gravel path .. right move .. right ??? LOL

Teza .. I so keep trying to think that way, but I swear this winter has been one of the longest and most rotten ones to wait out .. we have been lucky to have 2 years running with good snow fall and rain so I know the water is doing us good .. I just want SPRING NOW !!!!!!!!! waaahhhhh !!!!

Hey Lynn .. I know you are right .. but for the sake of seeds lives .. we have agreed not to mix company .. very scary history with the seeds not doing well at all ! LOL .. Hanging in for dear life !

Tessa .. I am SO done with old man winter .. done done stick a fork in me I am DONE !!!!!!!!!
So how big can you get those bubble to grow girl ? LOL