Friday, 24 April 2009

Hodge Podge Friday (late .. but here !!)

This morning started out with frosted roof tops but a clear sky for the sun to rise.
I am so lucky to see it as such a fireball when it starts out ..

You can't help but smile at these little guys .. apparently the neighborhood squirrel forgot to mix them up more than usual this year ?
I love my kiwi vine, which is Actinidia kolomikta 'Variegated Kiwi Vine'. It does well here in the ally way. Hubby finally caught our neighbor's attention and asked about my plans for the shared area .. and she is fine with it all .. we sort of knew she would be, but I would never do a project like that without asking first ..
My Bleeding Heart , Dicentra spectabilis , I can't imagine not having one of the old fashioned ones in a garden .. I think I might add a white one too.
I have lots of the other cultivars except Burning Hearts .. now that has me attention !
My favorite Monk's Hood, Aconitum carmichaelii ‘Arendsii’ .. it is a common variety but it was my first love in this plant and I just have to have it in my garden no matter the newer cultivars.
What my Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry was looking at this morning ... the famous house without a deck still .. BIG sigh ?
What gorgeous fat buds it has .. I am aiming for tomorrow as THE DAY it feels perfectly at home IN my garden finally : )


Outside In said...

Nice sky photos! I was so sad today,
I think I lost my Bleeding Hearts.
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go
and get another one. I think the service berry tree looks great in your garden too!

Anonymous said...

Yay spring has arrived in your garden Joy, by the looks of all the buds & blooms. :) Hope they start that deck soon before you lose it, lol. I envy your Monkshood, mine never looked that good & barely bloomed so it had to go after several moves.

Andrea said...

OH! You're bulbs! PRETTY! Ive got to go find something random for us to post up. Im not sure what i could do but I'll see if I can find something! SOMETHING! I love Aconitum. I want to see pictures when its in full bloom. lovely! Mine arn't up yet but soon. SOON! I hope you can see my posts now Joy. And it's really not so nice that you're getting frost while we're getting all the rain! You should see the lawns here. So SO green. We need to cut them tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Joy, your yard and gardens will be so lovely when your new deck is in place. Everything looks so healthy and green -- isn't it wonderful to see those new buds?

Laura said...

Your Serviceberry looks like it's about as far along as mine.

I hope your deck gets built soon!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It sure is looking like spring made it there. The bleeding hearts just started blooming here this week.

CiNdEe said...

For some reason my bleeding heart plants always die)-: I don't know why. They look great then summer comes and poof they are gone. Yours looks wonderful!!!!(-:

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Spring is really and truly well underway, isn't it Joy? I'm having a good weekend here at the Saltscapes Expo, and thinking about my expat Maritime friends who can't be here. And wouldn't you know, it's a gorgeous weekend to boot, so things are growing happily along all by themselves back at home. I think we've safely made it into spring for real.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cathy .. I wonder why you lost your BH ? Mine get morning sun and light afternoon shade .. I think that is about the best way to have these plants. I'm so excited about my Serviceberry getting in the ground .. a friend of mine told me the "berries" are awesome to eat : )

Thank you Racquel ! .. now maybe I will stop whining eh girl ? haha
I started out with this variety way back .. but lost the initial one to an ice storm .. I tried others but this cultivar is my favorite and he can be a BIG boy !
I wonder why you had bad luck with yours ?

Hey Andrea girl ! .. don't sweat it .. this is a join in any time silly post thing : )
I'm going to check on yours as soon as I finish answering these. And YES !! things are greening up fast aren't they ?

Nancy .. when I see buds looking so happy and healthy it makes me smile .. I love seeing plants that promise they will leaf out and be happy ! : )

Hi Laura ... I think everyone that comments on my blog will be almost as happy as I will be to FINALLY get this deck done and out of my posts ? LOL
What kind of Serviceberry do you have ? and what zone are you in ? nosy eh ? LOL

Hi Catherin .. I can't wait to see mine bloom .. they fascinate me with how gorgeous those tiny flowers are .. so perfectly designed : )

Hi Cindee .. in some areas they do sort of melt in the summer heat. Mine get shade in the afternoon and I have mostly foliage left with random flowers .. but cutting them back before they "melt" where you are may force a second flush of growth .. try that and see what happens ?

Hi Jodi ... I am almost holding my breath with such wonderful weather .. we will have intermittent rain a few days next week .. I hope not .. this deck is becoming a monster ? haha
I'm so glad you guys are getting the same great weather too !

our friend Ben said...

'Burning Hearts'?! I MUST find it!!! I love all my bleeding hearts, but I confess that 'Gold Heart' is my secret favorite... so far! And I also have and love your aconite. The foliage alone is worth the price of admission!

tina said...

That serviceberry is looking great! When I bought mine it too had good buds. Still blooming a bit too. The blooms were not spectacular. More like Bradford pears but I have lots of berries. Yum! I love those tulips with the variegation. Very nice.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi 'ben" .. I have to get Gold Heart ! .. i have a lot of different cultivars because I guess I can't help myself ? LOL
And .. once you fall in love with your first Monkshood ... well you can't go backwards can you ? : )

Hello there Tina !
I got the baby tucked in the garden and did a lot of puttering .. dead tired but very happy .. we won't mention the deck and the mess without the shed right ? .. I am looking forward to many years of lots of berries ! : )Any recipes you want to share I would love to see them girl : )

Sue said...

Your plants are looking good there. I'm sorry your deck isn't built yet. I just got another bleeding heart to replace my one that didn't come back.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Sue ... I'm glad you got another BH .. a garden just doesn't seem right without one , does it ? : )