Thursday, 23 April 2009

Blue patches and green patches .....

The blue fools you ! .. Today was COLD and I mean COLDDDDDDD ! .. I expected to see snow flurries the wind was that biting ... but the blue sky in between the clouds was pretty to see and I appreciated it .. Further down the road in the heat of our summer .. YES people .. it gets VERY hot here .. I will be wishing for that cold wind no doubt then ; )

I had no idea about this robin's egg .. if husband hadn't told me, I would have missed it altogether .. it is in the middle of no where near a possible nest .. so I have no idea how it got there .. I would like to save it if I can get to it tomorrow before some one (aka contractor) might step on it if they possibly show up to measure the wet scale of the ground. I know ... still so trusting and gullible ??
Two robins did have a bit of a dust up in the yard a little while ago .. I'm sure one of them may be the parent of the egg but how it got to where it is will be a mystery for some time.
Finally patches of green are becoming more apparent .. Strawberry Candy Day lily and Oriental red poppies .. I so hope they will be strong and tall and gorgeous looking.
We are behind growth compared to last year .. this truly has been a long cold grasp that winter refuses to let go of us no matter if Spring is supposed to be NOW ?
Planting will be happening this weekend though .. my babies need to be in the ground to feel at home !


Amanda said...

The weekend looks more like summer - so your babies should be off to a flying start. I know I need to feel WARM sun on my face now. Though not sure that the neighbourhood will appreciate the sight of my over-wintered legs, so might not be wearing my shorts!

Anonymous said...

What a shame the egg left the nest. Aren't they a pretty colour? Your fluffy cloud photos are perfectly uplifting! We're expecting temps in the 26-28°C range this weekend - can you believe that? After all the crappy weather we've had?

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Maybe the egg blew out of a nest if it was so windy. It was chilly yesterday here. Now, we're heading into the mid-80s for several days. Someone just turned up the heat too soon! :-)


Meadowview Thymes said...

Sometimes even blue looks cold Joy, but I would not have thought your sky did if you hadn't told us. You are right, come July we will all be whinning about the heat! But I'm loving the flowers that come with our warmer weather!
Happy Gardening!

Anonymous said...

Poor Robin.

keewee said...

I was ready to do a little gardening until i went outside. brrrrr! no gardening today.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful sky to go with a beautiful egg! The robins egg is so pretty I love the color. I hope you can rescue it before someone steps on it(-:
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

Titania said...

I would have thought what a beautiful, warm spring day. Now I have to redirect my thoughts, what a beautiful cold spring day! The blue of the sky with the billowing clouds looks fantastic.
I understand that your whole garden joy being is eager to start in the garden. The warm spring days will come, they always do! I am looking forward to see your treasures growing.

Linda Lunda said...

What a beautiful little egg!
I hope you can get to it before... someone else!

Aiyana said...

The sky photos are misleading! It actually looks quite warm.
Robin's eggs are such a beautiful blue. (I've never seen a real one--the egg color is far more perfect than the paint color.
I'm curious. Do you just like Halloween (side bar stuff), or do you do Halloween art of some kind?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi There Amanda .. that is what is predicted for our weekend .. actually today we are going up to the 17-19 degree mark !! .. I'll be busy with fussy over what parts I can reach in the garden .. forget the neighbors girl ! LOL

Nancy .. this has been one odd "Spring" I checked back last year and my plants were much further ahead .. I guess if it had ti happen this is the year while we get the deck etc .. done ? : )

Cameron .. you could be very right .. we had some WINDY days .. I just feel sorry for it .. and yes some one is turning the heat up here too !! : )

MT aka Linda .. I couldn't agree with you more girl .. the sky can be so deceptive .. and YES ! I
ll be wining but watching my plants loving it at first ? then needed the watering second ? LOL

knittnkitten .. I thought that too .. very first thing that popped in my head .. but we have no idea where the nest could be ...

Hello Keewee .. girl , I was just like that too ! all ready and bang too cold and human popsicle mishap might happen to me !! : )

Cindee .. if husband hadn't pointed it out I probably would have been the one to step on it .. it is so amazing with that blue isn't it ?

Titania .. you are sweet ! Thank you ! Canadian Springs can be so darn tricky .. this morning the roofs were covered in frost yet the temps are climbing quickly .. it will be a nice couple of days .. and I am so in need of doing things in the garden .. it is scary !

HI there Linda ... I'm going to try and get to it as soon as I get out the door : )

Hello Aiyana .. I am always taken back by the colour of their eggs .. just such a striking colour isn't it ? I have an odd .. Halloween addiction .. I haven't taken the time to be creative artistically with it .. but collect modern vintage looks in decoration .. true vintage is out of my money range .. but I love it all : )

our friend Ben said...

Freezing cold here yesterday, too, Joy, and frosted grass this morning at the neighbor's! (Our shade trees save us most times.) Brrr!!! Where's warm spring weather?! Poor little robin's egg. It's rare to find a perfect one like that! And, er, continuing good wishes for deck progress...

Jamie and Randy said...

Maybe the robin just got caught off guard and had an accident. LOL It could happen. LOL--Randy

WiseAcre said...

Well today is supposed to get nice and warm. Guess I need to take another day off work. It seems like it's either too cold, too wet, too hot or just too nice to work.

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" hello there : )
I have been thinking about you a lot .. and all the crew at Hawk's Haven .. Yes ! the roofs ? were frosted this morning here too .. the weather keeps changing and the weather people have no idea what they are doing ? LOL
I picked the egg up and put in on the raised bed .. it had a small fracture but looked like nothing leaked out .. poor little egg .. that colour is amazing isn't it ?
I seriously wonder if we will ever get the deck done ; (

Boys .. Jamie .. Randy ?? you are just too bad for words !!!!
But ... yes, I have to admit that crossed my mind too .. I wonder if that can really happen ? what if your head was in the wrong place at the wrong time ???? good grief !

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I know exactly what you mean .. this weather has me so confused I don't know what the heck I am doing any more .. but I HAVE to get my tree tucked in its bed tomorrow for sure .. I need a dozen coffee and a heap full of fudge to work up the energy ???

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful blue sky photo, isn't spring's awakening a wonderful thing?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello IGW !
Yes : ) it seems we have been waiting for ages for this to happen .. normally I would appreciate the rain days but with the factor of the ground having to be dry for the deck crew to drill and pour cement for the footings .. well this is getting to us big time .. YIKES !!

Anonymous said...

Your sky pictures are beautiful and they are very hard to capture! Niiiice!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello kcjewel ! Thank you : )
It has to be timed well because the sky changes so quickly .. I missed part of it this morning .. too busy drinking coffee ? LOL