Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Earth Day Dedication

This has been a LONG day so if I make next to no sense .. my apologies !
I have been driving myself crazy for a few days (yes .. we all know it has been much longer than that , that I am CRAZY !) .. in any case .. the Serviceberry predicament I put myself in after I had to nix the Japanese Maple idea (this cost almost as much .. whats up with that ?)
In any case .. between the two I narrowed it down to "Autumn Brilliance and Princess Diana" .. well my favorite place only had Autumn Brilliance and Spring Flurry, which I didn't run across before in all that reading ? another whats up with that ? moment ?
So .. anyone who has ever read my blog or looked at my right side bar , knows I am an Autumn Halloweeny girl .. so you might have guessed which one I took home ? The funny thing was .. on the reciept (as I told Tina from Tina in the Garden .. the ID of the tree came up Princess Diana .. now how odd is that .. I can have both trees for the price of one ?? )
It is hard to see the baby in between all the MESS still in the back garden .. but he is there and a bouncing boy in size he is ! .. nice fat buds .. looking healthy and none the less for wear and tear bringing him home : )
We have had such wicked weather in the last 24 hours .. my body is screaming from it all .. right down to the thunder and lightening and rain and wind and COLD ... now the sun is shining and it is much warmer .. supposed to stay that way for a few days .. so hopefully we will get baby in the ground and he will be neatly tucked in : )
Eventually beautiful blue skies will stay and I will be in a better frame of mind ... working where I can in the garden.

I thought it would be nice to dedicate this beautiful little tree to Earth Day .. I can remember it's birthday by way of that too .. but what is best .. is that we keep helping the earth out by giving trees homes where they will be appreciated and loved ... I know .. STOP the gushy stuff !! : )

PS ... Thank you to the garden buddies that weighed in on the subject and gave me their thoughts .. I appreciate that very much indeed ! : ) I have to also say my contractor called me today to explain what was going on and that we are important .. we are priority on the "get this damn deck built before this woman loses her mind !!" listing .. see .. hormonal hissy fits do WORK !!


Outside In said...

Happy Earth Day!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Lovely earth day tree! Isn't it a hassle doing ANYTHING that requires a contractor? It just takes the joy out of the project when you have to hassle, argue, bitch, whine, moan, complain. Last year it came down to actually firing a contractor for me and I really enjoyed it!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cathy ! Happy ED right back at you girl : )

Nola .. last year I got true pleasure in firing a contractor when we had the Raccoon Adventures .. you might not have been reading my blog then .. in happened in June/July and boy .. I was fir to be tied ?
You are so right about that first step after coming up with the grand scheme of things to the dragging your butt on the floor .. dead tired of all the nonsense and please just shoot me phase ! LOL

Garden tips said...

I like your blog very much. your cat Sophie reminds me of my first cat, Shandy. I miss him now :(
Keep up the good work

CiNdEe said...

Congrats on your new tree! I am glad you found one and it worked out!(-: I knew I had seen someone post about those trees!!!(-: I was starting to feel like I was going crazy!!!(-:

WiseAcre said...

I missed the fun but I'm glad you went with the Serviceberry. You get flowers and something to jam.

The whole world is my garden - no wonder I can't keep up with the weeding.

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to celebrate Earth Day Joy, by planting a tree that will be cherished by you & future generations as well. I'm glad you & your contractor had a talk. He probably is running a bit scared right now, lol. :)

Kathleen said...

It's perfect that you brought your new "baby boy" home on Earth Day Joy! I think it sounds like this was the one for you. Everything fits. Happy planting and glad you're going to get some action on the deck!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

The hormonal hissy fit is the best tool in my box:)

Gail said...

Hey there! You did got the tree(s) that meant the most to you, got it safely home and into the ground...that is a great way to celebrate the earth. Happy Earth Day to you Joy. gail

Carrie said...

Shame on me - never heard of Earth Day.It was yesterday then? 22nd?, well we planted more sweetcorn seeds does that count at all?!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a great idea to plant a tree on Earth Day.

Poor thing, contractors are a pain, so hissy fit all you want. ;-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Garden Tips ! Thank you for stopping by : )
Funny thing Sophie reminds a lot of people of their cats past and present .. she is just that kind of gal ? LOL .. but we never forget our little ones do we !

Cindee .. that feeling persists with me all the time girl .. you are NOT alone in the "am I crazy or ? ..." haha. Thanks girl !

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I was going to ask you about all these weeds .. now I know you just can't keep up with them and moving HUGE rocks for other people's gardens ! How is your back ??

Racquel .. he really is a nice man and he is trying his best .. I had a bad day that day .. I'm so happy to do something to mark Earth Day .. I'm sort of a quiet character when it comes to events .. but that one is a good one ! : )

Hi Kathleen .. it was really exciting .. I just went with my gut feeling (we had lunch just before .. no pun intended ? ) haha
Picked out what I thought was the best baby of the crowd and away we came home ! : )

Debbie .. how true is that girl ? the problem is we have to save it for just the right occasions .. not over use it or it won't work well ? LOL

Hey Gail .. I'm a happy camper with my tree .. funny how we both got a new camera in the same time frame too ? shazam !! LOL

Hi Carrie : ) YES girl that counts ! You did good .. just planting something or doing something that is better for the earth is a wonderful little gift to it and all of us : )

Helllooo Yolanda ! .. If we had never hired contractors before I could understand myself better for being hormonal .. but we know "something always pops up or delays the project) DUH ?? we expected too much and now we have to be realistic ! LOL

tina said...

I think it a WONDERFUL dedication to the earth. And honestly, 'Autumn Brilliance' or 'Princess Diana', it probably won't matter much-only to you. It will be a beautiful tree no matter what. And get ready to fight off the birds for those berries! They are super good! A milder blueberry in my opinion.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Tina, thank you girl ! .. I love this tree no matter how it turns out .. I think it was meant for me .. I just had a quick zip around town to other garden centers and they had nothing in Serviceberry trees .. so I am one happy gardener and the baby will be in the earth this weekend .. we are supposed to have wonderful weather .. the garden is coming alive and so am I ! : )