Friday, 17 April 2009

Hodge Podge Friday

I have decided to do my own silly posts for Fridays .. called Hodge Podge Friday.
You can throw totally irrelevant, unconnected pictures at least some what of a garden nature ? together and do this type of post on Fridays .. heaven knows there are lots to choose from with specific groups in the garden world.
This is just a fun and silly bit of nonsense to indulge in : )
This is the "clean" slate waiting for the deck crew ... so much good weather and nothing advanced in seeing the new deck go forward .. but patience is a virtue .. who ever said that needs a SLAP ! ; )
Some of the lovely sedum stretching out in the garden .. a big yawn was heard as well ?
Bleeding Heart of the old variety grasping out with its fingers to the sun ?
Tricky Tarda ? .. tricky something ????
My poor hellebore had most of its greenery chopped off .. believe me .. it was an ER moment !
Fascinating flowers as they unfurl ?
Well ... what can I say .. all that sun .. warmer temperatures and what happens when they are combine ??
I'll try not to snore too loudly ??

I have touched base with the "gotta have it" garden side of myself .. bought two Quickfire Hydrangea and I am so excited it is pathetic .. we all know this is not the real Spring .. this is the phantom one that hits us every time this year .. so I will be holding off on the planting mode for a bit longer to be safe .. what is that saying ? "Damn the torpedoes !!??" .. I have to plant SOMETHING ???????????????


our friend Ben said...

Well, as you know, we at Poor Richard's Almanac are all for silly posts. (Some might say we're all about silly posts.) So we say, go for it!!! It was a fun romp around your backyard.

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks good. You have all that stuff blooming already? So pretty!

Maureen said...

Hi Joy, I love your little man in the tree stump, who carved him ?
Are you still considering changing the name of your blog? I am a bit behind with your posts, I have to get some more free time to nosy around all of the blogs I love (this includes yours of course!) I hope you get your new deck soon.

Outside In said...

I bought the Quickfire Hydrangea last year, it's really nice. Nice photos of the Hellebores.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi "ben" I think the world needs more silly posts, so it is up to us to provide them .. right ?
My backyard is still in utter chaos only with more potted plants waiting in the line up ? haha

Hey there gardenpath person : )
We had a bit of a heat wave and wow is right .. things are beginning to rock the garden world here too !

Hi Maureen .. believe it or not I bought about 6 or 7 of these little faces from a dollar store for a $1 !! .. they are some sort of plaster .. this one was forgotten in the winter and its face is a bit cracked .. gives him character though .. right ? on us they are major wrinkles : (
Thanks for the good wishes on the deck .. this holds up the shed project too so we are getting a little antsy to say the least ?

Hi Cathy .. Thanks girl !
When I read about Quickfire, and read some other gardeners take on it .. well, I just had to have at least two ? LOL

cindee said...

Lovely growing things(-: The clean slate is nice to see too(-: Soon it will be all filled in with a brand spanking new deck(-:
I am trying to think of something to do for everyday. Like Wordless Wednesdays. I love that day and look forward to just posting a picture(-: I think I would like more days like that(-: Fertilizer Friday is good too but I need the rest of the week ideas...(-: Maybe when school is out I will have more time to think of stuff!!!

Andrea said...

I will get to that post eventually! I've been a little slow lately! bah!

Cinj said...

Oh geez. If you think your back yard is a mees, you should see mine! Lots of plans for tomorrow though. I'm all about silly hodge hodge posts (as I'm sure you're well aware....). It's so hard to resist that planting urge, isn't it?

Skeeter said...

Be sure to read "In the Garden" tomorrow! You are a winner :-)

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome! Love this and the fact that you love PW hydrangeas. Me too! So funny about your deck. My new house sat for months unattended. I am not the builders favorite person. I drove him over the edge until he got my house done. Made me quite ill.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Very wise gardener! You have a fake spring to torture you too? Many a fake spring has fooled me, only to be let down- some day I'll learn ;) I look forward to seeing those hydrangeas! And I like the Friday thing- maybe I'll join you :). I have a bench that was made from beach wood (I think) custom made to my measurements- I love to see the moss growing on it- alas, it has no face carved in it, that would have been a good addition- although it was a 'special' gift, so maybe I'd better go and check to see if there is something on there I didn't notice ;)

Anonymous said...

I like your cats in the sidebar. Really nice photos.

I also like to look at the backside of the house. Never saw anything quite like it before.

I also enjoyed the look at what's coming up at your place. Here, where I live, in SW Ohio, not much up yet but my wife and I planted some things we got from Lowe's yesterday. Mostly grasses.

I have a bird blog if you like pictures of birds. My real name is Abraham Lincoln and got a blog for me too. I have lots of choices. LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. you are one of the busiest bloggers I know with specific day posts girl ! I don't know how you keep up with it all. I just thought my Fridays are rather odd at times (heaven knows why!) and thought the "hodge podge" thing applied to them for me ? LOL .. I like those Wordless Wednesdays too .. maybe I can manage that one as well ?? : )

Hi Andrea .. no problem, we all go at our own speeds here girl ! : )

Cinj .. I am so glad for the company with a backyard from hell ? LOL
The planting urge is so strong it is amazing, you think I would get used to it by now knowing how we feel this time of year ..
YES ! sill posts to the rescue ? : )

Skeeter , you have me intrigued .. I will have a peak as soon as possible girl ! : )

Anna .. I have to admit stress levels have raised the bar on my chronic conditions .. it inflames everything .. but ! I too pester the guys so much that some times it works and they get their collective butts in gear .. I know once they start it will go quickly but they don't get the domino affect of waiting for the deck so the new shed will go up ? aarrgghh !
PS .. You know girl .. I am a Proven Winners fan : )

Tessa .. it sucks us in and then SNOWS at least one day more .. but since the yard is a catastrophe I wait ? LOL
These Hydrangea are BEAUTIFUL ! you are gonna' love them girl !
Join in if you think of it .. just some stress busting silliness : )
Check that bench out too !

Dear Mr. Lincoln .. the girls appreciate all of their admirers !
The back of my home looks scary to me .. it usually looks very nice .. with a very nice garden in progress .. changing everything is a shock to the system believe me .. STRESS big time !
Funny you should mention your wife with the grasses .. I have a mix of 4 special ones coming in a mail order for myself .. I love ornamental grasses : )

We love birds here and indulge the Goldfinches especially .. I will have to check out your blog : ) Thank you !

RainGardener said...

Now this sounds like a perfectly silly idea to me! I like silly! Ya need a good sense of humor to keep from drowing in this state.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Joy, your posts always make me happy, but this one made me EXTREMELY happy. And nostalgic, or something. I had this instant craving for veggie hodgepodge, which is still a few months away. Your blog looks wonderful, and your garden is doing fabulous. I'm so damn busy during the week it's hard to keep up with everyone, so I'm having one big comment-athon right now!

GardenJoy4Me said...

RG .. I agree with you 110% with humour .. I should have thought of something really silly for my blog name before I started it out .. but I didn't think it would be popping up so much with people reading it ? another DUH ? LOL

Jodie .. Thank you so much girl !
I wondered if any of the Canadian bloggers would get it about the hodge podge meaning and by thunder you DID ! haha .. yup .. those were the days : )
I am so excited to see how Quickfire does for me , especially after you have given it such a good review too .. fingers crossed I will have my EDEN soon !! LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Tina .. I didn't publish your comment because you had your e-mail in it .. but thanks for the suggestions girl .. I have my hydrangea(s) and rose on stand by ... and plants to divide and MOVE .. I could be very busy soon !

Gail said...

Yikes...Faux spring! Get out the sheets and blankets and cover the newly planted like we southerners do! Then take photos because it is too funny to see the different patterned sheets flapping in the wind....because they don't stay on the plants! (Joy, you are a dear! Thank you for your heart felt comment...I appreciated it so much) gail

Titania said...

Spring is certainly arriving with the sprouting beauties. The tulips show off already with their elegantly striped leaves. I would want my deck NOW! I love the quirky bits. Such a comfortable place to dream sweetly of balmy days to come.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. You are more than welcome .. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts more so recently .. too much to funnel in a tiny route to my brain ? LOL
Yes ! I have actually done that when I lived on the east coast .. a friend and I checked the weather report endlessly and did the sheet thing .. and it is hilarious !!

Hi Tatania .. I am so annoyed now that this is taking way too long .. Monday out comes the menopausal me and a RANT about how we can't get the shed up from the other company until the blanking deck is up .. I'm sure it would be funny to hear me ? LOL
I am beginning to wonder if we will get these projects done at all some times .. too much stress .. I need a stress buster again !!

Helen said...

Love the description of Quickfire. I have a Pinky Winky from PW that isn't proving to be a winner in my garden. Happy to see a couple of buds on what's now a tiny stub in the garden. Perhaps I can't blame the poor hydrangea and, as usual, my eyes are bigger than my garden -- we'll see. If it expires, maybe Quickfire is the solution.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Helen ! I'm so surprised you haven't had good luck with Pinky Winky ? .. I bought one last Spring and it was great in the Autumn with great flowers .. I started out with just Little Lamb which is another beauty .. and I have a "Cityline" one I have to find the tag to see the specific city it is named after. Now I bought the two Quickfire and have two different locations for them .. sure hope they all work and I hope yours picks up as well girl !

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I love the hodge podge idea; that's the way I live my life, it's a hodge podge of everything.
You already have some great color emerging!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nola .. Thank you ! It was just one of those days that needed some silliness ? .. once we get going things zip fast into pre-jungle mode than full jungle mode ? LOL