Saturday, 18 April 2009

Subtle Sky and a Disguise ??

There was some very subtle soft clouds forming in the sky early evening .. just smudged out with small gradients of gray and white layering against a blue sky background.

The picture below has more of the layering affect but without the amazing colour I see in the morning sunrise .. yet I find it very interesting still .. I think the top of the trees give it some scale so you can see the proportions.
It is almost like a down duvet cover being pulled up and around .. tucking the sky in for the night ?
Another "to scale" shot above and one of the neighbor's trees I find really beautiful even without its leaves .. I am not sure what kind it is .. I'm thinking birch but if anyone knows for sure could they tell me ?

This one is the disguise .. what I am about to tell you is "shocking" you have to click on the picture to enlarge it .. look at the middle of the picture then to the left and you will see .. a .. UFO !!!!!!! I am not kidding you ; ) ... "I want to believe " comes from what TV show ? and do you watch "Fringe" .................................... snort giggle giggle .. Seriously though, I did NOT alter this picture, that "shape" surprised me when I saw it as well .. "doo doo do do doo doo do do" .. say it fast in your head .. it is the Twilight Zone here in Kingston !!!


Anonymous said...

It does look a bit like a UFO to me too Joy. Great shots of the sky, the coloring is pretty.

cindee said...

They are out there watching you build your new deck!(-: My son watches Fringe. Twilight Zone was always a good show too.

Outside In said...

Nice photos of the sky, how neat is that you captured an airplane in the clouds.

Lynn said...

I SEE IT!!!! COOL... I love your cloud pictures, they are always so beautiful. Always brightens up my day when I see them!
Have a great weekend, hope you had the beautiful weather we did today!!

Andrea said...

Nice Sky pictures Joy. I really like the one with some of the roof overhand there. It's very stunning and very Very VERY awesome. I wish I knew what kind of camera you were using!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Have they beamed you up yet:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

HI Racquel .. Thanks girl ! .. With the mess still inhabiting the back yard I have to focus up up and away ! from it all ? .. LOL .. so cloud shots are my best bet for now : )

Cindee .. it is so unusual to find a show with original story lines behind it .. seems like they go back and copy what was a good show .. I'm not impressed by Hollywood ? at all or ever ? : )

Now Cathy .. we both know it is a UFO girl ... wink wink

Hi Lynn .. thanks girl .. today is supposed to be really nice after yesterdays rain .. then we go into 3 more days of rain .. talk about driving me mad with the deck issue !!! .. but at least i can take pictures with interesting objects ? LOL

Andrea .. Hi there girl and thank you ! I have an Olympus SP-56OUZ .. but I have been after the Olympus 26 x optical zoom and just put an order in for it .. good grief I am excited !!!!!!!

Debbie ... they said they won't touch me as long as I am in my ratty pajamas .. I guess they have some pride ?? LOL

cindee said...

Hi again,
My daughter bought me a little ceramic gargoyle at the 99 cent store and I wanted to share with you since I know you can appreciate it (-: The stone one was from the nursery.
Heres the addy for the pictures...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee !! Those are exactly the type I would love to have girl ! and from the little store like that .. I can't find any as cute as that (don't tell my guys though .. I have to love them !!) haha .. you have hit the jackpot girl .. welcome to the club !!