Sunday, 19 April 2009

Indoor Bloom vs. Outdoor Gloom

Well .. what can I say ? It was a beautiful day outside today but due to circumstances of appointments happening this week and the house screaming in agony over it's NEED for a thorough cleaning .. or was that me screaming ?
In any case .. I had to clean instead of getting out to try and actually plant something .. I just know there are fellow gardeners that have had to go that route when the house is ready to pack itself in .. right ?
So my little find at Wal*Mart a few days ago has now become my diversion to looking outside to the backyard from hell and the gaping negative mass of NO deck STILL.
I understand these guys have to have some time off .. but missing those wonderful sunny days last week on the excuse the soil had to dry out .. and now days of rain ahead of us this week .. well I think once again I am going to loose IT ?
Did I mention the part where there is no deck ... there for no shed .. no landscaping ... nothing to calm my inner gardener down from climbing the walls ?
OK .. cue pretty close up of girlie pink African Violet flower in an almost sparkly format ?

I know you guys are sick to death with hearing my complaining .. I'm sick to death about hearing my complaining .. the boys are sick to death about hearing my complaining ... lastly the girls are fed-up about now since quality petting and smoochy time have been cut back drastically .. What gives ?? ... can we not have a day without all this complaining ? .. hum .. NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrggghhhhh !!!!!!!

Thank goodness Halloween is less than 194 days away !!!!!!!!!!!


Teza said...

You could go out and scream at the moon..... is there one tonight?
Alas, find joy and peace wherever you can! I have been scouring my plant listing for plants to finish the alphabet..... it started off simple enough but some of the letters only have one plant to choose, such was N and O! Take care my friend!

cindee said...

Pretty violet! Now that has to cheer you up right?(-: almost all mine are blooming except the ones I started last year from a leaf! I guess I have to be patient a little bit longer for those to bloom! I went to WM today and didn't even go to the garden shop. I must be sick!(-: Well they are making our WM into a Super Center so its a mess. I didn't want to wade through all that to see the plants today! Well I gotta run to a bbq! Have a good evening!!!
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

Outside In said...

Well at least the violets are not sick of hearing your complaining...
;) Prudy violets!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I've been gardening all weekend and not keeping up with the blogs.

Hang in there! You'll soon have great weather and completion of your outdoor projects!


Anonymous said...

I know how frustrating it must be getting for you Joy. Feel free to vent, I understand.

Laura said...

It's okay to complain, especially when you're frustrated about the condition of your yard! I'm sure the weather will co-operate soon enough!

tina said...

I always, ALWAYS head to the garden when the house is ready to pack itself in. Shame on me and good for you to clean it! Occasionally I get around to it too.

Anonymous said...

Go Halloweenie!

Rose said...

Take a deep breath, Joy, and keep looking at that beautiful violet. Somehow, sometime, the deck will be done and the shed built, and your garden will be restored to its former lovely self. Then you'll look back and laugh at this.

Now, don't you feel better? No? Well, it's raining here, too, and every time the sun comes out and the ground finally dries enough for me to work in the garden...I have to work! I've decided from now on I'm going to tell the principal that I will only substitute teach on rainy days:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Puppy .. You know that thought passed my mind ? but I fell asleep while thinking about it ... drats !
Your predicament also had passed my mind on how you were going to be able to fulfill that requirement on the plant list !.. a tad difficult indeed ? .. thanks puppy, you too !

I meant to ask you about how amazing your violets are .. I just love them to bits ! .. so I think of you every time I see them .. and I had to have this cute combo : )
Now that is funny .. our WM is being expanded to a super store too .. what timing eh ?? LOL
Hope the bbq was a good one girl !

Cathy girl .. I know you gotta' be sick of me complaining .. I have to get over it and move on ; )
They are very pretty aren't they ?

Cameron .. the logical side of me says that too .. and I know things will come together but it just seems this winter was so long and I need garden therapy so badly !!!

Thanks Racquel .. I feel like a dryer vent .. in use ... a lot !!! LOL .. I love how your blog has been looking girl !

Hi Laura .. it will get better .. eventually ? It is those days that are sunny and beautiful and perfect for plant activity that really drive me crazy .. ; )

Tina .. me and you girl ! I just can't get into my part of the garden that needs the big time work done .. who wants to clean house when they could GARDEN !!! LOL

Hey knittnkitten .. the days are going by and Halloween is coming closer girl : ) !!!

Rose .. you have made me feel better girl .. it is so true that misery loves company .. I know that is bad but I can't help appreciating the company.
I fully agree with telling the principal about when you are available or not available to teach girl ! priorities !!!

Frances said...

Oh Joy, I feel your pain, really I do. Remembering back to the renovation of the main house, while we were living in it! It rained so many days, or the workers had an appointment, or it was always something! The completion date was moved back by weeks, then months. Arghhh.

Gail said...

To (((((you))))) from me. I can't think of anything to say dear friend....except this...Do not beat yourself up for being down! That's an order! gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. we have had reno projects before .. but the garden is my baby so it really hits hard when I can't putter out there, even if nothing much is going on .. I can hear it in your comment how you felt too .. time is so short and so much of it is wasted waiting for things to happen ? So we can just enjoy them !!! LOL
Its pouring here now .. and I vented big time on the phone .. so I feel a little better and still have to wait anyways ; )

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. I don't know why some comments come in after I reply yet positioned in front of the last one I just answered .. talk about the Twilight Zone happening herein Kingston ?
Thank you so much girl .. I can't stand hearing or reading about my being glum .. so no more .. but you are too sweet to let me be that way ? Thank you : )
PS .. it is pouring rain here and I will say it is VERY good for the garden .. even if it holds up the deck ? wow .............. I can't believe I just said that either .. I think I have to go to bed now ? LOL .....