Monday, 13 April 2009

Please READ ?

I would truly appreciate input for what I would like to do about my blog .. if you have just a few minutes to let me know that would be so helpful and I will send you bunches of hugs (well .. that might be scary so I promise NOT to stalk you , to thank you ? hehehe )
I would like to change the name of my blog to
"The Sumac Garden"
Almost anyone who has read about my garden knows by now my love affair with my Sumac .. in fact if I had thought about it ages ago when a post quest went out asking about each gardener's signature plant .. DUH ? for me it would have been my Sumac .. albeit not exactly a plat.
So .... please tell me if you know of a blog that already has that name .. or if you think this is a reasonable change over ?
All opinions very much appreciated !!!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I don't know of a blog with that name, but here's a way to search:

Google (topics listed across top, choose "More" then "Blogs") and type in sumac garden. You'll get a list of blogs that mentioned sumac.

I don't know what changing the name will do to your Feedburner feeds, but Stuart at Blotanical can probably give you some tips of not getting lost in the WWW.

I'd like to change my blog name, too. However, my blog is registered in so many different places that I'm afraid to try it!


Outside In said...

I like the name of your blog garden joy 4 me, and everyone knows you with this name, if you change it I think people will get confused. It's just my opinion. Maybe you can start another blog with the other name like myself I have a wordpress blog and a blogspot blog.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I like the idea! We all have certain plants we think of as "ours"; I have several signature plants, just can't decide on one.
If you do decide to change, be sure and make several announcements, so nobody misses it and gets confused. Also, take some of those spectacular photos you have of your sumac and use those on your banner!
That's about all I can add in the way of ideas, good luck with your decision and the new project!

tina said...

Don't know of any blog that already has that name. It is your blog you should change it if you wish. I can tell you though Garden Joy For Me always says you! A change would be an adjustment.

J said...

A quick search on Google for "The Sumac Garden" and "Sumac Garden" and "blog" brought up only a few sites where the words "sumac garden" were used. In fact, your post about changing your blog name was in the top five search results, so I think it's safe to say that there are no blogs named "The Sumac Garden!" Great name, by the way. If I were to name my blog by the signature plant, it would probably be "The Weed Patch" or "Crab Grass Haven."

I see your temperature is -1°C! Hope it warms up some today!

cindee said...

Hi Joy,
I have not heard of another blog with that title.
I say do whatever makes you happy(-:

Roses and stuff said...

Joy, I've never heard of another blog with that name, and I do think you should change to the Sumac garden since you fancy this plant so much. It would be an appropriate name for your blog.

Kerri said...

Joy, I think you should definitely call your blog whatever you feel fits your garden and personality. May I make a suggestion that you keep "Joy" in the name though? For instance..'Joy in the Sumac Garden' or 'Sumac Garden Joy'.
Just a thought...but the decision should be entirely your own. It is, after all, your space!
I hope you have bright sunshine today, as we do...but our cold wind persists! It's not as gusty as yesterday though, thank heavens.

Phillip said...

I like that name and don't know of another one that has it. There is another blog with a name similar to the one you have now and I always get you mixed up with hers. So I think a name change is a good thing!

greenman said...

Why shouldn't you change your blog's name to whatever you want!!

Go ahead!!! I still continue to come and visit you!!

Carrie said...

I was thinking of changing my blog title too, but I can't think of anything to call it.

I really like 'The Sumac Garden', as means so much to that it would be nice, IF, you really want to change. I haven't heard of anyone else with the same title - you could type in into the Blogger title section and if it is free bag it for yourself just incase.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! While I think your new, proposed name is a dandy, I would leave your blog title just as it is: GardenJoy4Me. :-) This is only my opinion, of course, but that's the name I recognize you by, that I associate with you...Joy. I toyed with changing the name of mine at one time, too, but didn't, for the same reasons. Just my two cents worth, girlfriend, and you know what our dollar's worth.......... ;-)

WiseAcre said...

O Joy,

You're so much more than a Sumac Garden. I'll have to vote no on that since I know you love at least 2 other things more. Halloween isn't really a garden theme and your compulsive shopping doesn't need encouraging.

If I can think of a good name I'll get back to you. You know those that first popped into mind aren't appropriate :)

joey said...

If you change the name, I liked Kerri's idea of including your name in the title :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cameron .. I did do that type of search and nothing collided in space ? so far .. but reading these replies is really interesting and has me thinking I better not screw around ?? LOL
Thanks for the reply kiddo !

Hi Cathy .. thanks for replying girl ! .. I think you may be very right with your opinion .. seems a few of us are leaning to that side as well : )

Hey Nola ! thanks for your opinion girl .. you are so sweet about my pictures, I appreciate that : )
After reading a few of these comments I am wondering what I was thinking this morning .. and it was just coffee in my coffee ? !!

Tina ! girl, you don't mince words do you ! haha .. I can always count on you being direct and to the point : ) thanks for being that way girl !!

Hey J-man ! how are you ! that was quite cute about what your alternative name would be : )
I'm getting a lot of "nay sayers" on this frazzled idea of mine and they all make sense in one way or another .. being a Libra this is going to go back and forth a LOT !!
PS .. at least the sun is shining ? haha

Hi Cindee .. I think I was having a blue patch or a Monday morning funk period .. the deck business etc .. so I tried to dodge the bullet by thinking of doing this .. now I'm not so sure.

Katarina .. thanks for replying girl ! .. change can be such a challenge for me .. now I'm not so gung ho in the light of day ? LOL

Hi Kerrie ! you have such good suggestions girl : ) I think if I were to do this that I would go your way of thinking had your Wheaties this morning didn't you ? LOL .. great ideas thank you !

Hello there Phillip .. I think that has always stuck in the back of my mind .. that there is someone else out in the cyber garden with a too similar name .. this is really going to drive me crazy I can see ; )

Greenman ! you are so sweet ! Thank you for replying .. and being so supportive : ) .. I'm having a hard time wrestling with this now ! haha

Hi Carrie : )
I think a lot of us have that moment of wondering "what if ..." about our blog names .. I'm just wavering a little this morning because my back garden is such a mess with waiting on the deck crew .. I think I needed a distraction ? LOL

Nancy girl you made me chuckle .. yes our Canadian dollar does fluctuate quite a bit doesn't it ? let alone the cents ! haha
Most opinions on here are for not changing the name or at the very least keep "Joy" in there .. I have to think about this properly and not run smack into the door and be sorry ? LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. Most things that POP into your head quickly are definitely inappropriate but some how even knowing that I still LIKE you ? haha
I did think about HALLOWEEN a lot, as per USUAL .. 200 days away and counting !!!! .. as for the compulsive shopping for plants thing .. I'm sure some one covered that one.
Seems like the naysayers are the majority ? does that mean negative thinking is "in" ??? haha .. just kidding folks.
Hey .. don't think too fast .. you know it gives you a headache !!!

tina said...

Hi Joy, I so try to be very diplomatic, but a bit honest and direct too. I see many agree with me so I guess I am not alone. What a relief! When Amy changed her blog name it was fine, I still visited and all but it never really has been the same. Folks get a brand I think and this is part of the issue. BUT! It is your blog and you should be the one who is happy with it-whatever its name is. Okay?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Tina girl ! .. I was complimenting you : ) .. I wish people would be open and honest and direct .. that is something I really admire and I try to be that way myself .. I think you are so right about once you have established yourself in a specific way that people recognize so well .. don't go back and screw it up !! LOL .. You are RIGHT : )

Joey !! what happened ? you got stuck in limbo while comments were loaded some how .. don't you just hate that when it happens ?? .. That is a definite YES ! .. if I ever did change my name Kerrie had the right idea for sure : )

our friend Ben said...

I like The Sumac Garden, Joy---it manages to be serene and wild all at once (and of course I love sumacs, too). But I also agree with the people who say that it's leaving out Emma and Sophie, the Benchwarmers, Hallowe'en, chocolate, and most of all JOY!!! (Not to mention the weather shots.) And I for one would hate to see you lose your blog's signature photo---I love that!!! I think you should do exactly what you want---hey, it IS your blog!!!---and I'm sure we'd all adjust. But I will say that one of the reasons I love the name "Poor Richard's Almanac" is that it leaves me room to talk (and talk, and... oh, dear) about anything and everything!

kate smudges said...

It's such an individual decision ~ your friends will always find you no matter the name.

Crafty Gardener said...

Do you plan on starting a brand new blog with that name? If so, when you type in the name Blogger will let you know if the name is taken or not. If you just plan on changing the name but keeping the old url, I think you will be alright. I haven't come across a blog with that name. If by chance you do start a new blog, you can import all the posts from the old one so they don't get lost. I actually change the title of my blog frequently but have always kept the same url.

Gail said...

Dear Joy, What ever you decide I am with you! But another option is to name your garden The Sumac Garden and add that to you blog header. You can keep Garden Joy For Me as your blog, but embrace your new garden name! Then we can have a "Naming Our Gardens Party"...we will all celebrate our garden names! warmest, gail.

Curmudgeon said...

You don't need to ask us twice to weigh in with an opinion--heck, don't need to ask at all. We'll come visit no matter what you call your blog! I do like Kerri's idea of including "Joy" in there somewhere.

Rose said...

Joy, it's your blog, and you should change it however you want. But I have to agree with a couple others that "Joy" in the title makes it easily recognizable for me. When I think of you, I think of Halloween, chocolate, and Sophie and Emma, too, of course. Maybe you could have a subtitle with sumac, or a header with the sumac...
It's your choice, of course, but this gardener's brain sometimes gets a little befuddled; the fewer new names I have to memorize the better:)

Anonymous said...

NIce name, Joy. How about doing another blog along the one you have, but maybe only more like a photo blog?

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" You are such a sweet person !
I love being identified with Halloween, chocolate, "the benchwarmers" my girls (Sophie just faked a sneeze for attention here ).. I think I truly was in a blue funk and thought I needed a change ; ) ..I'm glad you talk about everything and anything !!

Hello there Kate ! hope you are thawing out there in the wild wild west ? LOL .. it is something to ponder when you are thought of with such a specific ID ? : )

I know what you mean Linda .. I noticed that you did do that with your blog .. in fact I did start a blog for pictures of the sky but I haven't published yet because I want to have more pictures on it .. I think it is sort of neat to have an alter ego ? blog ? haha

Gail girl .. I think that is a great idea too ! I think we should all get together and have a champagne and chocolate party and name an alter ego blog name .. wouldn't that be a blast ?? ; )

Curmudgeon girl where is your partner in crime ? haha .. I think you are right .. no matter all else I have to shoe horn my name in there and I am very glad you kids would visit my blog no matter the name , thank you !!

Rose ! you are not alone in the befuddled department girl .. I am SO there too .. this even in the thinking stage was a lot to take on .. I think I will have to stick to the old and familar to keep my brain cells happy ? The girls seem happy with that too ; )

Hi Sandy .. I actually have started that idea .. with a blog for sky/cloud and unusual tree pictures .. I think it is called
"The Sky Me" .. I'll have to go back and check on that ? now isn't THAT too sad that I can't remember for sure ?? LOL

Gail said...

Joy, Let's party! gail

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Sounds good to me, Joy! Since that's where your heart lies- go for it, it fits! I myself have never run into a name like that.

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I see that many have already weighed in and wanted to give my two cents. Even keeping the same name but changing to wordpress has caused all kinds of unforeseen problems. If you want to showcase the Sumac, maybe a nice sidebar photo and narrative would satisfy your need to give some love to your signature plant.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. I have some champagne already in the fridge and since you are a connoisseur of chocolate girl, I have no doubt of that : ) ... you bring the CHOCOLATE !! LOL

Hi Tessa .. I did a lot of searching yesterday with a lot of thinking .. boy have I got a headache ! haha So a little tweaking with combined ideas have resulted in the new header content : )

Hi Frances .. that is a good idea too ! I will do that for a picture of this year (when my baby grows new "hair" ?) .. all this fuss and watch something awful happen ? good grief !!

VP said...

Hi Joy - whilst we know you love Sumac's, your blog is so much more than that! I think your current blogname sums it up perfectly and of course we know it very well. New readers may be put off from heading on over as they might think it's a very specific blog? Unless of course you take up one of the suggestions offered already.

Another (minor) point to note: you've been around in the blogosphere and post very frequently which means the search engines find you easily. If you change your blogname, it'll take a while for that to build up again.

However, it's your choice and totally up to you. If you do change - make sure you leave a link to the new blog on here so that those of us who forget can find you again. OK?

GardenJoy4Me said...

VP .. girl you have me giggling here .. when you speak .. it is in volumes : )
I decided to go with the embellishment of the blog title description .. I have to give credit to Teza's Garden (Barry) he thought of the pampered part .. which is perfect for my Sumac : )
Thanks for all of your thoughts veepy ! I appreciate it : )

Blossom said...

Lots of great suggestions/ advice/ideas. May I add another? Oh I know it's your blog and you should do whatever you feel appropriate with it but since you asked, here goes: I like GardenJoy4Me and many know you by that name. Keep it! If you really like 'sumac garden', put it in your sidebar and add whatever you like to it(picture, text ....) Hee he he .. just a thought, k!

Sue said...

I see you came up with a great solution in your banner. I like the photo and added phrase.

I have decided I don't like my title, because people doing searches on corner gardens find my blog, and I didn't even think of the fact that a corner garden is in a real corner. It's the fact we live on a corner lot, plus, what I really wanted to have was taken, that I came up with that name. Maybe I'll think of a subtitle for my blog.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Blossom aren't you sweet kiddo !
Thank you for commenting and letting me know your idea .. it all seemed to work out well .. and I was blown away with how many people really did like GardenJoy4Me .. you never know until you ask I guess ?? LOL

Sue .. I have to admit the first thing I thought of when I came to your blog was a "corner" garden .. but hey, you are on a corner plot so logically you would think she does have a corner garden ! But I think the subtitle like mine would make it more individual too .. put your thinking cap on girl : )

VP said...

Joy - I think you've found the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Isn't it great how people react in the blogosphere when you ask for feedback? :D

Take care my friend - I hope that back of yours eases sooooooon.

garden girl said...

Good morning Joy, looks like you've gotten lots of good feedback and have made a decision.

I'll just add this: call your blog whatever gives you joy. ;)

I love sumacs, especially in the fall, and it's a great name for your garden!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi VP .. Thanks very much girl !
It surprised me how many people stopped by and left a comment on my stress post ? LOL
It was great and I'm happy to hear all of the suggestions including how easy or difficult it is to read .. so I'm trying to amend a few things here still : )

Thanks Linda .. I have to say I love my Sumac to bits and the Autumn is glorious with how it changes colour .. I look forward to it right away from Spring .. now how funny is that ? LOL

themanicgardener said...

Fun to read through all the comments and see how the issue got defined and the solution got found, and then to see that solution already in place! Hope it feels like the right one.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Kate .. It was a fast process here but I think that type are the best ones. You can't keep mulling it over and get no where ? I'm happy with the subtitle : )

Anonymous said...

I've done every dumb thing in the world you could do with a blog wouldn't you agree? It hurt me for awhile but soon all was back to normal. So go for it! I like the name and it's your personality that people love. You go to be happy cause our blogs are about expressing ourselves. Go for it. Post a note to me when you do so I can change it on my blog.

My experience is that you have to leaves lots of comments with folks about your new name--like reminding them a million times by putting it in your signature.

Warning though---there will be days you miss Garden Joy 4 Me.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. I did keep my original name and web ID .. I embellished the "sub-title" description to "The Pampered Sumac's Garden" .. Barry from Teza's Garden and a few of the girls suggested the sumac stay in the description .. Barry with the "Pampered" part .. so it is rather individual now : )