Monday, 13 April 2009

Thank You "good little gardening pals" : )

I want to thank all of you great garden bloggers who have gotten to know me a little better as we spend more time together (I won't get gushy and actually say QUALITY TIME ... hehehe)
You took the time to reply to my stress post and the thought of changing my name .. all of your thoughts were very much appreciated : )

I took the best of both worlds and sort of combined them in the blog title description.
I figured my Sumac sort of co-owned the garden with me .. Winthrop, seen sitting at his usual post .. the "benchwarmers", heaven forbid in assorted boxes amongst the catastrophe in the back garden .. I can here the grumbles from here believe me !
We all share, even though I do the most work ? wink wink
I called the deck company today .. and my main man swears they will be here tomorrow to start taking the beast apart .. I really believe him .. this time .. for now.
I think I needed to take action of some kind to de-stress the stress and you all pitched in to help me get over this hump .. so a BIG THANK YOU !!!!
I thought I should post Sumac's last July picture in all of his glory before his "hair" turned in the Autumn .. I think he would appreciate it : )


Outside In said...

Great, hope all goes well with the new deck.

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome Joy, glad we could help you get through this stressful time. :)

Kerri said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, dear Joy :) I think Gail's idea is excellent.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thanks Cathy .. two other projects have been waiting for this one to get DONE ! .. I just want to concentrate on GARDENING girl ! LOL

Hi Racquel .. funny how people react differently to their perception of stress .. some one else might not react at all while other people have to eat chocolate and redecorate ?? haha

Thanks Kerrie ! this morning (I got up a little before 6 AM) the sky was GORGEOUS with the red sunrise .. I hope my pictures came out well .. seems like a beautiful way to start the day when you see something as awesome as that : )

our friend Ben said...

The sumac looks great!!! (And of course Winthrop does too.) Good luck with the deck guys!!!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I like the tag line! Pampered is great! :-) I think this works well for you. I have to tell you that I love the name of your blog, but didn't want to discourage you if you wanted to change it -- it's a cheerful blog name!

Hope your deck work is completed soon!


WiseAcre said...

Glad you're over that stressful period. Today brings new opportunities and tomorrow a wrecking crew.

Huggies for Sumac
and whatever else makes you happy

Cinj said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. I like the new name too. I haven't been around much lately since I've been a busy little beaver.

The sumac I had in my old garden was a bit of a thug though and tried to take over the entire gardening world.

Gail said...

Joy, I love the new header and the nod to Sophie and Emma! I hear you about wanting to garden...while I was waiting for the landscape crew to finish the wall and plant out the Cherry Laurel trees...I couldn't do anything else...which is silly, when I had other garden beds that needed attention. It was totally distracting! Soon, dear friend, it will be complete and a distant memory! In the meantime...let us know what we can do to make you laugh. gail

tina said...


GardenJoy4Me said...

'ben" ! success has been accomplished I will be posting a few pictures on the demolition and how quickly it happened : )

Hi Cameron .. thank you girl ! I appreciate your support and your thoughtfulness : )
YES !!!! the deed is done and I'm posting on it soon : )

Dear Mr. WiseA** you are very sweet to me .. and my Sumac .. I appreciate the huggies even if it is for my Sumac ?? LOL

Hi Cinj .. it seems to be that time of year when we all get a fire lit under us in some way eh ? Yes ! some Sumac do become thugs and can turn you off of them .. but my Sumac and I got to know each other and our expectations ? LOL .. so he behaved ! : )

Gail ! .. That is it exactly : )
I could putter with the ideas I want to begin between houses .. I have yet to talk to Connie, my neighbor about it all .. and I have the front bed to putter in .. but I am totally fixated on this deck getting done.
Thank you for being so sweet ! I didn't know how many people would pick up on my two little kitty faces for Emma and Sophie : )

Tina .. there you go again girl ! talking a blue streak !! hahahaha