Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Beast is DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was how the deck/shed and living green walls looked last year .. talk about having a green space ! I was so proud of what I had created : )
Today .. well this morning really .. so much undone, in a matter of a couple of hours ! ..
Yes, the shed was down a few weeks ago .. remember I told you how they (a bunch of manly men) picked up the shed and walked away with it to a trailer to haul it to some one else's place where it could be useful again. Recycle extraordinaire !
How small the house looks without the deck ? I wonder how or why that is ? .. and even without the shed it looks small too .. you would think it would have the opposite affect ?
The total and utter chaos of the back garden .. the lone lavender/rose/clematis bed standing on its own .. sad looking isn't it ? far better for the work to be done before all of them start greening up and reaching out !!

.... and there it is "deck-in-the-box" all broken down and going to a special site that deals with pressure treated wood ..

Next hubby and I will clean out the opened area where the deck was .. get it all neat and tidy so the new deck will be nice and clean from the ground up ?

I wanted to thank everyone that commented on my stress post about changing my blog name. I want to thank Barry from Teza's Garden especially because he came up with the subtitle "The Pampered Sumac's Garden" .. plus all of you who started the idea of keeping my name but embellishing the title description with Sumac in there some how ? You were all so thoughtful about explaining what your ideas were and I really appreciated that : ) Emma and Sophie survived the chainsaw noise along with my stress-out and that is amazing ! Come to think of it, so did hubby !!!


Gail said...

Deconstruction is so much quicker then construction!But now, you have a wonderful blank slate for the new deck! I love the new garden name...just let us know when the party starts at The Pampered Sumac Garden! gail

cindee said...

Wow major difference! So fun to have photos for your fun comparsion later! What did you decide on the name of your blog?

Brenda said...

You know what, Joy? When I'm stressed, I do the same thing. I want to mess with my blog. I want to rearrange stuff. Of course I rearrange in the house to destress. But then after my back is killing me and I can barely walk, I get online and start in there...

our friend Ben said...

Hooray, Joy! Now you can finally focus on the building, the wonderful new deck, and then all the great plants and other embellishments you're going to put on it. I can't wait to see it!

Frances said...

Hi Joy, a blank canvas now awaits for you to work your magic spell. You are so right about having the work done before the plants leaf out too. The timing could not be better. Can't wait to see what you create. :-)

Patsi (Garden Endeavors) said...

Yay !!
Your gonna have new...I like new.
Must have felt good to get outside and do some work even though it dosen't look sunny.

Must have missed your post about changing your blog name.
Think of it like this...
A women can have a face lift, nose job and cheek implants and look so much better BUT to the people who known and love her...well it's not them anymore and you just can't look at them the same way.
(strange way of thinking HUH ?)
Stay the way you are!!!

VW said...

Congrats on a successful removal! Seeing your pictures helps me feel better about the state of my garden. We had a light dusting of snow this morning, the roses aren't leafed out yet, the delphs are cheerful green clumps but the daffs aren't even blooming yet. Reading all these mild-climate blogs is giving me climate envy. Us 6-months-of-winter gardeners have to stick together, eh?

Outside In said...

It will look great once everything is done! and great idea about changing your title and not your name.

Anonymous said...

So much potential, you must be thrilled and exhausted all at once!
Best wishes on your creation.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow, A construction site looks scary, but think of what you will have soon:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. isn't that the truth about demolition ? I can't believe what three guys with a chainsaw and crowbar can do in a couple of hours : ) Hope they work just as fast putting the new one up !!
I will be "touching" a glass of something nice against the new buildings and a toast shall be had : )

Cindee .. that is really something which is a must (before and after pictures) to go "wow"! over haha
Subtitle name is in the header girl !

Brenda .. my god you made me laugh girl ! .. I can just seeing you whipping around change things and then the back ache starts and you wonder what the heck am I doing ?? I am so much like you : )

"ben" .. I have been thinking of plants so much in the last few days .. I think that is another distressor ? I know I need to move and shake the earth !! haha

Thanks Frances .. yes, I think our late Spring is a blessing in disguise after all ? .. saves on me and my babies in the ground for a bit longer while I take my vitamins ! haha

Patsi ! that is not strange at all girl ! I totally agree with you .. seeing some of those stars looks so unnatural and fake .. good grief it is actually sad they are that desperate eh ? Now worries here girl .. I am aging like good wine, I think ? I know you are too : )

VW .. that is so true girl ! A few times on the TV I have heard the term "short but intense" garden season in Canada , of course anyone nears us is included as well ? LOL .. It tends to make us a bit crazy but distinctive .. and boy ! do we appreciate what we DO get right ?? LOL

Hi Cathy .. Yup ! fingers crossed it will be accomplished this weekend : ) and the new wood and slightly different style should look nice : )

knittnkitten ! You are SO right .. excited but exhausted .. today we do more clean up and get things as tidy as possible .. I am going to need a week in bed after this ? LOL

Hi Debbie .. it sure looks scary to me too girl .. but I am holding on to the fact that in the end .. when everything is done .. it will look fabulous ???

WiseAcre said...

It hurts to see all the green cut down and a big ugly bare spot. But a clean slate is just what you needed. Take a deep breath, relax and don't worry about the new deck to be built. Think of the fun you'll have playing in the garden.

Jamie and Randy said...

Okay Joy,
Now keep us posted so we can watch everything progress.--Randy

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your glad to have the deconstruction over with and now you can look forward to the wonderful new deck that will be going up! I love the secondary title of the Pampered Sumac that you added to your blog. :)

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Yeah! Now don't you feel better? Love the new name :)

Sue said...

Oh, I remember writing to you somewhere about the woes we had in getting our shed repaired.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the deck work has finally begun! We have deck guys coming next week, and I hope they work faster than yours. I've been meaning to tell you that the yellow font you use is impossible to read in a feed, so I just click back to your original blog and read from there. You've got to stop talking about Costco, ours is too far away and I don't belong. But I sure want to go!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA** I am becoming more suspicious of you holding back a "funny" card on me ! haha
You are just too sweet .. but YES ! my heart does a flip when I compare the two pictures and know this garden area is going to be very different now .. but in a good way, right ?? ; )

Randy : ) Hi there .. I will do more shots today .. yesterday I was out of the game ; (

Hi Racquel .. it was amazing ow fast the old deck went down .. almost like the shed .. picked up and walked away ? LOL
Thanks about the subtitle .. it was great so many of you let me know what you thought and this little tweak makes me smile a lot !

Tessa .. hi girl , YES ! I do feel more of a kooky ? individual in the crowd : )

Sue .. yes girl ! I remember the shed incident .. we all seem to have our share of woes when it comes to contractors ? jeez !! LOL

Hi Robin girl !! .. I'll change that colour then .. I wondered if it might be a problem .. so I'll fix that today .. thanks for letting me know girl !
I can't help it with Costco hahaha .. but it served its purpose and I think I am done now .. so you are safe ... for a while ?? LOL
Are you getting a whole new deck too ? I hope it goes really fast for you .. this long dragged out mission really bothered me : (