Thursday, 16 April 2009

"Back", Day Yesterday OOPS !!

Good Morning everybody .. I meant to post yesterday. I had a mission with hubby to clean up the deck blast area .. I was so enthusiastic and chomping ? at the bit : )
Well .. just as I was ready to get in the shower after cleaning up the kitchen .. bent down to Dustbuster the swiffer thing and POW ! that lower back ache from hell .. I already have a disc that was aided by 4 screws and a bone graft from another body part .. so when I say there is no pain quite like it .. I think you have to know .. I KNOW ? haha

So .. bed rest .. and hubby worked like no body's business getting it cleaned up .. rubbish out and pristine for the new concrete footings to be poured (which we innocently HOPE will be VERY soon ?) I know ... we expect miracles don't we ?
In any case .. I am trying today to get out with hubby and organize the other MESS of shed things scattered in the garden .. I want to plant something so bad it is crazy .. but I have to be sensible.

I do have a question .. the yellow I was using for a colour font .. MsRobin said it was too hard to read .. I hope I didn't drive everyone else crazy with that colour too ??
I'm changing to plain black now to make reading easier on us all ? LOL
Hope to post my sunrise pictures from Monday soon .. they are beautiful : )


Gail said...

Joy, I am so sorry to hear about your back! Ouch! I hope you have a speedy recovery...I bet the deck area looks ready to go! Did you talk about the design and I missed a post? Is it similar to the other one, different material, multiple levels, stairs? I didn't notice a problem reading, but I do like black as a font color...I made my font larger after someone said it was hard to read and that helped! Take two pieces of chocolate, rest and blog....and you will feel better before you know it! gail

Lynn said...

I sure hope the back starts feeling better, beleive me I know what you are going through!!! Lots of ice is my trick and a good massage! Treat yourself you deserve it!!!

Outside In said...

I think white color fonts would be a bit better, and be careful about bending down, don't hurt yourself otherwise who gonna plants the nice flowers? good luck with the clean up.

our friend Ben said...

Yikes, Joy, please don't overdo it today! We want you to get your deck done and all, but not at the cost of your back!!!! How about a soothing chocolate and cat day while you (hopefully) watch everybody else work?!

Teza said...

Now, now! You need to go easy! Perhaps supervising the remainder of the clean up, or only doing chores that do not include bending over..... don't go there girl!
I have to agree that perhaps the yellow is too light, but personally, for me it's Winthrop's wing blocking the 'G' in Garden.... he is the jealous type is he not? Black, or could you find a colour that best resembles the gorgeous Sumac plumes?.... just a thought. So, to review.... no bending, more supervising for the next while!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Yes, the yellow font was impossible to read. The black font is better but it would be even easier to read if it were against a white background and not in italics.

Can you imagine reading a newspaper set entirely in italics? Or looking up a number in the phone book? It's just exhausting.

Rose said...

Ouch, Joy; I do hope you're taking care of yourself and not working too hard outside. Back pain is no fun.

Glad to see you didn't change your blog title--I think the new subtitle is an excellent compromise! Looks like you and Hubby have been very busy. I think you were wise, too, to get this done before the garden gets into full swing. Construction workers have a way of not paying attention to delicate little plants:)

cindee said...

Oh Ouchie about your back! I hope you feel better soon! I feel like I need a rest day today. I have been working to much.
It is nice your DH is getting things going while you take it easy!

tina said...

Your hubby deserves a medal for all his work! And I do hope you are feeling better soon. Can't have a bad back during peak garden season:)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Sorry to hear about your back, hope that everything gets together and well again.

Regarding your font color. It was terribly hard to read, in fact the only way to read it was to click on your blog. I couldn't read it in Google Reader at all, and even in your blog, it was kind of hard. But I am glad that you changed it to black, this is so much easier.

Take good care of your back.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail I like your prescription VERY much girl ! haha
The deck is the same proportions as the old one but a little more subtle in design .. we are easy going about the design .. it has to have the lattice on both ends for privacy and for my vine to grow up again .. the stairs have to be almost the same because of the new shed going where the old one was .. we are sort of stuck with things that way .. but we are happy having it done from scratch with the new build codes in affect !! haha

Hi Lynn .. it is feeling better today and I got out with hubby to get more disaster area sorted .. and trips to the dump .. phew ! glad that is over with : )

Hi Cathy .. thanks for letting me know how this looks .. I know it looks different to me on my lap top than other pcs .. so I am more than happy to make changes to make it easier for reading .. I need to plant something so bad it is driving me crazy .. tomorrow something is going in the ground !!

Hello there 'ben' .. today it feels much better and we got a lot done concerning dump runs and getting things REALLY ready .. how sad is that ?? LOL We are like two kids waiting for these projects to be done : ) Xmas time ??? LOL

Teza .. you made me chuckle here : )Today was another beautiful day and we did get the odds and ends garbage to the dump .. that was great almost cathartic ? a good Spring clean ?
I'm working on trying to get that sorted with Winthrop .. he is very possessive of his "space" ? LOL

Mss "Z" I'm happy to adjust what ever it takes so this is easier to read : ) .. just let me know and I will play with this to get it just right ? Thanks !

Yes Rose !! you are so right about getting this done now .. we made plans over the winter but finding the right contractor and then all of this business with the codes and the city regulations has been such a pain in the butt .. all we wanted to do was replace the deck in the same size etc .. and all hell breaks loose !
I'll be one happy gardener when all of this is a done deal and looking good ? ; )

Hi Cindee .. yesterday was a good day to rest .. and hubby did such a good job .. we just got rid of a lot of nonsense in the back .. no it looks a little more manageable .. phew !!

Tina .. I think that is a gardener's nightmare .. bad backs ! Yes hubby did good : )
Now if the deck crew can pour the footings and really get going ; )

Hi Jen .. my goodness I had no idea ! I'm really glad people are letting me know about the font etc .. otherwise I would have kept on with it .. so I will tweak a bit more and get it as readable as possible : )
Thanks for letting me know .. the back is much better too !

Anonymous said...

Feel better sweetie!

Best wishes!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there knittnkitten !
Thank you ! .. I am very lucky that 24 hour rest helped that much .. I got up at 5:30 this morning .. just wide awake and hearing the "kids" romping in the bathroom .. jeez !
No spectacular sunrise to snap though .. you have to have a certain amount of cloud cover to act as a foil for it.