Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Few Mornings Ago ......

Today has the rain setting in for quite a few days ..more than a week ahead of us are showers and more showers. The garden will be a rampaging JUNGLE especially since I never quite got into all the Spring jobs I usually do this year.
Too much distraction with the deck, the shed, one of the bathrooms .. the list is being eliminated but we still can't get back into a normal routine yet.
I will miss the beautiful sunrises with this rainy weather .. so I have this one I captured yesterday or Monday (I'm losing track of my days here with all the commotion) .. the light reflecting off the clouds was amazing to see so make sure you click on the pictures to see what I saw !

Does anyone else have a Mountain Ash with truly STINKY flowers ? It lasts for about a week or more .. like smelly fish, but the insects and even hummingbirds love these pretty smelly ? flowers ..

Snelgrove Snail posing with herb pots .. trying to look innocent ? Good thing he is cast iron or I may suspect something going on here !

Last, one of my "funny frogs" on a stake .. he is smack in a deck pot with a clematis coming back to life after a brush with a near loss by way of distraction .. Funny frog didn't think I noticed him posing .. but I did and I caught him at it ! : )


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous skies in your neck of the woods Joy. You always have the cutest little critters in your garden from the Snail to that charming frog. ;)

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Don't have an ash tree, but I don't like fishy smells! Your frog dancing is so cute! The sky photos are beautiful, as always.


Skeeter said...

I love those beautiful skies you always show us! They remind me of ocean skies for some reason... Glad to see the deck is complete, when is the BBQ? Looking good and coming around and what’s this about normal? What is normal for any of us???

tina said...

I can see where you have been distracted and it is to be expected. Don't worry, the garden will be fine. I so enjoy the rain-jungle and all:)

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I've never seen a mountain ash, but there's some big bush that lots of people have down here that absolutely gags me when it blooms. I'll have to take a photo (while holding my nose) and see if anyone can identify it.

Jill-O said...

Our weather changes on an hourly basis. One minute it's sunny; the next it's pouring rain. The temperature doesn't cool off, it just gets hot and sticky. Luckily, we should be cooling off again by this weekend. Love your sunrise must be any early bird. I'm more of a night owl. Right now the autumn olive is in bloom. It's scent is sickly sweet and somewhat nauseating. I can't stand it but the bees love it.

Gardenista said...

I suppose the ash flowers aren't the most beautifully perfumed. I notice when all the petals fall on my rock garden and the white dots make it look like I've gone crazy with fertilizer! I love your frog.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Fishy smelling flowers. Girl, what have you got going on over there?

CiNdEe said...

I love the frog!!! What a cutie!!! Glad you are getting rain!!! Wish we were!!!!

Carrie said...

YES! Mountain Ash flowers smell terrible, I hate it. I really don't understand the attraction that birds have to the one in our back garden at all when it's in flower! They are pretty little things and the berries are nice, but oh, that smell!!!

Gail said...

I didn't know they stunk! I think the flowers are lovely when I see them growing on the sides of the road in our woodland areas! Love the Snelgrove the snail! gail

Jamie and Randy said...

Eeeeeew! No smelly fishy plants for me!--Randy

our friend Ben said...

Ha! Love the snail! I have a bronze one that lurks in my garden as well, but I think Snelgrove looks better showcased among the container plants. I should try that!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Racquel ! Thank you girl .. I won't see a nice one (sky) until this rains shifts .. talk about a great watering for the garden .. and filling the rain barrel up ! yahoo !

Thanks Cameron .. we didn't know about the smell until this type of Mountain Ash matured a bit .. I think we would have RE-THOUGHT it if we did ! haha

Skeeter girl ! .. Thank you : )
Yes, I know what you mean about this shade of blue looking like ocean water .. it was a unique dawn that morning.
So true about "what the heck is normal" eh ? I have no idea either .. I think I just need a break from all of the uproar ? LOL

Thanks Tina .. it is such a connected feeling when you know there are lots of jobs to be done in the garden .. but we all need a pajama day in-between so much work and distraction : )

Too funny Nola ! trying to take a picture with holding your nose at the same time .. I wonder what that shrub is ? .. we had no idea this tree had that smell ! eeuuww !

Hi there Jill ! Thank you girl : )Our weather can be so "menopausal" at times like that as well .. can't rely on the weather people too much .. it is funny to see insects attracted to a scent we can't stand .. they love this stinky tree, haha

Hello Gardenista .. same here ! All the white dots are odd to see. The berries are very pretty on this tree so I guess it makes up for the smell ? My frog says thanks : )

Debbie .. LOL .. Right now very little is happening here but rain girl ! .. It depends on which way the wind is blowing for how much time I can stand near that tree .. but it is only a temporary glitch thankfully .. and NO ! I'm not hanging fish on the tree ; )

Cindee girl .. you have to do the rain dance to get some of this .. I'm hoping it will stop by tomorrow so I can get some gardening done ! he is a funny frog isn't he ? : )

Hello There Carrie !
It is the oddest thing I have come across (if my memory is up to par) with this smelly problem .. it isn't in the description of the tree when I was hunting info on the net .. maybe they don't want to say anything in case people stop planting them ? haha

Hey there Gail ! .. I think it must be this cultivar of the tree in particular .. I can't find any information about the "smell" .. it is an oddity for sure !
Snelgrove says thanks girl : )

Randy .. I had no idea about the "stink" to this one ! But now you know so I bet this is not ? the tree for you guys ? LOL

Hi there "ben" .. You definitely should show case your beautiful snail ! I love these heavy metal ones .. they seem ancient in a way : )