Friday, 29 May 2009

Hodge Podge Friday

Another Hodge Podge Friday and me saying once again .. I don't know where the time went, except for the fact I wasn't able to spend enough of it in the garden ..
In fact today I zipped out between rain showers to tie up vines that were in the process of leaving home the sneaky way .. vines have no ethics when it comes to escaping !
These are the most well behaved pictures I could manage because I was in my pajamas on the deck .. thus the power of the zoom gained my admiration once more ... and yet it gets better folks .. well, for me it did.
Lady-in-Red fern along with a beautiful spirea no matter how "common" it gets ? .. a little geum "gem" included !
Now it will be just clouds and the most amazing moon I might not have noticed but for my cloud and sky obsessions ... the back lighting of the clouds with the sun reaching further west was beautiful.

Almost a wisp of smoke isn't it ?
Straight above my head in what was broad afternoon, albeit late afternoon light.
Almost a bold tease .. wanting to know if I saw it ?
I have not captured the moon this way yet .. morning moons yes .. but not with clouds drifting over it .. again like wisps of smoke.
Almost like science fiction material ... maybe ?

I will never "not" be amazed by the sky and what its mysteries (even if man ? landed ? on the moon ? sure .. I believe ya') it still holds for me .. it NEVER gets old !


Jill-O said...

Love the foliage, especially with the forget-me-nots peeking through. I have a lot of baby forget-me-not plants but they won't bloom until next year. Your zoom lens is really great!

Jamie and Randy said...

You know Joy, my grandmother never believed they made it to the moon. I always use to think that was a silly thought, but now with them planning another trip and it taking so many years for them to get everything planned I have to wonder. If they've been there before then why is it taking so many years to plan the up coming trip?

You take excellent moon shots. Oh, my grandmother also use to say the reason the earth is heating up is because "they keep punching holes in the sky with all them missles. It's lettin' in more sun." :-)--Randy

tina said...

Those are amazing pictures of the sky Joy. Your garden is looking most lovely too.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Wonderful, awesome pictures Joy! You have such a talent capturing sky pictures. We live in an area in Texas where the sky looks so big. I walk outside sometimes just to look at it. I never fail to be amazed!
Have a great weekend!

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful pictures(-: I am amazed at how fast things are growing there! It seems like yesterday everything was dormant! Wow have things grown a lot!!!!1
The moon does look awesome with the clouds!!!(-: We won't mention smoke here at least till next winter(-:
I am hoping for a smoke free summer sky!!!!

Blossom said...

Hi .. I love the combi of plants in the first picture. They look healthy and happy ...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thanks Jill ! .. actually those are Jack Frost brunnera flowers .. but maybe some people call them a forget-me-not too ? They do look like they are ! Yes .. the zoom lens and I are becoming more acquainted with one and other ? LOL

Hello there Randy ! .. That is what my son says too .. he watched some TV shows that came up with some very interesting denial facts of them ever being there .. but my argument is why waste so much money on crap like that when there are hungry, homeless suffering people here on earth that could use HELP !
I like your grandmother's opinions on it all ; )

Why thank you Tina .. I'm just glad our trees filled in so people don't see me in my jammies all the time ? haha

Hello there MT ! .. Thank you girl !
I'm glad to have another sky fan here : ) .. It will never get "old" for me Linda .. it strikes such a deep cord in me seeing it in fantastic colour shades, clouds, moon .. the whole nine yards ! LOL

OOPS ! Cindee I forgot about that .. no more mention of you know what girl !
A BIG yes to how fast things leap forward here in the plant world once we get going .. the heat and humidity can do some amazing things ! I'm still in AWE that Mr. Smiley got there so quickly girl !

Hello there Blossom girl ... thank you ! Lots of different combos to come

our friend Ben said...

I agree, Joy, beauty never gets old, be it in the sky or in the garden! But, ahem, when are you going to give the girls a little blog attention? It's been ages since they got a shot at the limelight! What are they up to these days? Linus wants to know...

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" I'm chuckling ? here right now because I am so sore and tired from working on the garden .. so tired you get silly sort of TIRED ? LOL
Yes !! I'm sorry I have neglected the girls with my obsessions between the garden and the sky .. I will have to take some nice candid shots of them .. too bad I didn't catch them today with their wrestle-mania at the deck door .. or with the huge box in the family room that the new shower is sitting in till the plumber comes Monday .. it has been chaos at the castle so long I have no idea what a routine day is like any more !
Tell Linus I will work on trying to get some "pin-up" pictures for him ? haha