Monday, 25 May 2009


I have to admit that these pictures are a few days old .. I just quickly down loaded this afternoon during the chaos at the castle. I do NOT jest .. it truly is chaos.
The leaking shower from hell has been yanked out and so far the "big box store" is doing the right thing by us (phew !!) the installers were at fault by one screw that should not have been screwed into the base .. one tiny hole has been the culprit in creating the mold monster .. which gladly has been contained to the base board area of the dry wall .. but still behaved like chain lightening and ruined the area and the floor .. just vinyl flooring but it will be replaced .. did I say we are really happy this store is backing us ?? : )
On a lighter note .. our shed team knocked on the door about 8 AM and with me in vampire mode .. no makeup no hair .. the VERY scary real me !
Bless them, they hardly flinched,but I could see the fear in their little eyes .. Doug quickly asked if we could move our vehicles so his van could unload the SHED .. while looking at his feet .. any where but my face ??
So .. most of the day it has been havoc here .. tomorrow will likely be the same as they are finishing the shed off and we are going to try and fit things back .. plus go pick out the new floor for the little bathroom .. a point to pick up here is NEVER pick a "grid like" pattern unless you have a sworn oath by the builders that EVERY room is SQUARE !! .. lesson learned for me so this next one will not be the same mistake ! phew !
I'm dead tired, but I know how things can accumulate if you don't stick to posting on a some what regular basis .. so here I am .. with pictures from a few days ago .. and since then the plants have spread their wings a little more ..
Of course how could I post without a sunrise ? .. it was a remarkable sky : )
My coleus experiment .. for years I have had Kong gracing this planter but now it is a mix of new ones I haven't tried before along with bits and bobs .. hope it fills in nicely ?
Heuchera Pinot Gris is looking fabulous with my other beauties .. they are filling in even more as I type here !

Penny Peony looks ready to burst ?
This pretty lamium (Hermann's Pride)with a yellow flower is an eye catcher : )

I bet you don't have a hellebore still looking quite this good ?
But if you have azalea .. you probably have more than the one flower I have .. better ones to come since I have relocated the poor dear here !

Its a beautiful experience seeing the sunrise in that very quiet time of morning .. I appreciate that feeling immensely


Teza said...

What a day you have had. The whole bathroom exercise.... we are considering replacing the one piece unit we have upstairs and I can see a similar outcome. The house is close to 30 years and they were thrown together with the all-in one shower bath combos, with horrible caulking all around! Perhaps next year.....
The shed guys will be done tomorrow? Blessed be! How wonderful that will be. And the garden..... excuse me but how the hell do you keep your Helleborus looking that fabulous this time of year! Is it kept under glass or something equally sneaky! The Azelea at the nursery look exactly the same but we haven't supplemented it with acidic soil so it is languishing terribly! Hope you have enjoyed what brief time you have managed to get in the garden...... things are looking wonderful! Pinot Gris was a huge seller.... on sale last week and sold out inside of two days! Will sit down tomorrow night for a regular length conversation via email!

Anonymous said...

Your coleus pot is gorgeous! And the sunrise isn't bad either. LOL

Gail said...

Joy, Your sunshine is wonderful...and they are awe inspiring! I posted today on my little peaks through the trees, so unlike yours!

I think you are gifted at putting plant combinations together! Please show us Penny when she opens!

Soon the shed will be complete and you can have your garden back...

So sorry about the leaking shower and weren't you fortunate that the store honored their work!

Hang in there! Gail

Helen said...

Lovely pix. And your planter is looking beautiful already.

If your plant is 'Herman's Pride' I believe it's a Lamiastrum, or "False Lamium" (see Carol's post at May Dreams Garden for more "false" names).

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there puppy !
If I could "drink" I would be ! haha .. bathrooms are very scary .. tricky places in the house so yes ! I would be slightly cautious about yours there too ?
I can't tell you how happy we are seeing the shed go up .. we were so out of sorts with "things" scattered in so many places .. CHAOS has been ruling us since March really ; )
The secret to my hellebore looking this good (not quite under glass LOL)
I cut back most of the foliage when we went through that odd early warm spot then COLD .. the foliage looked awful so I did the drastic deed .. and this is the response .. so it worked !
If I can get another Pinot Gris, I would .. I am in love with this beauty : ) and I will supplement the azalea with acidic matter (I used to way back when and fell off the path ? )
No worries puppy .. I know you are VERY busy .. it will be nice when things settle into a quiet routine ! aaaahhhhh peace ; )

Hey there Robin ! Thank you girl : )I hope it fills out nicely .. soon ? LOL

Gail girl ! I have to make it over there and see your sunrise .. even if it is peeking through the woods I know it will be lovely : )
Aren't you too sweet ! Thank you : ) and yes ! when Penny opens her flowering face I will be snapping away like a proud parent indeed ! haha
Isn't it funny how a shed/playhouse can make such a difference ? .. and thankfully the store is doing the right thing for us ..phew !!!

Hello there Helen : )
Thank you girl ! .. I think you are VERY right about the category of Hermann's Pride .. oops ! I slipped up a bit ? LOL
Blame it on the chaos factor ? ; )

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hope you get rid of the builders soon! Love your pretty heuchera, such a lovely colour.

Sunrise pretty!

tina said...

I first saw the container and was like awesome! Then saw the gardens and said AWESOME!!

Carrie said...

What witchery is this? How is your Hellebore looking so gorgeous and mine looks like it's just lost a fight with Mike Tyson? Magic potions - I must know....

Anonymous said...

Hope things get less chaotic for you soon Joy. Your planter is looking fabulous, great color combination! Your beds look like they are starting to really pop with color too, the foliage combos make them interesting without any blooms at all. That Heuchera is an interesting shade of mauve. :)

donna said...

This post made me laugh, but I know it wasn't so funny for you. Helps to have a good sense of humor like you do. Your plants all look so fresh and healthy and happy. I've always preferred sunrises over sunsets, they make me feel full of hope.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Love your coleus experiment, what lovely color! Also, I am so jealous over your peony about to bloom; I adore them, but they don't like me one bit, keep dying on me.

Brenda Kula said...

Yep, I've dealt with the "mold monster." And the leak monster, and now the drainage pipe has collapsed monster! Water woes!

CiNdEe said...

Yay for the shed boys! I am so happy for you(-: And a huge big YAY for the shower people too!! I am so glad they are working it out with you!!! That is the best news ever!!!
My coleus doesn't look that great. Its in the shade what more does it want? LOL(-:

Mildred said...

When it rains it pours - my mother says... :-)
calmer days are just around the corner.
That planter looks wonderful

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thank you Yolanda ! Seems we have a constant flow of "builders" this Spring /summer ? trying to get things done .. it is wonderful to update but it drains the quiet privacy factor ?? LOL

Tina girl ! You are too funny : ) Thank you ! This year is a year to try new things out .. I think we go stale if we get stuck in a rut too long .. change is good no matter the out come .. we LEARN from it all ? LOL

Carrie ! ... girl you have me giggling here .. have you seen that site called a "Witch's Garden" ? .. it is really interesting .. historical facts and a lot of herb information.
I cut my hellebore back dramatically when it went through one of those trick weather periods .. when we think we are having Spring but NOT ! .. the foliage was freezer burned .. so it almost all came off .. this is the result .. not too bad eh ? LOL

Hello there Racquel : ) .. Thanks girl .. I think whether I realize it or not (subconsciously) I plant with foliage in mind a lot of the time .. it just seems to extend the interest factor longer even when the flowers stop.
Pinot Gris heuchera is a beauty .. I'm kicking myself for not getting TWO now !!

Hello there donna .. You have to have a lot of humour as a gardener .. look how many times mother nature plays with us ? Things will improve eventually and we will have almost all the "job list" completed by Autumn ? LOL
We never counted on the bathroom escapade though .. that threw a curve ball at us for sure .. but the store is doing right by us .. phew !!

Hey Nola girl ! how are ya' ? .. I was not a peony person .. then I found this single flower one .. it doesn't fall over like the double ruffled ones .. so I thought I would give it a try ... and it seems to like me so far ? haha

Oh Brenda ! .. I'm right there with you girl ! When the baseboard came off with husband and I looking at it in total horror .. well you feel kind of sick don't you ? .. you just know it is trouble ! I hope you can get sorted out fast so you can enjoy all the renovations you have suffered through ! Hang in there girl, it has to get better some time ?

Cindee girl .. you are making me laugh here .. you have the "cranky coleus syndrome" !! maybe some morning sun that isn't too hot ? .. mine get a little of that and is in light shade on the step .. but who knows ? they all seem to do what THEY WANT !! haha
A HUGE YES !! we are relieved to be on the right track to things now .. just a little more time and patience and things will be back to normal ? I wonder where the boys are now ? LOL

Hi there Mildred .. I am banking on that one girl .. calm peaceful days soon ! Those days when husband goes fishing or golfing and I putter away with the garden and take my plant-mobile touring the garden centers for FUN ! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm usually up to greet the part of the day. Glad you chaos is back to normal. Keeps life interesting though not so fun. Now you can enjoy the garden. I love your plant combinations.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Donna .. Thank you so much !There is something about a beautiful clear quiet morning .. it starts your day off wonderfully doesn't it ? .. and yes ! we are getting back ever so slowly to normal SOON !!!.. we are having a lot of rain for the next week or so .. the garden will be in jungle mode and I will have so much to do it will be scary .. but that is what we do isn't it ? LOL

Town Mouse said...

Love that sky! As for no makeup no hair, well, I don't wear makeup and I don't own a comb (of course, I'm a mouse!). Anyway, I'm sure those contractors are used to it.
Good luck with all the chaos, soon everything will be boring again I'm sure ;->

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Town Mouse !
Girl .. I can NOT wait for boring time again .. just me and my garden .. that would be lovely !
Now the bathroom is totally ripped apart from scratch .. seems that crew 2 years ago are leaving a trail of bathrooms from hell .. misery loves company ?? LOL

Kathleen said...

That is one gorgeous container Joy! It's going to be over-the-moon spectacular in a couple months time. Be sure to repost a pic! Your beds look fabulous and SO tidy! I love it. If you want to get away from the chaos at your house you can come to mine and try to whip my gardens in shape!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi girl and thank you ! .. Kathleen you would laugh at my beds now .. after so much rain they are in jungle mode now and I'm hoping to get out today to tidy some very naughty plants up soon ! ... you are not alone with the crazy garden antics girl : ) haha