Friday, 22 May 2009

Hodge Podge Friday

I am so tired I think if I started to laugh over something it would become hysterical , in a lot of ways ? Maybe that is just me with my reaction to be exhausted but humour tends to let the steam blow off. The shower from hell has been leaking unbeknownst to us and taking the baseboard off next to it was like something out of the Twilight Zone .. I fully expect a MOLD MONSTER to crush us like pop cans .. so far after going into the "big box store" who put the shower in has resulted in no action .. so far .. stay tuned .. remember my blurb about someone taking my pictures without my permission .. well I can get my hands on this group here faster and easily .. do they really want all that BAD publicity now when our wonderful (sarcastic tone) government is encouraging us all to do renos on our homes to keep the industry going ??
So .. to pass on some relief to you sweeties that visit my blog (kisses !! HUGGIES !!.. haha, yes .. the hysteria is creeping out) .. anyways like I was saying .. just enjoy the pictures to Hodge Podge Friday .. no need to comment .. I know that takes a bit of the edge off ? : )
You all know how I love my contrast of dark coloured plants .. this bugbane is going to be a beauty ! In fact it incorporates the description in its name "Hillside Black Beauty" a chocolate shade ?
Sutherland Gold Elderberry can almost be mistaken for Tiger Eye when its gold is really on game !

The promise of pearls either in button earrings or drop ones .. what else can a girl ask for ? wink wink

We had cloudy skies this morning but I could not resist the little light shafts trying to reach us ?
This beautiful little columbine .. Aquilegia Canadensis .. how amazing is it's flower !
Just a gathering of emerging shade plants ...

All of you know my love affair with "Jack' .. his flowers are my personal treat .. but Pink Skyrocket Tiarella is eye candy as well : )

TG .. Thinking Gargoyle truly is happy on the deck again .. you have to know him to see that shy smile he has on : )
.... and of course one more shot of Dave and WG as they enjoy the morning sun and the bevy of greenery in pots , instead of under their feet ?

I hope you have enjoyed Hodge Podge Friday !


Anonymous said...

That Pink Skyrocket Tiarella is adorable! My how everything takes off in such a hurry! Your gardens look wonderful. :) Silly girl. ;-)

Kathleen said...

Hey Joy. Your garden is really looking lovely. Love the tiarella, I need to get some. I'm so glad you got your 'Maypop' passion vine. I just planted mine last week too but I put it in the ground instead of a pot. I'm hoping like heck it will overwinter in our zone like it says...
I guess if yours is in a pot, you can haul it inside if you want to?? Have a great weekend!

Outside In said...

I have to say I really like the Jack frost plant, as you know I just planted one a week ago and the blue flowers are just beautiful. Have you ever had the blue Flax flower?

Anonymous said...

Your plants look so awesome! And your deck looks nice and clean! Go ahead and go crazy if you want. It's a nice place to be. I know, I've been here a long time.

Jamie and Randy said...

Joy, I can't believe how fast everything is growing there! It looks beautiful.I feel you pain witht the leak. We just found out our ice maker line has been leaking under a wall into an unused bedroom for who knows how many months.--Randy

Northern Shade said...

The blue flowers of Jack Frost are a real treat, love that plant. The red of the Aquilegia canadensis really pops against the light green frond. The little Dicentra and Heuchera grouping is looking good, as is the Brunnera, Heuchera, Tiarella group.
It must feel good to be using your deck again.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I am feeling obtuse, who is stealing your photos?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi There Nancy Girl : )
Thanks girl ! ... Once it takes off (eh!) it really takes off .. I have yet to take pictures of the front .. been sort of stuck here in the back, pajama days and all .. ; )

Hi Kathleen .. Thank you girl !
My plans are to lift it from the pot come early Autumn and plant it in the ground (in the sun bed) mulch it (tuck it in bed) and have crossed fingers all winter .. so we are both in the thick of the experiment on the same ground level ? heheh

Hello there Cathy .. I'm so glad you have "Jack" I just know you will have years and years of enjoyment from him !
Yes I did do the blue flax thing a couple of times .. but it wasn't too successful .. but ! I have perennial Toad Flax that is very pretty .. a delicate pink colour, have you tried that one ?

Anna girl you crack me up .. I think we are members of a huge club of crazy gardeners ? haha
Thank you about the deck .. we think the company is awesome ! : )

I'm glad to have the company about the leak Randy (misery loves company and all that ? LOL) .. A leak can be such a sneaky so and so ! DAMN !
Thank you with the garden compliments .. it really happens fast here , when it does happen that is ? : )

Hello there NS ! Hope you are keeping well girl !
Thank you : ) and YES .. it is such a treat now to be able to walk out and look at the garden .. sit for a while under the umbrella .. it is such a huge part of summer for us to relax there !

Jen girl (please don't feel that way : )
I was having a wicked, menopausal, paranoid, cranky with the world, especially with the leak from hell, mad a RONA (there I have said it now) .. having a hissy fit .. jeez I do go on don't I ?
Thought having a copy right logo wouldn't mean as much as my rant kind of idea day .. hum ? does that make any sense girl ? LOL

Rose said...

Good to see that Dave and WG finally are back "home" again. Everything looks so neat and tidy at your home and in your garden--mine is a mess as I keep planting, instead of weeding:) Love the tiarella; sadly, mine seems to have disappeared over the winter.

RainGardener said...

Everything is just beautiful. That Columbine is different - I haven't seen one like it before. Love the sewing machine made into a stand. They did that at one of the nurseries where I shop. In fact it is such a quaint little place I did a post on it a while back.

Anonymous said...

Your shade loving plants are looking mighty happy right now. I love that chocolate colored Bugbane. And I really need to add an Elderberry to my garden, the foliage is fabulous!

Giddy said...

Hi Joy,

H (Mr. Meteorologist) says the lovely rays shining down from the clouds are called "Crespillian Rays"

Thanks for the lovely photos of your garden. I've been working in my garden for hours each day and it looks like there is still so much to do. I'm looking forward to a few lazy hours on the deck - one of these days! Ha!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose girl .. thank you so much but you do realize I "point" the camera at all the good places and avoid the BAD places ! LOL
Believe me .. we have a horrendous mess in the back garden with no shed yet .. I have also been ignoring the weeding bit (husband has a neat weed popper he likes to use .. phew ! haha)
I have been potting up way too many plants myself and I said not so many before .. it is CHAOTIC and a mess where the camera isn't looking .. so you are not alone girl !
Dave and the boys are so glad to be on the deck again : )

Hello there Raingardener ! .. I will have to back track on your site and see that nursery .. I hadn't seen anything around here doing something like that honestly .. I just had to find a new home for it since we are a bit crowded in the family room.
That columbine is one of my favorites .. it is so detailed and so pretty : )

Racquel girl .. Thank you !
You must have an Elderberry (sambucus)of some sort .. there is Black beauty, Black Lace (I have both) and also Sutherland Gold for the cut leaf look .. there is at least one especially for you !! My shade area is getting larger with our trees maturing so I will be collecting more shade plants : )

Giddy, how are you girl ! Wow .. I didn't even realize these rays have a scientific name .. I love seeing them plus put a rainbow near by and a huge WOW eh ?
I am so with you about quality resting time enjoying the garden from the deck with a cool drink !
I worked my socks off again yesterday and was so bent up and stiff .. it would have been comical to see .. and still MORE has to be done !! jeez !!

our friend Ben said...

Your plant combinations look gorgeous as always, Joy! And everybody looks happy on the deck---out of the snow at last! Hope you had a chance to rest up.

Gail said...

Hello dear! Everything looks wonderful and I have always admired your ability to work with contrast so well! My garden looks like a big green mess! I insist on letting the Susans seed everywhere to have that mass of color all summer. So it is green now!

Joy, we have major water issues with this house...and when it rains I still cringe! A neighbor several streets over has 19 sump pumps in her basement! It's what clay and limestone bedrock do to houses here!


Jimmy and Wade said...

Joy, Sorry to hear about the leak in the house. I think we have all been there. Visited your blog for the first time today and found it wonderful. Will definately return.

Titania said...

It's hodgey podgey here to...just sometimes. Lovely garden, wonderful plants. I like to see the humorous site of things keeps me going thanks for being a kin.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Good Morning 'ben" : ) Thank you so much !
It is Monday morning here and I did take Sunday off in a manner of speaking (cleaning the house, THEN collapsing ? haha) I have lots of pictures to download so sometime today I hope to catch up ?

Gail girl ! .. Thank you : )
Hey, green is good too (better than brown right ? haha) and those Susans will look so lovely in a while so don't think about it, just enjoy it !
That is the way parts of Kingston react to rain because we too are limestone and clay .. but for us (our house site was actually blasted out of the rock) we are higher up far no need for a pump .. but my god !! that many in one house is amazing ! .. I would be a worry wort too about it all .. but nothing you can do will stop nature .. right ? : )

Well hello there Jimmy & Wade !
Thank you for dropping by and also the leak-in-home club ? LOL
I'm glad you found my blog and hope to see you again : )

Hello Titania again : )
Thanks girl ! .. I can't imagine not having a full sense of humour about everything in life eventually .. love knowing other people have that too !

Water Roots said...

Hi Joy! It's always such a treat to see photos of your beautiful garden. Can't say the same about mine, which is pretty much non-existent right now :(

But I do have oodles of birds visiting, even those stunning orioles! I suppose it has something to do with all the feeders I’ve put up. I think I'm becoming obsessed...:)

Looks like Dave and WG are happy in their new spot. And I love what they’re sitting on! Where did you get such a lovely table/stand?

Just gorgeous. Your garden is really coming to life! Real eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, a return to normalcy.

CiNdEe said...

Wow things are really taking off and growing there! They must be really happy(-:
Sorry about the shower problem. That is the pits and worse when they won't help. Grrrr to them...sick the gargoyles on them!!!!
I wonder where the "boys" are?(-: Its been a week maybe they are almost here?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Martha girl ! You know you shouldn't be worrying about your garden this year .. you have way too much to be concerned with the move to here .. now that is exhausting with your driving back and forth and all of what you are doing with the house .. I'm sure I will have plants to share with you next season when you are ready !
We still just have the finch feeders here but if you tell us about the secret to Orioles, I just KNOW John will do what ever it takes to get them in our garden too !! LOL
Yes, the boys are glad to be back up on the deck .. phew !
The weather is good for the garden right now .. not too hot at all .. and more rain to come .. so it is getting a great start to face our summers .. me on the other hand ??? .. good grief !! haha

Hey there kittnkitten .. did I say normalcy ? .. hum ? .. I'll get back to you on that one ? ; )

Cindee girl .. I am so curious to where the boys are too ! .. I have a feeling yours will be here sooner than mine there .. Canadian Mr. Smiley likes to sight-see ? along the way so I think he will be a slow poke ?
So far the store is doing right by us so we are happy even with the family room in utter chaos with the shower and assorted bathroom things all over the place !

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Wow, things have moved along quickly at your place, Joy! It is amazing how fast it's filling in! (I know it has seemed like an eternity for you...!!). You have some lovely shade plants, I must add a couple of those that I don't have. And I love the 'skyrocket' tiarella...I just added some but not that variety.

Leaks...don't get me started!! Sorry about yours;-( My husband had to add a couple of extra pumps in our basement window wells after several 'floods' invaded our basement (thank goodness it hasn't happened lately...but with heavy rains you can never be too sure). Hang in there! Have some CHOCOLATE;-) And LOTS of it, ok?!! hehe;-)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I meant good luck with your shower leak, not your basement (unless that's a problem for you too!!) I do hope NOT:-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Jan
Thank you so much for the good wishes girl .. I knew what you meant : )
Thankfully we have a nice dry lower level (raised bungalow) where the family room, 2 other bedrooms, laundry room and the trouble making bathroom is ..BUT .. the big box store is SO doing the right thing by us .. replacing the whole shower (a newer upgraded one) so we are happy .. it is going to be a bit of a mess down here until they get that done but that is fine with us ! Now I have a painting job in the list of "to do" ? haha