Thursday, 21 May 2009

The sun rose this morning .. and so did Dave

This has been one long very busy day.
I caught a bit of the sunrise at 5:30 this morning .. it is light so early now I will have to draw the shade down completely to keep from getting up before the crack of dawn really hits me in the face ..
I have lots of pictures but no time right now to post them .. but, knowing how some people like to get caught up with Dave and the Benchwarmers .. well .. they have a new home.
I think Dave and the boys are just darn glad to get out of the "garden of chaos" and get on the "deck of daydreaming" ?

P.S. Yes .................... I have a garden of pots on the deck even after husband suggested not so many this year .. I just couldn't help it ... again ?

More actual gardening to follow .. we have been pushed back with the shed construction yet again .. but we are getting other things organized and that helps !


Jill-O said...

I love the old sewing machine table you're using as part of the gang's new home....there is no such thing as too many containers! I'll be working on mine this weekend.

CiNdEe said...

Yay so glad to hear the boys are back(-: The pots look nice too. (-:
I always say I am going to limit my patio but then I add more...LOL(-: Oh well whats a gardener to do?

garden girl said...

Hey Joy! Dave and Company look very comfortable on the deck.

I've been so busy with work and getting ready for SF, I haven't had much time for visiting. It's great to pop in and say hey!

The deck, and all your pots, and that pretty little sewing machine table look great.

So far I'm keeping my resolve of less pots this year. I know I'm going to miss all that color!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Well they look very content! You, however, couldn't possibly be with the shed be pushed back again- so sorry. I think you should add even more pots on the deck so as not to get bummed out about the shed? He, he!

Outside In said...

Is that Hens and chicks succulent I see on the table? you sure take great sky photos!

tina said...

Glad it is calming down there and Dave has found a quiet home.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

More pots = more Joy so I say more power to the pots! ;-)

Here the days are very long too but still not long enough to do everything I want to do in the garden. ;-)

Enjoy the weekend!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Jill ! .. I finally found a real use for this table .. I think the Benchwarmers will be happy .. even if they don't all fit on the same level. I did my pots in herbs and succulents so they could tolerate dry neglect a little better .. just in case ? haha

Cindee .. don't we always intend to "not" do certain things each year but DO them all the same ? haha .. we are GARDENS and can't help ourselves ! I wonder if our packages have waved to each other in the mail yet ? LOL

Linda girl ! Thank you : )
Hey .. I know you are BUSY .. so no worries about visiting .. Dave and the boys are happy with people knowing they are BACK : )
Most of my pots are not flowering ones .. less stress that way ? haha

Tessa ... you are naughty !! Poor husband is calculating how many pots he might get stuck watering if I get sick or too tired to water .. so far he is very patient with me ? LOL

Hi there Cathy .. Yup ! Hen's & Chicks .. they are one of my favorites and there are so many different kinds ! Thank you girl .. I love the sky : )

Tina ... Dave is a very happy gnome right now .. even with his cracked mushroom situation ! : )

Hello there Yolanda .. how true is that ? yesterday was one of those days .. so much to do and only so many workable hours .. phew ! I'm pooped : )

Jamie and Randy said...

I know Dave is glad to be out of that snow!--Randy

Crafty Gardener said...

So good to see Dave and company in their new home, great pots ... are they herbs? It's a bit overcast here today, a vacation day for me from work, so I'm working in the garden and I'm actually glad it isn't as warm as it was yesterday.

Aerie-el said...

Beautiful sky shots, and shots of Dave and the Benchwarmers (did they release an album yet?)
I KNOW what you mean! I wasn't going to do many pots this year and then I made the mistake of looking at the flats of plants at one of the big box was all over then. Rather, they are all over in pots now! LOL!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Randy .. Dave is in a much better mood .. he hardly has to use sunscreen which is good because his pipe would be too slippery (so many jokes .. so little space???) hahaha

Hi Linda .. YES ! I grab those days that aren't so hot and work where I can in the garden .. it has been very breezy though too !
YES !! herbs : ) I love my herbs and if they miss a bit of watering they are far more tolerant, so much easier and their scents are so lovely !!

Thank you Aerie-el !!
SSSHHHssss ! on Dave's album girl .. we are trying to avoid over the top fans that drop by just to look at him .. being famous has its drawbacks for sure !
To funny about the pots girl .. THAT is EXACTLY what I said and I did both things I said I wouldn't do .. seeds and pots !! We need a club to go through withdrawal next winter !!