Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Mr. Mystery, The Tiger .. The Sky

Mr. Mystery is back .. I haven't seen him since those last long days of Autumn and how I captured him with those blazing golden eyes. He hypnotizes me .. I think he knows I'm his ?
How can you not want him to at least like you if not constantly tease you ?
The "Tiger" not a good picture at 6 AM this morning .. an over cast sky with gray light .. but still a beautiful tiger to have especially since Gail was some how convinced by my Staghorn Sumac that she too in her Clay and Limestone Garden would love him as much as I do even if they were from a different family .. they are Sumac in blood : )
The sky played tricks on me .. after a gray morning the blues began to trickle forth and the clouds were muted amazingly by the combination of colours ... who could not love this sky ?

It would not be a morning post without that moment of tinged pink .. ever so softly and always with that pine tree I visually "rent" from my neighbors .. I hope they don't start charging me for that view ?


Outside In said...

Cute Tiger! you take great sky shots girl!

Gail said...

I don't know which to comment on first! The cat looks like a bigger, tougher, version of Cat King Coal! He is a beauty! Coal's eyes are green...but that white at the chest! There must be something genetic about that bit of white fur! I see it on all the black kitties.

Then you succumbed to the charms of a Tiger! He is a beauty! I followed the link and had to read about it again! Aren't we lucky! ...and you can groom and prune him in the winter!

I think in my next house, the dream one I build in my mind, I wake up each morning with sun shining in the windows...I want to see the sun as it rises like you get to do! In that dream house~~I have a good sunset view, too!

Thanks dear friend for the love link! Muscles feeling better?


Anonymous said...

I love the coloring on your new Sumac, an appropriate name too. ;) Mr Mystery is a gorgeous cat, he must love your garden.

CiNdEe said...

I have a black cat too. Jack hates him worth a passion. He chases him anytime he can. Poor kitty(-:
The Sumac looks pretty. I am sure it will grow well for you and for Gail too. They seem to thrive anywhere it seems(-: Mine has re seeded at times even(-:
The old one I have needs pruning to cut out the dead wood I noticed. Its a strange tree for sure. Spooky even how it grows. (-:

Andrea said...

Oh MY! A sumac!!!! Tiger eyes is a nice one. Love those and we had a lot at the greenhouse last year. Im sure that we have them this year too!

I have two black cats and my male sits on everyone's car in the morning and throughout the day. The neighbors love it. I'm embarressed by it XD. His name is Reno and my female is Marrow. Then there's Zoey, which is my almost all weight calico (except spots on her shoulders, ears and tail). Love my cats! Love cats in general! ESepecially when they adopt you.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cathy.. Thanks girl !
I some how seem to collect a lot of feline attributes in my garden ? LOL

Hey Gail girl ! .. I love Coal's name and how many ways we can add to it (King Coal is the best ! LOL)
We saw so many black and white cats on the coast and in Barcelona while we were in Spain it was amazing .. we heard all of them were passed on by an original couple years and years ago.
I was so ready for my dream house this morning .. but the lottery decided it wasn't going to happen YET ! darn !!
I have a plan in my head for "Tiger" .. the shedman,Doug ! is starting his work today so that was the last barrier I had to wait for ... yipppeee !
Muscles are in agony .. I spent so many hours potting up plants in utter chaos in the back garden .. but soon it will be FIXED ! haha

Hi Racquel .. Thank you girl !
Mr. Mystery started visiting me ? last summer .. I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't bother the birds too much !

Cindee girl .. Jack is a naughty boy for sure .. poor kitty or maybe he just wants Jack to think he is afraid ? haha
SPOOKY is GOOD !! haha .. You know I need a bit of Halloween hanging around all year if I can help it girl ; )

Andrea girl ! I was thinking of you yesterday when all my muscles were screaming ..haha
Yes .. I have eyed this one for some time .. finally jumped in and got it : )
Your kitties sound perfect .. other than paw prints on the cars ? LOL .. Our cats KNOW we adore them .. and that is the best feeling !! : )

Jamie and Randy said...

Mr. Mystery is certainly a black beauty. He's a very pretty kitty.--Randy

tina said...

Mr. Mystery is a perfect name for that gorgeous cat.

our friend Ben said...

Mr. Mystery is certainly one handsome boy, Joy! Wonder what Emma and Sophie make of him? We have Bo, the huge, handsome red tom who deigns to visit us several times a week. We have to assume somebody owns him, since he's always fat and sassy, but then why don't they neuter him and keep him at home?!

Brenda Kula said...

Gorgeous black cat. I wonder why they have such stories about black cats. Poor creatures. They don't deserve that.

Anonymous said...

You caught some nice sky shots. I love that mottled look. So is that your cat or just a visitor?

How large will that sumac grow?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Randy : )
Mr. Mystery is a beauty .. nothing like a solid black cat that looks as healthy and well groomed as he does .. I'm not sure which neighbor he belongs to .. but I love catching him with my camera .. I thinks he thinks it is "nice" too ? LOL

Tina .. that is what I thought too ! as soon as I saw him .. and watched him for a while : )

'ben" that is part of my whole wondering too ... such a beautiful creature .. all creatures deserve a loving home .. it really makes me crazy when people just use animals for temporary entertainment. The girls haven't seen him up close as far as I know .. he has never come on the deck or the front windows where they sit .. but they have other "gentlemen callers" .. they are popular even as indoor kitties ! haha

Hi Brenda .. I think it all stems back to the witch thing, which is all nonsense .. but some people use any excuse to behave horribly right ? ... it makes me crazy.

Hi there fwpj .. No, if he were mine he would be an indoor kitty .. like my girls .. cats are not safe let loose outdoors .. it is a terrible gamble to take with with their precious lives.
The Tiger Eye Sumac can be 6ft x 6ft .. but you can cut it back each Spring to start it off fresh again.
The cut leaf is beautiful and the colours will be wonderful with darker plants next to it : )

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oooh, Mr Mystery is gorgeous! Love his gold eyes!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Jan .. it would be funny if "Mr." was "Ms." ? all the same he is a beautiful creature : )