Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cindee's Mista "G" Has Landed "NASA" !

A little while back (a few weeks ago .. time flew by again and dropped a few feathers in the brain pan once more ? ) .. in any case, an adventure started when Cindee, from CiNdEe'S GaRdEn told me she found the perfect gargoyle for both of us .. the last two in a little store .. she was going to send him to me to add to my meager collection and I was so amazed she would go through the trouble to do that for me ..
A certain some one from Hawk's Haven had also spotted a perfect one for me months ago and I was struck then also, about how sweet my garden buddies are !
I was able to part with one of my "smiling faces" I bought at a dollar store literally years ago .. I place them here and there in my garden and found them a wonderful touch among the plants, they just make you smile when you see them ! .. So I was also on a mission to send "Mista Smiley" all the way out to California for Cindee's garden art collection.
Amazingly enough, my parcel reached her faster, than hers to me, and most Canadians reading this are probably nodding in agreement about Canada Post speeding a package so efficiently across the border ??? WOW !! ..
Funny enough also, and I know there are people out there that have gone through this, as Ms. Skeeter did, when I won the luck of the draw to her wonderful gift package .. that the mailing costs are way more than the actual monetary worth of what we send back and forth .. go figure ? the government has to turn a dime right ? haha
End result is Mista "G" made it here in one piece and he felt well enough, even for all of his travelling, to have a group shot done of him with my "boys'n the hood" of which he is now officially a part of : )
Now how cute has this adventure been ? SO cute I could squeeze his little cheeks right off of his wicked CUTE face !!

Thank you so much Cindee girl : )

Don't they look too smug to believe ?? Aahhhhhhhhhh !!! : )


cheryl said...

I love your blog and enjoy reading it regularly. I'm fairly new to gardening and trying to pick up tricks and know-how from the experts like you. You seem like someone I'd like to hang out with.

I really enjoy your photos too.

CiNdEe said...

Mista G looks Marvelous!!!(-: I think he fits right in there with the other boys(-:
Thanks again! This has been a blast!!!(-:

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

They do look very smug. And play well together. I would be careful if I turned my back on them, who knows what mischief they might get up to.


Nola @ the Alamo said...

They are cute little buggers! He looks quite at home, probably glad to be out of the darn box!

our friend Ben said...

Oh my, Mista G is just perfect, Joy! He looks right at home with the other Benchwarmers (now, perhaps, Deckwarmers)!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Love it !!
Lucky girl to have so many good people in your life.
Pretty cool collection.

Skeeter said...

What an awesome gargoyle! They look as though they are conspiring together so you better watch out! lol Yep the Postal cost had me chocking on my chewing gum while at the Post Office. I had to take my hand off the green money and going for the credit card! lol, but a win is a win and you won fair and square! Mista Smiley looked mighty happy at his new home...

Water Roots said...

Har har har... Joy, this is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! What an adorable addition to your outdoor oasis. I just came from Cindee’s blog and noticed that you sent her something too. How sweet for both of you!

And you know, I was nodding my head as you were writing about Canada Post. I have to admit that they’re pretty efficient, and quite fast with their shipments.

Enjoy your latest little garden dude. He’s adorable!

Outside In said...

Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Disclaimer .. for some reason I can NOT find the "spell check" on my husband's computer .. so I give up and announce all spelling has "gone with the wind" !! : )

Hello there Cheryl !
My goodness girl , thank you so much ! You are VERY sweet .. do I owe you money ? LOL .. kidding !
I'm not an expert by any means .. I just have a little day to day experience with my love of plants and gardening and almost getting to know my camera well enough eventually too ?
I'm glad you are sticking around to have a chuckle over the wacky adventures here ! Thank you : )

Cindee girl !!
Mista "G" is one of the boys now and he seems to be quite content sitting and whispering comments here and there, about the strange people in my neighborhood ? LOL
This was a HOOT girl : )

Hey there Jen : )
You know I have afeeling that every time I do have my back to them .. well I'm sure they are snickering and a few rude gestures are going on .. but they straighten up quickly when I throw that "I know what you are doing" look at them ! haha .. The mischief metter will jump off the scale when Halloween gets close ?? LOL

Nola , Cindee and I said the same thing .. that both our "boys" were so glad to get out of the box they would be happy for a LONG time .. at least until the snow flies here and Mista "G" has to come in out of the cold ! haha

Dear 'ben" I have meant to say that Winthrop and Gaston have often sent their regards to you via my comments here .. and of course my "menopausal" brain forgot every time ! Please excuse my manners, due to lack of brain wave management ? .. I still shake them both on lottery nights by the way .. wink wink ! haha
Hum .... I think you are very right ! .. the boys will have to be called "deckwarmers" now !

Hi there Patsi ! I am VERY lucky indeed .. Garden buddies are the BEST : ) Thank you too ! Now go watch "Dead Like Me " and tell me what you think of it .. you know I will keep bugging you until you do ! haha

Skeeter girl .. I still can't believe you sending my parcel by airmail !! Surface mail is as far as I can make myself do, even for friends in the UK .. I have to send any Christmas goodies in October if I want them to have it by Xmas .. then again I can tease them by being late ? LOL
I'm sure the boys are working on a conspiracy together, with all sorts of trouble to get into ..
Now watch that chewing gum lady ! I have been there, done that .. red faced about it all ! haha

Hello there Martha ! Thanks girl !Hey ..some day you will get to see the boys in person : ) This was a fun Mission to accomplish for sure !
Yes ??? what's up with Canada Post eh ? LOL

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

A perfect addition! What a great gardening buddy :)

Andrea said...

ahahaha! it's perfect!!!!!!!!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Tessa : ) Yup ! The "deckwarmer" population stats have increased ? LOL

Hey Andrea girl ! ... it just keeps getting better with the unusual little beings I have here ? haha