Sunday, 31 May 2009

Holy Cat Confrontations Batman !!!

OK .. I know .. I should be doing a month wrap up on my garden adventures .. and I will eventually.
However a certain some one from Poor Richard's Almanac has been asking after the girls (Linus is smitten) and when I would be doing a post about them ?
How was I to know the day after such an inquiry, that a "catfrontation" would occur this afternoon in fact !
Mr./Ms. Mystery actually had the nerve to make them self more than comfortable on one of our deck chairs and it was astounding to Sophie that this could possibly happen ?? !!!
My excuses for poor quality picture is the screen door (I couldn't open it due to high tension confrontation blow out possibility and yes, dirty glass door due to aches and pains from Saturday's project) .. now that I have those excuses out of the way.
You can enjoy the sequence of stare off and a few yowl growls and "WHO the HECK do you think you ARE on MY deck" from Sophie's point of view .. sorry for lack of sound track .. it would have been GOOD !

Sophie "See mom ? I can handle it all from here !"
Emma " Would you mind keeping it down, I need my beauty sleep !"
Sophie stands guard until she knows for sure we are all safe from the wiles of Mystery -Cat !!


Outside In said...

That's too funny, sure does remind me of my cat Annie who always invited herself to my neighbors houses, especially at dinner time,
ha ha...

kd said...

At least you know you have someone keeping an eye out for intruders. We'll occasionally get a squirrel or cat on our balcony and try to get our dog, Schnoodle, to take note of the interloper -- we have yet to be successful in all the years of trying.
But, to give him credit, if he's outside & a squirrel dares to set a paw onto what he considers his turf, the dirt flies as he races to deafen the poor critter with his barking.


our friend Ben said...

Ha! Linus is VERY pleased that Sophie had the good taste to drive the rival suitor away! Those pictures really do say it all!

Anonymous said...

They are just too cute. :) Yup, sound would have been entertaining, for sure. I'm glad Sophie is so protective!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a great watch cat you have there.

Andrea said...

Love those pictures and the story. We have occasional visitors, curious enough to even step in. It is always funny how they escape once you talk to them. Have a nice week, Andrea

donna said...

I don't know....mystery cat didn't look too frightened by your sweet Sophie. He/she did turn her back to Sophie at least making it look as if he/she was leaving the deck area. Lounging on your deck chair, what was mystery cat thinking??? Cute post.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Cathy ! .. too funny girl : ) Annie knew the best possible time to go a visiting ? LOL

Hello there kd : ) I can just imagine the dirt cloud with barking included to TELL that squirrel where to go ? haha

Hey 'ben" .. she does have the bar set high when it comes to "friends", Mr. Mystery must understand (no holes barred) that this is a no courting zone ...
Linus can breath easy now ? haha

Hey there Nancy girl : ) Yup .. sound affects were too funny. Nothing like an irate cat to let you know they disapprove of a situation ! LOL

Debbie girl .. Sophie is all about control : ) haha

Hello Andrea ! .. So you have some visitors as well ? usually that is all you have to do here .. speak to them and they are gone .. but this black beauty has other intentions ! wink wink

Hi donna .. thanks girl ! Mystery cat is rather stubborn about trying to make friends .. but we have to have standards here for Sophie's sake .. she won't tolerate outside friends and that is THAT ! haha

Darlene said...

Those pictures are too funny! My two indoor kitties have a FIT when there is a strange cat outside and they seem to show up out there frequently!!! Maybe just to keep the indoor kitties entertained!!!♥

Rose said...

Ms./Mr. Mystery Cat seems to be enjoying your new deck, Joy. I can tell, though, that Sophie doesn't believe in talking to strangers:)

My pet family is still chastising me for leaving them with Hubby and Daughter for four days, though none of them seem to have suffered any lasting psychological damage:)

No Canadian bloggers at Spring Fling, but they're talking about doing it in Buffalo next year. Maybe that's closer for you?

Skeeter said...

What a cute post on Mystery cat and Sophie! Our neighbors cat OJ has been coming upon our front porch and Miss Sheba is not too happy. She does the growl thing while Miss Cheetah sits and makes goo-goo eyes at him. She likes him while Sheba is thinking, I am the Queen of the house and we dont need no stinking King around. Go away will ya...

Your Saturday project turned out nicely. I can fell the knee pains for you though...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Darlene ! How true is that girl : ) Our indoor kitties have to get practise in on how to be real cats some how right ? haha

Hello Wandering Rose !
Sophie is very snooty .. she finds it an effort to be nice to Emma, although she loves having Emma lick her ears (we won't go there right ? haha)
I know your pet family is very choosy when you are away girl .. you can't blame them for wanting to have you home !
Good Grief .. nope ! .. unless Kingston suddenly becomes the hot spot for an international Spring Fling .. and all you Americans have passports to visit us with ? hehehehe .. not much chance of me showing up there in my pajamas .. but how about via video-cam ?? LOL

Skeeter ... now all I can think of is Miss Cheetah making goo goo eyes like Emma would and Sheba like Sophie raining down howls like wolves .. your two girls are just like mine ? LOL
All girl club no guys allowed !
Thanks ! it pretty well did me in on Saturday after I managed to get up and walk .. but I am happy with it all : )

Nola @ the Alamo said...

In our last home, one of the cats actually went right through the screen! If you read the fine print, they say the screen keeps insects out; wise choice of words, because it's so thin anything bigger than a fly could push right through!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you had that screen between them. Cats get pretty nasty over their territory. :) I see that Emma found better things to do with her time, lol.

Gail said...

Dear Joy, Sophie surely has the Mr Mystery on the run!
I love that Emma is snoozing away, safe in the knowledge that Ms S will take care of her! Cats are too funny! I sure wished that you had been with us in would have loved the gardens and I would have loved seeing you. Coal is so mad at me! gail

CiNdEe said...

The nerve of that cat! OMG Jack would have a melt down for sure!!!!! lol

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nola girl .. how true is that most times ? I have the glass door closed too .. knowing how Sophie has so much Siamese in her .. she would go through "hell or high water" to prove her point ? haha

Racquel .. LOL ! Emma ALWAYS finds better things to do with her time girl .. she leaves it all up to Sophie when it comes to "home land security" ? haha

Gail girl .. glad you got home safe and sound .. it would have been a blast seeing everything and talking to all of you : )
Rose said no Canadians made it there .. too bad ..
Coal will get over it all after he makes his point to you ? LOL

Cindee .. I'm sure Jack would have been through the door in seconds and half way down the street chasing Mr. Mystery before you could catch up to him ? haha