Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Surprises .. Red Skies .. Wicked Weather

Well what can I say ?
This poor totally beautiful hydrangea is STUCK back behind a little drift of chinensis astilbe (which are also pink) .. I miscalculated position and which hydrangea this actually was that I moved in the Spring .. I thought it was Quickfire ! jeez !
Note to self ... make MORE DETAILED notes to SELF !!!
So even though 'hidden" way back there , she is a beauty and I appreciate her 'smiling" for me while I did this to her .. a real trooper !
A gaggle of geese are honking away .. some gardeners consider these practically weeds .. but in a tough site, they provide cute interest .. they are competing for space with Green Panda bamboo and day lilies and ostrich ferns plus ornamental grass .. so they all have their dukes up ?
Ah ! ... who doesn't love white cone flowers ?
White Swan is an older echinacea cultivar, but it is a tough beauty and I love her : )
One of my favorite little places with TES .. the morning sun is simply stunning on her .. no pictures does this justice .. wish you could all be here to see what it looks like : )
Now for the moon .. and the weather ? .. a few mornings ago I caught it before sunrise.
I tried a B&W version but ended up pushing one button on Picasa and this is what happened .. I really like seeing more detail like this .. but I also want to have the natural version of what I saw too !
The sunrise was spectacular .. so quiet so beautiful ... the streaks or rays of light were amazing .. None of my pictures can really display how totally awesome it was.
I zoom in and even though the picture is a bit wonky , you get the atmosphere ?
Even the birds were quiet as it rose in the sky ....
Then I snapped a few pictures of the garden in that first light ...
I loved the way the Karly Rose grass looked with that shaft of light !
Soft morning light baths the garden and the birds begin to get boisterous : )
So vocal and cheeky this is what one Goldfinch was chirping away with to me .. little devil !
We had a wicked storm knock out power the night before last .. then yesterday morning a storm smacked us down for about an hour and left .. I think "it" thought it got it's point across ?
Don't count on "it" to behave or act like the weather people say it will ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden has so many pretty blooms. I have a dark pink hydrangea that I have no idea of its name. It blooms up a storm. The weather people on make educated guesses. Lucky you to have rain though. I have gooseneck loosestrife in a difficult place, growing under the apple tree. It is pretty when blooming and does well in cut flower arrangements. Cheers.

Darla said...

Your sky photos are so pretty! No one can predict the moods of mother nature.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy, our weather is pretty horrible here too, going to be in the high ninties. I am just dripping after doing my morning round of watering.

I pulled out one of my hydrangeas also and stuck it in the back by the fence. I hope it survives, will probably have to move it again. I agree, sometimes White Swan looks the best of all the coneflowers.


Rebecca said...

Your sky photos are truly amazing....and I like that morning view of your garden.

Though I wouldn't have liked the violent storms, we sure could use some rain here in NE Indiana!

Oh, well. Garden on!

Marguerite said...

I have considered planting several 'invasives' together in a bed. Your note 'they all have their dukes up' suits perfectly for what I was thinking might happen in that situation. Let them fight it out and see who comes out on top.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Love your sunrise - wow!! So pretty and peaceful. The garden is looking great lady. I have never seen the gaggle of geese before and I think it is super cute! Hope you get some soft, sunny days with a nice breeze! :)

Grace said...

I read aloud your "Note to self. Make more detailed notes to self" to my hubby and we both cracked up. I said, "That's my Gal Pal Joy." He thinks you're funny.

Beautiful shots, my dear. I love the obelisk around the grass. Genius! So you're both funny and smart. :) I'm glad you survived the storm. I hope the weather will be friendly from now on.

Anonymous said...

That hydrangea is so beautiful! Yes, it needs to be seen.
I am noticing lots of pink, I like that.

Did you feed that pushy little bird???

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : )
We didn't get enough rain even in that scary hour of smashing thunder and lightning ..the ground is so dry it just runs off .. more rain please!! I'm glad to hear another gardener actually likes the gooseneck character : ) it really perks up a tough spot doesn't it !

Hello Darla girl and thank you : )
I think mother nature is almost always menopausal .. that explains EVERYTHING !! hahaha

Eileen girl hello there .. I am totally soaked when I try to water .. it is a scary sight to see ME !
I should have paid better attention to what hydrangea was "what" and yes ! we are in a constant state of flux so our plants just have to hang in until we find the perfect spot eh ? .. and yes .. White Swan is a beauty and smells wonderful too : )

Thank you so much Rebecca : )
I am in awe of the sky when it puts on a show in the morning .. it is magical. We didn't get enough rain to soak the plants .. just enough to scare and tease us at the same time .. here is hoping we all get a good dose of rain to water our gardens soon !

Marguerite girl that is what I thought would happen with these naughty plants .. they can hold their ground with each other and still look pretty darn good. So I highly recommend trying it out for a tough area !!

Hello Ms S girl : ) I am crossing my fingers that Morden Snowbeauty will make it through the mid/end point of this really hot dry summer .. I will try to keep an eye on her because she reminds me of your beautiful garden too : )

Grace girl if you ever heard the conversations I have with myself out loud or heaven forbid what I am thinking .. well, you are far better off not knowing eh ! haha
My head is so big now from your compliments .. I might need an extra pillow ? haha
We didn't get nearly enough rain from that violent hour of the storm .. it was scary .. but we are still so dry it is taking a toll .. roll on Autumn !!! wink wink

Sandy girl our Goldfinches are totally spoiled .. husband is the seed guy but that cheeky bird thought he could "egg"? me on! LOL
Yes !! pink is a garden must : )

Barry said...

So you had rain? Achingly, stiflingly hot here and nary a drop of rain in sight. I love that wonderful Hydrangea that heads off the post. I have one that I musplaced as well, and I haven't the slightest its name..... someone said 'Summer Sunshine' because it has chartreuse foliage but I cannot find anything..... a Lost Horizons treat, ad I think he named it himself! Great post

Lola said...

Sky pics gorgeous. Glad you got some rain. Maybe you will get more. I think we've got enough for awhile. Altho my containers do need more water. Have to do that in the morning.
Love that little bird.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wow Joy, what a stunning hydrangea! I also have miscalculations like that, kind of frustrating, but it's also nice to have some sneaky plant suprises, almost more special when you have to look for them. Your obelisk is lovely, I really need to add one someday...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie it rained violently for almost an hour but it rolled right off the ground I swear because we are so dry .. so it didn't really do any good .. DRATS !! Yes this gorgeous hydrangea is going to take a little research on my part (going through tags from last year) .. I have to "move" it in the Fall to do it justice ! Now isn't that too funny about yours ? wink wink

Hello Lola girl and thank you : ) This is a weird summer .. I have to admit I am looking forward to Autumn BIG time : ) .. ah yes .. our planters need daily water for sure ! Our little Goldfinches are our favorites in the summer .. so colourful and cute ;-)

Rebecca girl thank you : ) I really want to find out what one that hydrangea is .. and cut some flowers to dry too ! Yes .. even though i will have to move it .. it was a beautiful surprise : )
You have to have an obelisk girl .. they really show another side to the garden : )

Lona said...

Your pink lacecap hydrangea is so pretty Joy. I do not know how I ended up with all mopheads but one.One track mind and all that I guess. Your Loosestrife is so pretty. I finally planted a couple down in the bottom so it could grow or go crazy if it wanted without hurting anything. I had a vision of an area filled with white blooms. We will see. My plans and the plants sometimes have different agendas. The shot of your garden area with the bench looks so pretty and inviting.

Tootsie said...

it is all absolutely gorgeous! Your photos turned out all so perfectly focused and clear!!!
I love your garden!

Christine said...

Joy, All your photos in this post are stunning. I love the pink hydrangea and those morning shots are so peaceful and beautiful!
I've got a mystery plant posted. Come by and see if you can identify it, would you?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl you are too sweet : ) thank you ! .. I have paniculata and lace cap .. I don't think I have a mop head at all (or they are hiding it from me ? LOL)
I wish I had more room to dedicate to an all white space .. some where close so I could see it early morning and evening when it glows .. yours will be beautiful : ) I like the geese girls a lot!
I don't know what it is this year but I'm not getting good crisp shots .. is it me? or is it my camera ? hehehe

Glenda girl thank you : ) it was fun doing "one liners" with you last night on the weather *giggle*

Christine girl I am so guilty of not dropping by your place (red faced) thank you so much for stopping by and I am coming right over to see what you have got going there !!

Anonymous said...

Oh now you've done it. I need a lacecap hydrangea. But where will I put it? I have hardly any shade! Darn!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh my goodness Ms Robin girl ;-)
You have to find a tiny bit of shade .. or morning sun afternoon shade even light shade would work .. because you NEED a lacecap hydrangea .. I have only lacecaps and paniculata because I don't like those big round "balls" actually LOL