Friday, 22 July 2011

100 Days to the BIG event and ...........

100 days until the BIG event ... but in the mean time I have tracked the morning skies this week .. in this horrible heat wave from hell ? .. is it dry heat in hell or humid heat ? because I think HUMID heat is worse so I think that is the case .. just to make everybody feel worse? hehe
This morning started out better .. not as humid or hot .. but I don't think it will visit for long.
The clouds make seeing a sunrise possible .. other wise it is just light in an empty sky and that doesn't work out very well .. like one brain cell in a brain ? .. oops .. "did I type that out or just think it ?" ..
Bottom left hand corner ... the vine from he*double hockey sticks* .. I should only say hell once right ? .. oops .. another "did I type that out or think it ?" thing .. this ivy is rampant we are supposed to be trimming it to keep it manageable .. so far in the HEAT, we keep diving indoors from outside, because it is just too HOT !
The moon this morning ... it was far away and a bit shy, so I was lucky to catch it .. I don't blame it for keeping it's distance from earth .. it is just too darn HOT here ;-)
A couple of morning's ago ..... kind of eerie skies ...
This is how the camera sees it when zoomed in ... a type pf glow within the clouds ...
Upper left edge is my gutter (that sounds strange .. reads strange ? .. too many jokes, too little space, type thing) .. but it gives you an idea of my perspective yet again.
It was a very STRANGE morning .. I was absolutely frozen on the deck taking so many pictures because the sun was totally amazing .. some how "red dwarf" keeps popping up in my brain.
But it truly was looking this way ... very small and very red.
A longer shot makes it look like fog .. but it was thick humid air .. not quite fog .. something heavy and almost suffocating ... not good !!
... and so the 100 days thing ?
UNTIL HALLOWEEN !!!!! .. so I saved this last shot of a very out of the ordinary sun .. SPOOKY! .. eh ? ... almost makes you think of Halloween perhaps ? come on .. you know you want to think of Halloween !! wink wink ;-)


Darla said...

Your sky photos are gorgeous and you crack me up with your spookiness!

Rose said...

Ha, Joy, I took one look at your post title and knew immediately what was coming up in 100 days:) Sorry I haven't visited in awhile...this heat is affecting my brain and my energy. Your photos are beautiful; I'd much rather look at your sunrise than the sun outside my window. It's only 7 AM here, and the sun is already so high in the sky, beating down on us. I need to get out and water while I can still stand being out there.

The "other place" definitely must have humidity, too:)

Anonymous said...

You got some nice shots this morning, for sure.
I will bet that hell is very humid!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would rather think about anthing other than this heat. Too much. Thank God for AC. Hang in there electric companies.

Vetsy said...

I'm feeling that heat too.. Whew! We are in the high 90's here in Michigan and yes humid heat is worst then dry heat!

I have visited my uncle in Arizona where the heat is dry. It feels a lot different then dry heat even though it can get very hot there.

Love the photo's..Very nice.

Lona said...

Girl you always have the prettiest sky shots.I am about to croak down here in Ohio. LOL! Hot, hot,hot.
So the countdown is on to your favorite time of the year. I can hear you cackling already. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your sky tour. But this heat and humidity.... not nice words for it. No rain in about a month here. At the nursery yes, inches, but none in the city. Clouds come, but pass over.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

Intense heat here also. We should be growing lots of cactus!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Darla girl and thank you !
Halloween fever gets earlier every year for me .. what kind of therapy do you think that involves ? eeekk!

Rose girl;-) hahaha Yup you know me too well not to get THAT !
Hey .. I have been so bad about visiting blogs I am totally guilty .. I just spend a few moments on here and get exhausted and that finishes it for me .. so yes! we are all being beaten down by this weather in one way or another.
Yup .. hell wouldn't be hell if it wasn't extra hellish ? hehehe

Sandy girl thank you : ) Your blog is looking great girl ! Yup .. humidity is an extra ouch factor "every where"? wink wink

Lisa girl that is what I worry about .. we lost power (which is so rare for us) due to storms north of us a few days ago .. my AC is a life saver for me so it was tough!!

Thank you so much Vetsy girl and yes .. this has turned out to be an awful summer with this weather.
Yes to the difference with dry and humid heat .. I hate the humidity so much !!!! arrgghhh !

Lona girl thank you : ) We are all stuck in the same boat across this area of North America .. yet on the west coast ? aaahhh !! can't they share some of that cooler wet weather ??? ;-)

Thanks Donna girl and this has been about the driest July we have had in years .. last night we got some rain though .. phew! As you said, most times the clouds just pass by without a sprinkle ! jeez !!

Good one Eileen !! hahaha
Yup .. we actually do have a native cactus for Ontario .. I bet not too many people know that one *giggle*!

Shirley said...

Lovely sky shots, particularly the moon. I can never capture it quite so well.

Hope your Japanese Maples take well for you. I'd love to see photos!

Thanks for the visit to The Gardening Life

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Shirley you are must welcome : ) and thank you for stopping by .. I will post pictures of all four soon .. they may look a little tired from all of this heat .. but they are hanging in : )