Monday, 29 August 2011

OK .. so yes .. I found something !!

Apparently "Blogger" has updated its features and this might look a little odd .. even though I am odd anyways now I have help ?
I found a little Halloween treat at my favourite store so I had to show you what it is.
And .. an update on Curly Joe the 4th .. he/she wriggled up one of the sticks in his condo and has stayed there since yesterday afternoon (he has pooped a LOT too) so I am taking it as a sign he is ready to cocoon .. I hope ? Fingers crossed !!
Just a few pictures to show off some "Autumn" like bits and pieces in the garden .. I always love grasses and even more so when their colours and form POP for Autumn !
Flowering Kale in containers is a new thing for me .. my own that is .. a lot of stores have them out with tons of mums ! I have yet to buy some .. I want them to last so I usually delay as long as I can.
Those amazing bright spots in the garden via Black Eyed Susans .. I can't imagine not having them in my little Eden and I don't care how "common" they are .. they are such an important element in making me feel seasonal ?
Cotoneaster berries on my tall shrub are popping into that brilliant red colour .. Husband thought these Korean Yellow Wax Bells were berries too .. so I had to explain what they really were .. I think he is still doubtful some how though ?
I couldn't help but include more flowers .. especially this rose bud with buddy ? click on picture to see its friend : )
Yes a little second flush of "Max" is trying its best to show off again .. it really is a sweet perennial geranium.
And then the heucheras and assorted relatives need to show off their colours too.
 I stand by Peach Flambe as one of the BEST !
Best for last type deal .. I was so happy to see my Indian Pinks set flower buds again .. smaller than the first round but still wonderful to me .. you have to love a plant in its first year doing its best to please the gardener who loves it ? : )


catmint said...

wonderfully coloured caterpillar - sorry Curly Joe 4th! Your plants all looking great. Not surprisingly, given climactic diffs, they're all different to my garden plants.

Rose said...

Glad to hear Curly Joe might be ready to make his magical transformation! I've waited all summer to find some caterpillars on my fennel and finally found some tiny little guys last week. I'm not sure if they're going to have time to metamorph (is there such a word??) before the first frost though.

Love your 'Shenandoah'--it's farther along than mine is. I'm still waiting for my first-year 'Morning Lights' to wow me. I thought one was beginning to show off some seedheads until I discovered that it was a grassy weed growing right next to it:)

Rebecca said...

I feel the same way as you about black-eyed Susans... You tempt me to try those flowering kale... And yes, you DID find something, didn't you? I'm trying HARD not to rush the season, but nights have been quite cool here. This MIGHT be "it"!

Vetsy said...

I like your Halloween treat, It's so cute. I do hope Curly Joe makes a cocoon for you, that would be fun.

Black-eyed Susan's were the staples for me this year, nothing as fared as well. I hope next year will be better.

Lola said...

Love the little "something". Looks to be a pumpkin girl. Maybe Curly Joe has decided to stay. Hoot hoot.
Love those grasses. All flowers look spectacular.
Fall sure is on it's way. It is still very hot here.

Lona said...

Ahhh, isn't he cute!

Marguerite said...

I went to the nursery the other day, specifically to buy tree guards, and ended up walking out with a dark orange dahlia. Perfect colours for autumn. Can't believe it's that time already! Your counter is edging ever closer to Halloween.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there catmint .. love the name : ) Thank you! I have tried to see this stage through with so many other Curly Joes .. this one is sitting in his/her container looking like it might just happen, fingers crossed. Yes ! we are at opposite sides of the yearly cycle soon yu will be in summer and I will be in COLD snow .. EEKK !!

Hello there Rose girl . I did have a 'curly joe" aka Mr. Fennel on my fennel but he took off on me .. and this Curly Joe is such a late find that I was shocked to see him as I was gathering parsley from my pot .. I'm not sure what will happen here if this one does go through the final stage .. will he/she live to fly elsewhere ?
Yes some grasses take a little longer for the wow factor to happen, but hang in there girl .. it will !

Rebecca it was so cool this morning I had to put a sweater on when I went looking in the garden .. it was beautiful and still and the cool air was wonderful : ) I love my Susans and this is the first year I grew the kale so it has been interesting : )

Hello Vetsy : )and thank you .. soon I will be dragging out all my other Halloween treats to really get in the mood ;-) I so hope to see CJ make the cocoon .. but then what happens if it is too cold out ? I didn't think of that part!

Lola girl I know it is still hot out there .. hard to feel in the mood when you have to be hot girl! But I just can't help myself .. I am a big kid when it comes to Halloween and Autumn .. ;-)

Lona girl ... the cutest eh ?!

Marguerite dark orange is a perfect Autumn and Halloween colour. That would certainly put me in the mood for sure .. worry about the tree guards later ? LOL

MrBrownThumb said...

OMG, You're the second garden blog I've come across this evening with Halloween decoration pics. I love Halloween, but I'm a little scared to see it so early. :0)

Grace said...

Hi Joy Dear. You know 'Shenandoah' is one of my favorite grasses, don't you? :) Hooray for Curly Joe! Is Mr. Frog still around? I concur with your 'Peach Flambe' assessment. It's a beaut. Please show us photos of your Indian Pinks when they're fully in bloom.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Mr. BT : ) "fear not Halloween"!!!
We Halloween nuts can not help ourselves and in fact I usually start this nonsense a lot early ;-)
I just love Autumn and have to forge on to silly antics LOL

Grace girl I so totally love grasses this time of year and this little beauty shows off wonderfully with my ninebark next to it.
I haven't seen Mr. Frog in ages but I think I have heard him and of course when I try to find him he puts the silencer on ? haha
Curly Joe the 4th is still not cocooning yet but I am hoping soon ! and yes I certainly will show off pictures of the Indian Pink's second flowering .. it isn't as much as the first one but wow ! I never expected a second flush : )