Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The "Giving" Garden

This bee was actually "sleeping" .. it was early morning while I quietly investigated plants and what might be included with them ?
The perfect match of purple/blue and yellow was more like Easter than Autumn slowly drifting in.
This is such a butterfly magnet ? yes as a gardener that has been pounded into my head but I have seen more bees than butterflies this year .. in fact I have no idea how 3 Curly Joes were created on my pots since I saw hide nor hair ? of the mom butterfly!
Aside from that ... Nanho Blue is on gorgeous buddleia .. that silvery foliage illustrates it is very hardy when cold or dry conditions pound away at it .. I don't know how many years I have had it in fact !
I'm working on a hydrangea spot here .. dug up the astilbe chinensis and placed them further back in a semi circle around these hydrangea .. #1 I repositioned last year and can I remember what it is ? a BIG DUH? but I know it is a "lace cap" and placing Summer Lace near it will dispaly some gorgeous flowers .. I know they are too close .. I just hate doing that but I can't help myself ?
I planted some on sale Flamingo astilbe last year and I am in awe of how pretty it was and still pretty with these dark dried flower stalks with wonderful foliage .. an all season (ok .. skip winter and early Spring until they come out ;-) winner with such a great show fresh and dried.
Below is one of my goatsbeard's dried flowers .. I couldn't resist how amazing it looked in the early morning sun .. so intricatly detailed like lace chains ?
Pamina anemone has surprised me with such long flower stalks .. I think it might be mislabeled because I have had this cultivar before and the stalks were never this tall and the flower a lot lighter pink .. what ever it is I have to admit it is pretty but I really wanted a dwarf type in this bed .. oh well .. another "oops" in the garden ? 
J.P. Connel (upper picture) has been a beautiful own root rose for two years now .. the yellow looks darker here as a bud but it becomes such a gorgeous soft pale buttery yellow when the bloom opens and ages .. I love it !
Another rose I am loving is Winchester Cathedral (below) I am a sucker for white roses and husband still doesn't know that ? hum .. anyways ... I have one of the many pictures I took for my header picture until I totally dive into Halloween mode ? ;-)
Did I mention Halloween ????
I'm not sure I can distinguish between crows and ravens .. I know ravens are supposed to be larger .. I have no idea which kind this "guy" is but yesterday morning while I too these pictures he/she was giving me the beady eye and scolding from my neighbor's roof top so I just had to stick out my tongue at him and snap his picture .. a little "Poe-ish" touch to the post ?
Cue creepy music in background !


Lona said...

Hi Joy! Girl your anemone is so pretty.Love anemones. Well I love anything that blooms this time of the year to be honest. LOL! I was up tearing into the garden this morning too. Got sick of so many puny flowers. LOL! Now I am down and can't get up. LOL! I love your Goats Beard too.I like the feathery blooms like giant astilbes.

Rebecca said...

What a great variety of colors and blooms you still have!

Not so here.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl you have been overdoing it in the garden AGAIN ! haha ... and now the war with sqirrels is going to be waged ? LOL
I do love my goats beard and yes they are like giant astilbe to me as well .. there is something else very similar (can't remember the name now but you really have to have a lot of room for it .. that part I remember!) Your toad lily is way ahead of mine.. I better start talking to mine to catch up !

Thank you Rebecca : ) tomorrow is the last day of August .. hard to believe yet I couldn't wait for this month to finally be over ? LOL

Anonymous said...

That was a perfect title. You have so many pretty plants that give back. In a way, what else is a garden for.

Grace said...

Gorgeous blooms, Joy girl. Love the pink 'Pamina' or whatever she is. Gorgeous. Love the "raven." Raven sounds better than crow so I vote it's a raven. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Donna thank you and yes I think we gardeners feel that way about our gardens ..that they give us so much on so many different levels .. I am very thankful for mine : )

Grace girl than Raven he/she? shall be ! .. It was uncanny how he watched the sky and me at the same time .. talk about beady eyes ? haha .. almost Halloweeny?