Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Simply Amazing ......

This morning was a gorgeous show of colour for the last day of August.
No matter how many I seethem, they always thrill the little kid in me?How can anyone ignore or not take a few minutes to look at such a sky .. if they do, they are missing so much ..
 I'm not a gushy person but this type of sky truly amazes me. 
Something else that has gone on for the past few days has also amazed me .. for years I have tried to watch the cycle of life for one of these caterpillars .. it seemed impossible because they always took off at the point of this stage. I was beginning to think it was "me" but I read some great information on the web that said these little guys are notorious for leaving home with no note.
Yesterday Curly Joe the 4th started his cycle !
This morning I was in "happy land" shock, to see that he advanced to the cocoon stage so quickly.
I thought he might shed his skin a time or two and then come into this stage.
I read that if it is late summer time when they enter this life cycle, that it is possible they would stay in the cocoon all winter.
I have no idea what is going to happen other than I have to transfer him into a larger upright container so if I am lucky enough for him/her? to become the Black Swallowtail butterfly .. they need room to open their wings and dry them.
This picture of one of our visiting doves was just too cute .. he/she has "bath hair" from our birdbath and he looked a bit embarrassed so naturally I took his picture ;-)
There have been so many of these little white butterflies ?  in the garden this year but I have no idea what they are .. so if anyone knows could they tell me ? I just happened to catch it with it's tongue? sticking out (yes .. I know there is a proper anatomical name for it , proboscis .. but hey .. it is my blog and I can call it a tongue.
Sweet Autumn clematis is on two of my arbors and they smother the structure .. this one between my house(on the right side) and my neighbor's, is very full and will look gorgeous again.
So many potential flowers waiting to smile ? yes .. again .. it is my blog and I can be goofy ! or is that cheesy ?
When you stand under the arbor it is so cool and peaceful .. a great hide away when you need a break from the sun.
This picture of my reblooming Indian Pink isn't showing well with the 7 little flower buds waiting to open for the last time this season .. I have been so lucky to see so many cycles in nature this year it drives your garden heart even stronger .. yes .. cheesy once again .. obviously the coffee hasn't jumped started my razor sharp wit and repartee ?


Jill O said...

You've got a cabbage white butterfly. They are extremely common here in SW Michigan.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are lucky to have such a view Joy. You can serve as much cheese as you want. One of my favorite foods. My Autumn Clematis has a few blooms on it. It is in a spot that I water.

Grace said...

Coffee or no, I think your wit is right on cue, Joy girl. I'm excited for Curly Joe! Your sky photos are gorgeous for sure. We've had tons of those little white butterflies in our garden this year too. Your Indian Pink is coming right along and the clemmy is going to look fabulous very soon! I don't know about you but I'm sad to see August come to an end.

Lona said...

Girl your Autumn clematis is going to be so beautiful when it blooms. So you are farming butterflies huh? LOL! It is fascinating to watch the changes they go through to become something so beautiful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jill .. I figured it had to be a plentiful butterfly but I just wanted to know what kind it was .. I have flowering kale on the deck in pots so it must be a buffet for it ? LOL

Lisa girl I am very thankful to have this morning view indeed : )
Can you believe tomorrow starts off September ? and of course getting closer to Halloween ;-)

Grace girl it is a good thing no one saw me first thing in the morning discovering Curly Joe's cocoon, I was a total KID ! haha
I am so amazed this is following through so far it is like buried treasure!! .. I am not so sad to see August go, we actually have hot humid weather again .. yuck !
Roll on Autumn ;-)

Lona girl I have monster Sweet Autumn and I don't even take special care of them (I feel guilty! LOL) I was so thrilled to see the cocoon it was like all the holidays rolled up in one .. but now I am afraid it might not make it if it hatches too late in the season .. I'm not sure what is going to happen to the little miracle .. any advice is more than welcome!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

That Autumn Clematis is going to be a beauty! I have mine growing over the pergola and it will just show on top. If I look out my bedroom window you can see it crawling over the top like a canopy.


Kathleen said...

Love your arbor & gate Joy. So inviting. I want to walk under it and into your garden.
I have my first caterpillars!! I've been out to check on them off & on all day. Monarchs ~ not those beautiful black Swallowtails tho. How exciting to watch yours change. I hope there is still time for him to transform or should I not hope that???
I've wanted Indian Pink in my garden but I didn't think it was hardy?? If it is in yours, does that mean it will be here too?? You've got me excited for next year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl it has amazed me how vigorous it truly is .. I love it draped over the fencing (which I have to fix .. since my neighbor had it fixed the vine was taken off) .. it really is a beautiful vine and that bit of scent is a bonus ! LOL

Kathleen girl I was just over to your place and wow! those are fantastic pictures of the Monarch caterpillars ! .. and yes, I worry too about keeping this little one .. I just had to see the cycle through (although I never got to see the eggs laid and the really wee caterpillars) I was just shocked it truly went into this phase .. I just don't know what is going to happen but I hope for the best with it .. I want it to survive so much !