Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday's MAGICAL Beam of Light !

This was my magical beam of light SINGING to me this very morning!
 I was NOT singing, repeat NOT singing .. ergo sanity levels maintained in household and neighbourhood ? ...
I have to confess I was crunching down on my morning toast and coffee, after sleeping in till 7 this morning, which is a miracle because I usually get up at 5 due to continuous headbutting at my bedroom door by of Emma (she should be in kitty head butting contests) Sophie cheers her on .. her vested interest is BREAKFAST !
But I digress .. I had my back to the deck door .. Number One Son was at the door when he said "Quick mom get your camera !!" to which I shape shifted into a race horse .. no snickering people! and ran to the dining table to grab said camera .. thus series of pictures here that I think convey a tiny bit of
"Holy Moses!!!" .. but that is just me folks .. the after shots of the "sky fight" between clouds and clear sky, was interesting too .." I deem this beam" a lucky one and I will be buying a lottery ticket today!!


Karen said...

The aliens have landed! That glowing pink light...a pretty sight!

Meggie said...

wow - I'm really speakless.
These colors - indescribable!
What a great luck, so enjoy such a moment.

My pics are really colorless :-(

CiNdEe said...

That is awesome and just in time for Halloweenie(-: Yay two more days and then it will be here. My broomstick is ready and waiting by my door(-:

Lea said...

I'm totally speechless!

Crafty Gardener said...

Great photos Joy. We were heading into town for an early morning appointment and saw it too ... but no camera in my hands!!

Lona said...

Wow, how beautiful Joy. It does look like it is a beam of light starting out. I love the pink skies.Everyone is different with the different clouds around them.
Girl I think you get up to early. LOL!

Sunita said...

Wow! That IS magical! A bit like a message from the Sky to the Earth or vice versa. About that lottery , maybe you should buy a few extra tickets. Just in case ;D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Karen girl !
It was so unusual I was gawking at it forever while taking pictures .. had me glued to the deck door .. sticky situation ? LOL

Hello Meggie girl : )
Your pictures are beautiful and they were the same colours as my last post .. that was just too strange too ! wink wink

Hello Cindee girl and I can just imagine your broom all sparkly and glittered up for the BIG flight night ! LOL

Hello Lea and thank you for stopping by .. you picture of you as a wee one with your doggie is just too cute ! I couldn't leave a comment on your blog though .. it wouldn't let me ! haha

Linda it was amazing .. I know a lot of people had to have seen it .. some one e-mailed it in to the weather station on line .. a real show stopper ! Loved the"boo-tiful" Halloween towels you made girl !

Lona I actually have gotten to sleep in until almost 7 two mornings in a row !! that is amazing in itself ? LOL
That beam was truly magical girl .. I couldn't take my eyes off of it !

Sunita that fits the look of it perfectly ! A secret message from earth or to earth but from where ????? ah ! the mystery of it all is truly almost zen like .. the quiet and profound impact ?
Bought one ticket .. haven't checked it yet ! LOL

The Garden Ms. S said...

Joy, I would buy a lottery ticket too!! lol So nice you had your camera for that one. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S it was an amazing sight I won't soon forget .. I have seen a lot of different sky here but that was one of the most unusual !