Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More bulbs? are you crazy? and where do I put them ??

How beautiful can it get with this gorgeous multi petal tulip in shades of pink ?
So there was no way I could resist it .. right ? Ah "Angelique Tulip" !
Then I was suckered in to the colour of this month for me .. ORANGE ! and in this beautiful shape ? No way is there running away from this tulip either !  Ballerina Lily Tulip
This white one is called "Tres Chic" .. gorgeous eh ?  and "Pretty Woman" in the red .. go figure ?
OK .. these last two  .. I was feeling rather .. hum  .. patriotic ? about some red and white tulips just for Canada .. my home and native land .. can you hear my attempt to sing ? good thing you can't .. even the reaction from my cats (running as far away from me as possible .. possibly scratching the kitchen floor with an array of sparks while doing so ?) should emphasize the "no singing rule for Joy" in this house.
In any case .. now I have to find the perfect spots to plant them in .. this is going to be one heck of a mission .. possibley losing quite a few brain cells while applying the problem solving machine ;-)
So .. after swearing to husband about how well I resisted buying more bulbs .. and on line ? .. DUH ??


.............................. said...

Hi Joy, I think that you will be glad come spring that you added more bulbs.
Last year I was out in late November planting bulbs and had frozen fingers to pay for my procrastination. This year I am a little bit more organized. Note, I say a 'little' bit. I have actually planted a few bulbs and it is not even November 1st! The bad news is that I still have a lot more to plant...

Barbee' said...

When it comes to tulips I have a problem with restraint. I'm thinking Angelique this year also. I love those orange tulips. Angelique comes in orange, too, but they are more expensive. I was going to order some until I saw the price.

Rose said...

Ha, Joy, I've been asking myself the same thing:) The only thing that has kept me from giving into any more temptation the past two weeks is knowing that I have a limited window of time to plant more than what is already waiting to be planted. 'Angelique' is my probably my all-time favorite tulip--it's a beauty queen!

Karen said...

Oh, beautiful choices Joy! It would be hard to resist buying them. I am starting to recover, thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Those pink Tulips are lovely...I thought they were Roses at first glance.

Lona said...

Gardening can burn lots of brain cells.LOL! We buy them and then rack our brains on where to put them. Very seldom do I plan first and then buy. LOL! I love the shapes of these tulips Joy. That orange is going to be a knockout next Spring.

Anonymous said...

I get so enticed by the new varieties, but like you, I have the same thought. Where to put them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer and you are probably very right (even if I am panicking now!)OMG ! .. I can't recall ever doing it that later but I can see it could happen .. tulips are supposed to be the hardiest ones when it comes to late timing I have read .. good luck girl and wear warmer gloves !

Barbee' I wondered about that as well .. why are the orange ones more expensive ? must be harder to cultivate or something ? I haven't had these types before so I am really curious as to how they will look : )

Hello there Rose girl .. I can't believe I fell for more when I said I did so well NOT to ? never say never sort of thing ? I can't wait to see these new ones and how they so in the Spring .. something to look forward to after a long winter and cabin fever!

Karen girl I have been thinking of you (I didn't want to bombard you with e-mail) very glad to hear you are feeling a bit better : )
Yes ! even though I broke my own rule, I think these are going to be very pretty : )

arignagardener (wow ... that is some name!) .. yup this is a new one to me so I will be rating it in the Spring for you all to see .. although a few of my commentors have had great opinions of them from past experience .. which is nice to hear!

Lona girl I really try hard to THINK before I buy but you know that goes out the window eh ? I mean really .. what gardener is completely logical ? NONE of us I say !!! I can't wait to see them in the Spring and I don't even have them in the ground yet? eekk!

Donna they are like true eye candy that we can't resist .. now I am in a bit of a panic trying to figure out where on earth am I going to put them all so I can see them from the deck door ? haha

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I always say I am not going to plant so many bulbs and then I overdo it. I even put wire and critter granules over my tulips this year to keep the squirrels and rabbits away.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen you work much harder than I do with those darn squirrels ! I close my eyes and cross my fingers a lot .. but yes! how are we supposed to resist them I have no idea .. I think we need a support group ? hahahaha

Marguerite said...

someone gifted me with Angelique tulips this year! aren't they something else. I'm looking forward to seeing them in spring. I just saw bulbs at 50% off yesterday and had to be dragged away by hubby, it was for my own good I think.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Marguerite girl I am so excited too with these new bulbs .. Angelique looks simply amazing and they seem to be long lived and very hardy from the information I have read about them, fingers crossed for a decent Spring next year for all of us !!! : )

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

For me it's a no brainer, no tulips, or bulbs sadly...they don't do well in the pots here.

But....I can enjoy yours through your blog, as I am sure they will be beautiful in the spring.

I just pick up a few pots of forced bulbs in the spring to give myself that boost I need.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Balisha said...

We used the Angelique tulips at our Church garden. They have come back for a couple of years,,,so I decided to order some..I ordered the orange ones. They were the softest orange...just beautiful. I'm hoping that they come back again. It's my favorite tulip.


Maybe you can plant them in containers, Joy Dear. This is what I've been doing the last couple of years. It's easier than digging in wet clay soil. :) You've got some great selections and you'll be so happy next spring.

Barry said...

Glad to see that its a malady that afflicts more than just us! I have never been one for bulbs, only because I have so much shade, and I rather think they are very short seasoned in general, BUT this did not stop me this Fall. I love Nectaroscordum and Allium christophii [and both tolerate a good amount of shade so bonus for me!] so had to add more and then I noticed a divine Narcissus called 'Avalon' which is almost green/chartreuse in colour, so simply had to add them, and then there is the species Tulipa saxitalis [name not really sure of, but its the dwarf pink one!] I just came in from planting them all. NO MORE BUYING!!!! Where have we heard this mantra before!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl that is a nice way to treat yourself ! I can't do bulbs indoors .. the boys sneeze too much and the girls want to FIND out why ? haha .. I can't actually do any of the other type of forcing because we don't have a garage .. so the bulbs would freeze outside darn it!
Stay tuned though girl .. fingers crossed there will be some great ones come Spring : )

Balisha I was so entranced by the orange ones too .. but .. my budget was getting so busted ? LOL
I had to stick with what I wanted to try out for now .. I am sure yours will be totally gorgeous !

Gracey girl I wish I could do some in pots !! but you have to have cold but not freezing storage for them and we don't have a garage or "cellar" so I can't provide the right environment for them DRATS !!
But I will be too happy to see these ones come Spring : ) something to look forward to !!

Barry !! That is spooky ... I saw that same narcissus and I thought it would look spectacular too .. so now I have to watch how yours turns out .. and .. I am too happy to see you got caught up in the frenzy as well pal !! LOL
My bulbs arrived today .. so I hope to get them planted in the next few days .. you beat me you bad boy ! I agree .. we swear not to buy any more.... till ... SPRING !!!

Helen said...

You go ahead and sing, Joy! 'Ballerina' is one of my favorites, but I've given up on the tall tulips due to the destructive squirrel population. Enjoy your beautiful spring gift, wherever you decide to put them.

Meggie said...

OMG! I can't stop laughing, dear!
You may come here to sing!

Oh, "Angelique" is soo beautiful!
My colors are also white and red ;-)
So the white tulips are so ...
"Tres Chic" is the right name.
Together with "Pretty Woman" - wow!

Bye - I'm away - shopping ....

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Helen thank you so much !
Yes .. the squirrel problem .. I am giving it one last hurrah? and see if this will work .. I am hoping today is my day to get them in .. because it has switched to COLD very quickly and time is closing in !

Meggie girl thank you : ) and hey ? what are you shopping for ? more garden goodies ? I am so curious now !!